This graph shows the day in 1992 about radio and television audience.

The graph shows the percentage of how many people usually watch the television and listen to the radio. By following the graph radio listener was 8% at 6 am and the percentage at that time was 28% but after 9am radio listeners gradually decreased. At 10 am the percentage was only 22% which is less than the morning listener. Then it decreased at the same level till 2pm and then it was only 15%. It increased again and the percentage was 18%at 4pm. But after 4pm it again decreased till 4am. On the other hand television audience was less than radio listener at 6am and that time percentage was only 0%. Then 7am to 8am the percentage was increased. And at 8 am it was 8%. But after 8 am it gradually decreased till 10:30 am. After that it increased again. At 12:00 pm the percentage was 10%. Then 12pm to 2pm it dropped again. Most of the viewers were present at 6 pm to 8 pm. It was almost 50%. Then after 8 pm it drop out again. From this graph we can see most of people listen radio at the morning time but most of people watch television from the evening to midnight.

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