How Can He Do It So Much

How Can He Do It So Much?

By Elton Camp Bob’s stamina surely does amaze He does it all night & half the days Occasionally you would think From it, he’d take a long break In his genes it has to be written For him to be so much smitten He mustn’t care that we all know it If so, he certainly doesn’t show it It’s almost as if he is saying “ y !ower I am dis!laying"# $he factor that I most truly hate He’s induced others to imitate By his acts, they seem ins!ired %s if to match him they’re re&uired I’'e rebuked him time and again But, with no su!!ort, I can’t win If he didn’t li'e right ne(t door His conduct I wouldn’t so abhor )o!s won’t do anything about it $hat they care, I really doubt it Bob sto!s enough to slee! and eat $hen his 'ile conduct will re!eat $o tolerate it, I’m forced to try %nd ho!e that soon he will die

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