Kunlun System@ Release Form

Kunlun has very strong purifying and regenerating effects, and lt may cause spontaneous movement. Not recommended if you:
Regularly use recreational drugs including marijuana Bi-polar Under the age of 18 Blood Cancer 7+months pregnant

lf you have any medical condition, let me know before we start the practice so we can work out the best plan for you. Let me know if you have any medical issue that makes it
painfulfor you to stand or sit for more than twenty minutes.

Time to practice:
5am to 7am: Health lpm to 3pm: NEVER PRACIICE during this time 7pm to 9pm: Balance 1lpm to 1am: Spiritual
You can read more on Kunlun Do's and Don'ts here: http://www. primord ialalchemist.comlbloe/ku n lun-dos-a n d-don!s/

Your pledge:

exercises is determined by me in consultation with my physician, and the facilitator cannot fully monitor the extent of my participation. I understand the nature and extent of these exercises and I understand that while performing these exercises I could sustain bodily injury. I am nevertheless voluntarily agreeing to participate in this program and perform those exercises conducted by the Facilitator. I know that I can always tell myself to "slow down" or ask for help."

nl have read and understood the above. My participation in Kunlun

Kunlun System@ Release Form understand that the Facilitator is not undertaking any responsibility regarding my medical condition(s| and I understand that nonetheless I should inform the Facilitator of any serious conditions. costs or expenses arising out of my participation in this practice. BREATHE AND SMILE! Your pledge: I have read and understood the above and I commit to cautious wisdom in choosing other energy practices (if any) that I undertake while I am practicing Kunlun." "l will not practice between lpm and 3pm" "l hereby release. and if I ever had one I have resolved the emotional and physical issues related to it. indemnify and hold harmless Shishir Bhandari. presription narcotics. personal injuries." . I commit to practicing Kunlun as a complete system and I assume all the risk of combining it with other paths or practices. emptiness. iron style Qi Gong methods. practices that involve moving encrgy like Tai Chi should be practiced with few hours gap in between.g. GO WITH THE FIOW. forceful breath style martial arts. shamanic plants). So you should entirely avoid any Kundalini related practices or the forceful practices like (this lr a partial list| most pranayama. Max Christensen and anyone else involved in bringing me this Kunlun System from any and all claims. demands. and stabllrty cfn be practiced directly before or after Kunlun. tnitials:-j#>Other Practices: ?+ Kunlun is a Water Path. Practices of stillness." "l "l do not have any current drug addictions. I commit not to use recreational drugs (including alcohol| while practicing Kunlun and t will consult Facilitator about any other attention altering drug use (e. The more fiery practice is more likely to drain your kidneys liine I essence) and confllol*lth your Kunlun." rnitials:€ {f .

Our emotions and ego are what determines success or failure within high-level practices.4 RESPECTING THE PRACTICE Virtue: Quoting from Max's blog at www.but you must also know when to let it go. instilling only the highest virtues within every breath and at every moment. stand up." -/ Initialse=:r. I know not to stop suddenly. Bliss and emptiness in our system. This may feel painful.M a t. awakening as a whole. July 23'd 2010: In many traditions. As I always said to you. including in my behavior to . Don't drink water while you're practicing.primordialalchemist.com.Kunlun System@ Release Form Managing the energy: Kunlun can raise a strong energy current. though of course you should stay well hydrated generally. or practice in a movins vehicle. Nonetheless I commit to cultivate virtue in all areas of my life.it is a driving force . Don't practice in a moving vehicle (regardless of whether or not you're driving). ln other words. live your art. issues Many people forget that 90% of purificatlon is "the mind". I will be wise about food and water intake. Do not be selectively virtuous here or there. Do not stand up or stop suddenly while you're practicing. Ego is important in growing . I understand that Kunlun includes the cultivation of virtue and that the practice may bring me to experiences that I cannot yet imagine. Live within the heart. including confrontations with my own mental and emotional blocks. Your pledge: "l have read and understand the above. An important step is to be humble. Your pledge: "l have read and understood the above. Do make sure you're adequately nourished when you begin a practice {a banana or similar is good}. Realize there is more in the universe than what you know or have achieved. will only occur in the highest levels by consistency in the moment. ancient teachers expressed that one of the most important facing people in awakening was the virtuous ways within deed and thought.

neigone@gmail.com Contact umber: +919825605605 Address: L4. I also understand that I can contact Shishir Bhandari kunlun. I have read this form and been given the opportunity to ask any questions I may have.I I I I Kunlun Systemo Release Form other Kunlun practitioners. to spiritual adults who are ready for the challenge. and Max Christensen.com. Please don't record this seminar or pass on the practice in any medium. always ask for help. andlor RAGHUVEER KARAN PARAKH 2tlc3 Signature Date 2D Legal Name. Armaan Bungalows. lndia ." I understand that I can Kunlun is a sacred and powerful art and it needs to be passed on appropriately by an approved Facilitator. Thaltej {Behind Sindhu Bhawan). You Pledge: "l will not attempt to teach this practice without proper certification. Ahmedabad 380059. Facilitators. Printed Email : raeh u pa ra kh @torrentpower.com with questions after the workshop is over. N raghu pa ra kh @gma il. Printed REKHA PARAKH pr-et^ Signature Legal Name." I understand that I would not be accepted in this workshop without the execution of this Release.

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