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[Alex Orenstein] W. v. Quine (Philosophy Now)

[Alex Orenstein] W. v. Quine (Philosophy Now)

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Published by: Kyon on Nov 15, 2013
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  • Introduction
  • Expressing an ontology
  • The new way of construing existence claims
  • The new logic: a canonical notation
  • The semantic side of ontological commitment
  • Challenging Quine on expressing existence
  • Deciding on an ontology
  • Some rival twentieth-century ontologies
  • Opting for an ontology: indispensability arguments
  • Quine’s ontology
  • Conflict with Carnap over ontology
  • Inscrutability of reference
  • Challenging Quine: indispensability arguments
  • The spectre of a priori knowledge
  • The problem of a priori knowledge
  • The effects of dispensing with the a priori
  • Challenging Quine: naturalism and the a priori
  • The nature of logic
  • Analyticity as logical truth
  • Expressing the principles of logic and set theory
  • Are logic and mathematics true by convention?
  • Challenging Quine: a broader conception of logic
  • Analyticity and indeterminacy
  • Dispensing with meanings
  • Other attempts to explicate analyticity
  • The indeterminacy conjecture
  • Contrasting indeterminacy and underdetermination
  • Challenging Quine: analyticity and indeterminacy
  • Intensional contexts
  • Modal logic
  • The quotation paradigm
  • Propositional attitudes
  • Challenging Quine: attitudes without objects
  • Nature, know thyself
  • Epistemology naturalized
  • A natural history of reference
  • Challenging Quine on epistemology
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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