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1he SanLa Monlca SporLs Medlclne 8esearch loundaLlon

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1hls prevenLlon program conslsLs of a warm-up, sLreLchlng, sLrengLhenlng, plyomeLrlcs, and sporL
speclflc aglllLles Lo address poLenLlal deflclLs ln Lhe sLrengLh and coordlnaLlon of Lhe sLablllzlng muscles
around Lhe knee [olnL. lL ls lmporLanL Lo use proper Lechnlque durlng all of Lhe exerclses. 1he coaches
and Lralners need Lo emphaslze correcL posLure, sLralghL up and down [umps wlLhouL excesslve slde-Lo-
slde movemenL, and relnforce sofL landlngs. 1hls program should be compleLed 3 Llmes a week. lf you
are uslng Lhls program wlLh aLhleLes LhaL are Lwelve or under, please perform Lhe plyomeLrlcs over a
vlsual llne on Lhe fleld or a flaL 2" cone and land each [ump wlLh Lwo feeL. uo noL perform slngle leg
plyomeLrlcs wlLh young lndlvlduals unLll Lhey demonsLraLe subsLanLlal conLrol. (see addendum)
1he fleld should be seL up 10 mlnuLes prlor Lo Lhe warm-up. 1hls wlll allow for a smooLh LranslLlon
beLween Lhe acLlvlLles. A sample fleld seL-up has been lncluded ln your packeL.

1hls program should Lake approxlmaLely 13 - 20 mlnuLes Lo compleLe. Powever, when you flrsL begln
Lhe program, lL may Lake sllghLly longer due Lo Lhe facL LhaL you musL flrsL become well acqualnLed wlLh
Lhe program and Lhe LranslLlons. Along slde each exerclse you wlll noLlce a box wlLh Lhe approxlmaLe
amounL of Llme LhaL should be spenL on each acLlvlLy. 1hls wlll serve as a guldellne Lo you ln order Lo
conducL your warm-up ln a Llme efflclenL manner.

!"#$%&' )* +,-. / 01

Warmlng up and coollng down are a crlLlcal parL of a Lralnlng program. 1he purpose of Lhe warm-up
secLlon ls Lo allow Lhe aLhleLe Lo prepare for acLlvlLy. 8y warmlng up your muscles flrsL, you greaLly
reduce Lhe rlsk of ln[ury.

A. !og llne Lo llne (cone Lo cone): Llapsed 1lme: 0 - .3 mlnuLe
urpose: Allows Lhe aLhleLes Lo slowly prepare Lhemselves for Lhe Lralnlng sesslon whlle mlnlmlzlng Lhe
rlsk for ln[ury. LducaLe aLhleLes on good runnlng Lechnlque, keep Lhe hlp/knee/ankle ln sLralghL
allgnmenL wlLhouL Lhe knee cavlng ln or Lhe feeL whlpplng ouL Lo Lhe slde.
lnsLrucLlon: CompleLe a slow [og from near Lo far sldellne

8. ShuLLle 8un (slde Lo slde) Llapsed 1lme: .3 Lo 1 mlnuLe
urpose: engage hlp muscles (lnner and ouLer Lhlgh). 1hls exerclse wlll promoLe lncreased speed.
ulscourage lnward cavlng of Lhe knee [olnL.
lnsLrucLlon: SLarL ls an aLhleLlc sLance wlLh a sllghL bend aL Lhe knee. Leadlng wlLh Lhe rlghL fooL,
sldesLep pushlng off wlLh Lhe lefL fooL (back leg). When you drlve off wlLh Lhe back leg, be sure Lhe
hlp/knee/ankle are ln a sLralghL llne. SwlLch sldes aL half fleld.

C. 8ackward 8unnlng Llapsed 1lme: 1 - 1.3 mlnuLes
urpose: conLlnued warm-up, engage hlp exLensors/hamsLrlngs. Make sure Lhe aLhleLe lands on her
Loes. 8e sure Lo waLch for locklng of Lhe knee [olnL. As Lhe aLhleLe brlngs her fooL back, make sure she
malnLalns a sllghL bend Lo Lhe knee.
lnsLrucLlon: 8un backwards from sldellne Lo sldellne. Land on your Loes wlLhouL exLendlng Lhe knee.
SLay on your Loes and keep Lhe knees sllghLly benL aL all Llmes.

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1hls porLlon of Lhe program focuses on lncreaslng leg sLrengLh. 1hls wlll lead Lo lncreased leg sLrengLh
and a more sLable knee [olnL. 1echnlque ls everyLhlng, close aLLenLlon musL be pald Lo Lhe performance
of Lhese exerclses ln order Lo avold ln[ury.

A. Walklng Lunges (1 mlnuLe) Llapsed 1lme: 1.3 - 2.3 mln
urpose: SLrengLhen Lhe Lhlgh (quadrlceps) muscle.
lnsLrucLlon. Lunge forward leadlng wlLh your rlghL leg. ush off wlLh your rlghL leg and lunge forward
wlLh your lefL leg. urop Lhe back knee sLralghL down. Make sure LhaL your keep your fronL knee over
your ankle. ConLrol Lhe moLlon and Lry Lo avold you fronL knee from cavlng lnward. lf you can'L see your
Loes on your leadlng leg, you are dolng Lhe exerclse lncorrecLly.

8. 8usslan PamsLrlng (1 mlnuLe) Llapsed 1lme: 2.3 -3.3 mln
urpose: SLrengLhen hamsLrlngs muscles
lnsLrucLlon: kneel on Lhe ground wlLh hands aL your slde. Pave a parLner hold flrmly aL your ankles.
WlLh a sLralghL back, lead forward leadlng wlLh your hlps. ?our knee, hlp and shoulder should be ln a
sLralghL llne as you lean Loward Lhe ground. uo noL bend aL Lhe walsL. ?ou should feel Lhe hamsLrlngs ln
Lhe back of your Lhlgh worklng. 8epeaL Lhe exerclse for 30 seconds and swlLch wlLh your parLner.

C. Slngle 1oe 8alses (1 mlnuLe) Llapsed 1lme: 3.3 - 4.3 mln
urpose: 1hls exerclse sLrengLhens Lhe calf muscle and lncreases balance.
lnsLrucLlon: SLand up wlLh your arms aL your slde. 8end Lhe lefL knee up and malnLaln your balance.
Slowly rlse up on your rlghL Loes wlLh good balance. ?ou may hold your arms ouL ahead of you ln order
Lo help. Slowly repeaL 30 Llmes and swlLch Lo Lhe oLher slde. As you geL sLronger, you may need Lo add
addlLlonal repeLlLlons Lo Lhls exerclse Lo conLlnue Lhe sLrengLhenlng effecL of Lhe exerclse.

!"#$%&' )))* 456&."$-%#7

1hese exerclses are exploslve and help Lo bulld, power, sLrengLh and speed. 1he mosL lmporLanL
elemenL when conslderlng performance Lechnlque ls Lhe landlng. lL musL be sofL! When you land from
a [ump, you wanL Lo sofLly accepL your welghL on Lhe balls of your feeL slowly rolllng back Lo Lhe heel
wlLh a benL knee and a benL hlp. 1hese exerclses are baslc, however, lL ls crlLlcal Lo perform Lhem
correcLly. lease begln Lhese exerclse uslng a flaL cone (2 lnches) or wlLh a vlsual llne on Lhe fleld.

A. LaLeral Pops over Cone (30 seconds) Llapsed 1lme: 4.3 - 3mln
urpose: lncrease power/sLrengLh emphaslzlng neuromuscular conLrol
lnsLrucLlon: SLand wlLh a 2" cone Lo your lefL. Pop Lo Lhe lefL over Lhe cone sofLly landlng on Lhe balls of
your feeL land bendlng aL Lhe knee. 8epeaL Lhls exerclse hopplng Lo Lhe rlghL. rogress Lo Slngle leg

8. lorward/8ackward Pops over cone (30 sec) Llapsed 1lme: 3 - 3.3 mln
urpose: lncrease power/sLrengLh emphaslzlng neuromuscular conLrol
lnsLrucLlon: Pop over Lhe cone sofLly landlng on Lhe balls of your feeL and bendlng aL Lhe knee. now,
hop backwards over Lhe ball uslng Lhe same landlng Lechnlque. 8e careful noL Lo snap your knee back Lo
sLralghLen lL. ?ou wanL Lo malnLaln a sllghL bend Lo Lhe knee.

C. Slngle Leg hops over cone (30 seconds) Llapsed 1lme: 3.3 - 6 mln
urpose: lncrease power/sLrengLh emphaslzlng neuromuscular conLrol.
lnsLrucLlon: Pop over Lhe cone landlng on Lhe ball of your fooL bendlng aL Lhe knee. now, hop
backwards over Lhe ball uslng Lhe same landlng Lechnlque. 8e careful noL Lo snap your knee back Lo
sLralghLen lL. ?ou wanL Lo malnLaln a sllghL bend Lo Lhe knee. now, sLand on Lhe lefL leg and repeaL Lhe
exerclse. lncrease Lhe number of repeLlLlons as needed.

u. verLlcal !umps wlLh headers (30 seconds) Llapsed 1lme: 6 - 6.3 mln
urpose: lncrease helghL of verLlcal [ump.
lnsLrucLlon: SLand forward wlLh hands aL your slde. SllghLly bend Lhe knees and push off [umplng
sLralghL up. 8emember Lhe proper landlng Lechnlque, accepL Lhe welghL on Lhe ball of your fooL wlLh a
sllghL bend Lo Lhe knee.

L. Sclssors !ump (30 seconds) Llapsed 1lme: 6.3 - 7 mln
urpose: lncrease power and sLrengLh of verLlcal [ump.
lnsLrucLlon: Lunge forward leadlng wlLh your rlghL leg. keep your knee over your ankle. now, push off
wlLh your rlghL fooL and propel your lefL leg forward lnLo a lunge poslLlon. 8e sure your knee does noL
cave ln or ouL. lL should be sLable and dlrecLly over Lhe ankle. 8emember Lhe proper landlng Lechnlque,
accepL Lhe welghL on Lhe ball of your fooL wlLh a sllghL bend Lo Lhe knee. 8epeaL 20 Llmes.

!"#$%&' )8* 92%5%$%"7

A. lorward run wlLh 3 sLep deceleraLlon Llapsed 1lme: 7 - 8 mln
urpose: lncrease dynamlc sLablllLy of Lhe ankle/knee/hlp complex
lnsLrucLlon: SLarLlng aL Lhe flrsL cone, sprlnL forward Lo Lhe second cone. As you approach Lhe cone, use
a 3 sLep qulck sLop Lo deceleraLe. ConLlnue on Lo cone 2 uslng Lhe same sLraLegy Lo deceleraLlon. uo
noL leL your knee exLend over your Loe. uo noL leL you knee cave lnward. 1hls exerclse ls used Lo Leach
Lhe aLhleLe how Lo properly acceleraLe and deceleraLe whlle movlng forward and Lhe hlp, buLLock and
hamsLrlng musculaLure.

8. LaLeral ulagonal runs (3 passes) Llapsed 1lme: 8 - 9 mln
urpose: 1o encourage proper Lechnlque/sLablllzaLlon of Lhe hlp and knee. 1hls exerclse wlll also deLer
a knock knee" poslLlon from occurrlng - whlch ls a dangerous poslLlon for Lhe ACL.
lnsLrucLlon: lace forward and laLerally run Lo Lhe flrsL cone on Lhe rlghL. lvoL off Lhe rlghL fooL and
shuLLle run Lo Lhe second cone. now plvoL off Lhe lefL leg and conLlnue onLo Lhe Lhlrd cone. Make sure
LhaL Lhe ouLslde leg does noL cave ln. keep a sllghL bend Lo Lhe knee and hlp and make sure Lhe knee
sLays over Lhe ankle [olnL.

C. 8oundlng run (44 yds) Llapsed 1lme: 9 - 10 mln
urpose: 1o lncrease hlp flexlon sLrengLh/lncrease power/speed
lnsLrucLlon: SLarLlng on Lhe near sldellne, run Lo Lhe far slde wlLh knees up Loward chesL. 8rlng your
knees up hlgh. Land on Lhe ball of your fooL wlLh a sllghL bend aL Lhe knee and a sLralghL hlp. lncrease
Lhe dlsLance as Lhls exerclse geLs easler.

:"2%' 6&0- $-,%'%'2 7"77%&' ;%$3 6&0- #&,#3< 9=$"- $3" #&.15"$%&' &= $-,%'%'2>
-"70." $3" 4?4 1-&2-,. ,$ 7"#$%&' 8<

!"#$%&' 8* !$-"$#3%'2

lL ls lmporLanL Lo lncorporaLe a shorL warm-up prlor Lo sLreLchlng. never sLreLch a cold muscle". 8y
performlng Lhese sLreLches, you can lmprove and malnLaln your range of moLlon, reduce sLlffness ln
your [olnLs, reduce posL-exerclse soreness, reduce Lhe rlsk of ln[ury and lmprove your overall moblllLy
and performance. noLe: Lhls porLlon of Lhe program may be moved Lo Lhe end of your Lralnlng sesslon.
uo a warm-up such as brlsk walklng for flve Lo 10 mlnuLes before sLreLchlng. CenLly sLreLch Lo a polnL of
Lenslon and hold. Pold Lhe sLreLch for 30 seconds. ConcenLraLe on lengLhenlng Lhe muscles you are
sLreLchlng. 8reaLhe normally.

A. Calf sLreLch (30 seconds x 2 reps) Llapsed 1lme: 10 Lo 11 mlnuLes
urpose: sLreLch Lhe calf muscle of Lhe lower leg
lnsLrucLlon: SLand leadlng wlLh your rlghL leg. 8end forward aL Lhe walsL and place your hands on Lhe
ground (v formaLlon). keep your rlghL knee sllghLly benL and your lefL leg sLralghL. Make sure your lefL
fooL ls flaL on Lhe ground. uo noL bounce durlng Lhe sLreLch. Pold for 30 seconds. SwlLch sldes and

8. Cuadrlcep sLreLch (30 seconds x 2 reps) Llapsed 1lme: 11 Lo 12 mlnuLes
urpose: sLreLch Lhe quadrlcep muscle of Lhe fronL of Lhe Lhlgh
lnsLrucLlon: lace your lefL hand on your parLner's lefL shoulder. 8each back wlLh your rlghL hand and
grab Lhe fronL of your rlghL ankle. 8rlng your heel Lo buLLock. Make sure your knee ls polnLed down
Loward Lhe ground. keep your rlghL leg close Lo your lefL. uon'L allow knee Lo wlng ouL Lo Lhe slde and
do noL bend aL Lhe walsL. Pold for 30 seconds and swlLch sldes

C. llgure lour PamsLrlng sLreLch (30 sec x 2 reps) Llapsed 1lme: 12 - 13 mln
urpose: 1o sLreLch Lhe hamsLrlng muscles of Lhe back of Lhe Lhlgh.
lnsLrucLlon: SlL on Lhe ground wlLh your rlghL leg exLended ouL ln fronL of you. 8end your lefL knee and
resL Lhe boLLom of your fooL on your rlghL lnner Lhlgh. WlLh a sLralghL back, Lry Lo brlng your chesL
Loward your knee. uo noL round your back. lf you can, reach down Loward your Loes and pull Lhem up
Loward your head. uo noL bounce. Pold for 30 seconds and repeaL wlLh Lhe oLher leg.

u. lnner 1hlgh SLreLch (20 sec x 3 reps) Llapsed 1lme: 13 - 14 mln
urpose: LlongaLe Lhe muscles of Lhe lnner Lhlgh (adducLor group)
lnsLrucLlon: 8emaln seaLed on Lhe ground. Spread you legs evenly aparL. Slowly lower yourself Lo Lhe
cenLer wlLh a sLralghL back. ?ou wanL Lo feel a sLreLch ln Lhe lnner Lhlgh. now reach Loward Lhe rlghL
wlLh Lhe rlghL arm. 8rlng your lefL arm overhead Lhe sLreLch over Lo Lhe rlghL. Pold Lhe sLreLch and
repeaL on Lhe opposlLe slde.

L. Plp llexor SLreLch - (30 sec x 2 reps) Llapsed 1lme: 14 - 13 mln
urpose: LlongaLe Lhe hlp flexors of Lhe fronL of Lhe Lhlgh.
lnsLrucLlon: Lunge forward leadlng wlLh your rlghL leg. urop your lefL knee down Lo Lhe ground.
laclng your hands on Lop of your rlghL Lhlgh, lean forward wlLh your hlps. 1he hlps should be square
wlLh your shoulders. lf posslble, malnLaln your balance and llfL back for Lhe lefL ankle and pull your heel
Lo your buLLocks. Pold for 30 seconds and repeaL on Lhe oLher slde.