RFutils/RFutils_S/RFutils_M To add the toolboxes to MATLAB : UnZip the files, resulting in a directory structure that should

look like this : Directories : RFutils |___ RFutils_S |___ RFutils_M |___ |___ |___ Examples Examples DXF Examples QUCS

Ideally the primary paths should be : c:\matlab\toolbox\RFutils c:\matlab\toolbox\RFutils_S c:\matlab\toolbox\RFutils_M For more information on directory contents type : help rfutils (Impedance display and manipulation covers rfutils and rfutils_s) help rfutils_m (Broadband matching and splitting) If using the rfutils_m routines, please look in setfname.m to specify where the .dxf files are to be written. The default location is c:\matlab\toolbox\rfutils_m\dxf.