12/2/1979Enter Date of Birth 28Age SundayDay you were born 10,298Days lived #NAME?Months lived #NAME?Exact age as at 11/02/08 247159:32:04Time alive (Press & Hold F9 button) 247,160 Hours lived 14829572Minutes lived 889774324Seconds lived 82,387Approx hours slept 3,433Days sleeping 33%% of life asleep 9.4Years asleep 1,067,729,189 Approx number of heart beats #NAME?Zodiac Sign Sheep Chinese Star Sign Britney Spears, Tracy Austin, Monica Seles 57Desired Retirement Age 12/1/2036Retirement Date Share Birthday with 28Years to Retirement 10521Days to Retirement 7,515Approx number of workdays 2Years Married 48Years to 50th Golden Anniversary 23Years to 25th Silver Anniversary

2/21/2006Enter Marriage Date

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