Ingredient Name Ginger Garlic Paste Sesame Seed Oil Red Chili Sauce-Optional Red Chilies(slit)-Optional Sugar Ajinomoto Rice Vinegar Pepper Soy Sauce Vegetable Stock Mixed Vegetables Red Chilli (whole) Peanuts(roasted) Spring Onions Tofu Corn Starch 2 1 1 few few few few 1 Piece Tablespoons 2 Quantity 2 2 1 few Pinch Pinch Tablespoons Pinch Tablespoons Cup Numbers Unit Tablespoons Tablespoons Teaspoons

1. Dice the vegetables in a way that they all get cooked in same frame of time. 2. In a bowl add stock,soy sauce,pepper,rice vinegar,ajinomotto,sugar,redchillies,chilli sauce.stir well. 3. In a pan add sesame seed oil & add red chillies to it .saute till they r brown.Add ginger garlic to it & vegetables to it.Saute well. 4.Add the mixture to the sauted vegetables & cook well till water starts drying. 5. Season it with peanuts,spring onions & tofu to the sauce.Add salt if required & dilluted corn starch to thicken the paste. 6.Its ready to be served.

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