Volunteer Managers Network

Leadership Team Application Form 2013 - 201
The Catholic Charities USA Volunteer Managers Network is an association that provides professional development, networking opportunities, and resource sharing for Catholic Charities agency staff and volunteers interested in advancing the engagement of volunteers in the Catholic Charities network and promoting the profession of Volunteer Manager Name! "osition! #rgani$ation! %mail! "hone! &ender 'optional(! Male ) +ace,%thnicit- 'optional(! .h- are -ou interested in /eing on the 0teering 1ommittee 2or the Volunteer Managers Network3 .hat strengths would -ou /ring to the Volunteer Managers Network 0teering 1ommittee3 * Female ) *

%4plain how -our organi$ation is structured to engage 5olunteers! 6oes 5olunteer management span the organi$ational structure or is it managed at the program le5el3 7s the 5olunteer engagement centrali$ed3 7s managing 5olunteers a part-time or 2ull-time responsi/ilit- o2 -ours3 8ow man- 5olunteers do -ou manage3 8ow man- 5olunteers ser5ed with -our agenc- last -ear3 .hat is -our 5olunteer /udget3 7s this 2or one program or 2or the entire agenc-3
"lease send completed 2orm AN6 resume or curriculum vitae /- 6ecem/er 19: 2013 to Matthew "rice mprice;catholiccharitiesusa<org<

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