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Community Law Canterbury seminars

ACC Entitlements, Relationship

Management, Mediation and
Wednesday 30 September 9.30am—12.30pm


Entitlement to ACC cover and compensation
Managing your relationship with ACC
positively and effectively
Process of Mediation
Reviewing and challenging ACC decisions

Delivered by Claire Parry

& • A qualified mediator with an in-depth

knowledge of ACC processes, policies,
regulations and legislation

• A former Resolution Advisor for Disputes

Resolution Services Limited (the reviewers
WINZ Entitlements, Relationship dealing with ACC disputes)
Management and Dispute Resolution • Director of Advice and Advocacy Bureau Ltd
Wednesday 7 October 9.30am—12.30pm

• Entitlement to WINZ grants, benefits and other

• Managing your relationship with WINZ positively
and effectively
• Reviewing and challenging WINZ decisions

Delivered by Kim Morton

• A Community Representative on the WINZ Benefit
Review Committee hearing complaints from
beneficiaries dissatisfied with WINZ decisions
• An active advocate for reform in the area of benefit

• Law Reform Coordinator at Community Law

Seminars will be held at 281 Madras St. The cost is $5 per session but
cost shall not be a barrier to attendance.
Registration essential—
essential—please contact (03) 366 6870 or email for more info.

Community workers & members of the public welcome