Setting: Tu Uyen’s house was untidy, the room was smaller and there

were no fine furnitures before he met the girl. But after he met the girl, his house was tidier, the room was higher, larger higher, better lighted; the floor made of fine wood freshly furnished; the walls of bricks painted green; the roof in curved and covered with red tiles.
2. Tu Uyen is the main character in the story who loved a girl from his

dream. Giang Kein is the girl from Tu Uyen’s dream and sooner became his wife. The old man is the genie’s messenger (or maybe the genie itself) after Tu Uyen prayed from the genie’s temple.
3. One day, Tu Uyen joined the crowd entering a pagoda to the temple of

letters. When he walked home, he noticed a red silk kerchief on the threshold. He picked it up and there was a poem written on it and was addressed to him. He can hardly sleep because of that kerchief. Then the next morning, he went to the genie’s temple and prayed to meet her again. At the time he came home, he slept without eating his meal. Suddenly, an old man appeared and said that Tu Uyen will meet the girl of his dreams at the eastern Bridge of the city. At the eastern bridge, Uyen waited from morning till late in the evening. Then an old man appeared carrying the picture of the girl he had seen in the pagoda. Then one day, he saw that the picture stepped out and was doing all the chores inside the house and is the one preparing his meals. They became husband and wife. The time came that the old man told Uyen that “Life is a dream and the dream is also a life. But dreams are always unpleasant and dangerous. You have had a pleasant dream; now do wake up”— realizing that he was just dreaming. Then he woke up and found nothing but his old house made of earth and thatch. All was gone.

Tu Uyen did not give up! He believed in reaching his dream. He once again prayed at the genie’s temple. After praying, he placed the red paper with his answer to the girl’s poem exactly at the place where he found the kerchief. As he walk away from the threshold slowly with his head bowed. A Voice called “Uyen!” Uyen stopped and found the girl from his dream—but this time, it’s real--- it’s REAL! Uyen can’t believe it and his heart was filled with joy. They became good friends and decided to meet each other at the eastern bridge every afternoon. They knew each other more and more each day. Every afternoon is a very romantic time as they watch the sun sets and waiting for the moon and stars to shine at them. For them, their love is brighter than the brightest star and it’s a kind of love no one could ever have. And they live happily ever after!

May Day Eve
By: Nick Joaquin

Catch Me a Star
By: Bernard Harrison

Wasted Years
By: Ziang Kangkong (Chinese) tr. Shen Zhen

Tu Uyen
By: Le Kim Kien
Part I: Part I: Part I: Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary Question and Question and Question and Answer Answer Answer Part I: Vocabulary Question and Answer
Part II Elements of a Short Story

Part II Elements of a Short Story

Part II Elements of a Short Story

Part II Elements of a Short Story

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Problem Theme

Sage a profoundly wise person; a person famed for wisdom.

Frail having delicate health; not robust; weak Wizened Withered; shriveled

Vivid Strikingly bright or intense, as color, light, etc. Dusk the state or period of partial darkness between day and night; the dark part of twilight.

Clumber A kind of field spaniel, with short legs and stout body, which, unlike other spaniels, hunts silently.

Stump Commotion the lower end of a tree or Violent or tumultuous plant left after the main motion; agitation; noisy part falls or is cut off; a disturbance standing tree trunk from Incredulous Warily which the upper part andWatchful; being on one's Not credulous; disinclined or indisposed to believe; branches have been guard against danger. removed. skeptical. Sullen Showing irritation or ill humor by a gloomy silence or reserve. Glared Dazzling or showy appearance Vaguely Not clearly or explicitly stated or expressed

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