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Illustrated 1952

Illustrated 1952

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Published by: Alexander Nikitchuk on Nov 15, 2013
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! rriit

Scpfember 27. I9I2-ILLUSTRATID '10
L ,

An express Ietter brings a coPy of a curse. and a plea lbr advice . . . The black art is rrot dcad. become hidden It has merelv
ECIL WILIANISON, .rvho <lirectsthe "Witcbes' Iiitchen" at Castletorvnin
\-zthe Isle of l{an, is a witchcraft consultant. It is his full-time occupation. And
an express he receives rvben, for example, a spell set imploring letter him to remove on the rwiter, he is sufihciently learnerl in the a remcdy. to compound lore of witchcraft A rvom,in rvho'rvrotc to him recerrtly encloecd in magical characa rnalevolent screed, 'rrittcn ters, which she hatl received frorn a {orrner woman friend. lt implicd that, besruse Williarnrvas at'out to marry. an old son's correspondent :;as b:'g}:':::. liilaoi accii*nt.-" cc.;tien.3sli;, vinced,her a spell wa-s v,'rrking and sbe demarrdcd :: ;:nur:terlgpell rgai:rsl: thc i!l-wisbc;. lVilliamson decirled to rnake a doll, or poppet, re-presentir:g the ill-wishing u'itch. Thc l)asis ..vas clir.y.,from a rivcr Lrcd r*'orked rvitir u'ater frorn a fall. Hc collected s"'rlt-u'ater lrorrns .to rcprcscnt thc witch's ritals, pinc gum {or thc csience <.rf lifc, Flibben ivy bi:rrir:s grorving in ::,ghurr:hyar<I Ior the eyes. and whitr: q:rartz fronr-:i )righ clifl for the teeth and Lnrres. ' Hc burned thr: bodics of three black toads, a pregnant brown ra'; ln<l rr blaclc cocl< on arr altar to the sun. On :rnotbcr to tbe rnocn he burned '"he rnost pleasant ingreclient of another mixtttre, s'hictr rvas herbs. f'hc ashes wert corflporrntJecl into thc popl>et. rvhich had lifc'synrboiicrlly breathcd into it ancl vr:u 1>asscd tlrrough tht: elcments oI cartlt, air, fire i-nd rvater. I'Ic thrust glass sp)intcrs into the poppet. shrourlcrl it, an<l <lisp:rtchr:rl il: to bi.s clir::rl-. ilt:r irrstructions wcrc lo tlury it irr a shallovr rrnconcealed grave near the rvitch's home, light a fir': over it anC intone a prrvlerful, prescribecl counterThr:n the strength slrcll. Thcn spcll. strength r:f the witr.:h rvould dh he e sanncd anrl thr: original cursr:,fail. sappcd cursr: fail. Why dtrcs Willianrson go to so much trouble? interest is _partly liis profcssional, partly

To dcfeat thc cursc in thc lettcr, rvltchcraft cxgrcrt Cecil Williamson p;rsscs etpoppct" imagc a through firc

rc th<:ir he. . sin. thcir irtterlockc<l hands exten'Jed abo. ' r r l . :trr .n tlrt: i. it is kttorvtr that in acidition to a ntrrnber of pl..rgc<l stv('rrty-f()rlr. ir rlorvn thr: strlttgr'. rnay havc barrrl rvith'a ferrcl ..lc ottt this:rre. t r l r lr . kill It is qrrictly believecl localll' that 'thrce men practisirrg :rrrrl forrr rvorricn. i c .tnccto thc soliterl' nrch:rcologist:. and he sees littlc <li{Icrcncc bctrvcclt this rorrtine ancl other nrorc rnoclerrt nrcthods o[ pcrsuadirlS .ty .rrist'n fr<lrtt .rr l\!e<rn I'lill.irrrrrrl:trv ir rniic :rbovt: I. A t r r r i r l r r i g h t < ' r ' t r I a y r z . I"li:. p h c c i < rr: l. . killed by a marl " " and also to :rlt l.rl of ft'rtility. ' . r r li r .t:i<lcr lssr:rl \\'itn<:sscss:ri<lhc 11111 this rr:P. y o t t r t . in f:rct.rnrvlrr<ls 'l'hc Initllllcr his trodv into thc rorrts lrt'lor.r.itrl intt:rnal of v. ' s : . Ancl not maIlY )rcnrs ago. r rf .ortg CorrrPton s:trv fiv'-: t'..lo. in order that she mighi bc adequately irnpressed. t : c ( ' r t t l ' a l l i o ro :: llot: ittt.-Tcxrt I':rilirlgs. C h .rii.cc:rtrsr shc rvas a rvitbh.rt: rt I(irrg Storrt'.. still ulrsolved. rvith a chant academic.).vr: lry tlrt Olrl Crlendar). r r l t r l t l r c r I r r r n : r 1 . . 19 ILtUSTRATED-SePlember 70 Sirange Things An o Ffeederl For lYitchcr&l{ EEfiCurruH Bcrries from a graveyard will be the e1'es of the poppet with which a countcrsPell is to bc cast Whitc quartz !s chippcd from a lonclY cliffon t h c I s l c o f A l a n . the full contplicrtions oI the formrtla he-had used on hcr bchalf.'. r r . He had found this spell in an old book and was curious to usc it. rlf (lir:rrlt:s Waltcln.tl rlit. 1 5 ( C a r r < l l c l r a sl r 1 ' t h c O l d C a l c n d a r ) .fork <lrivert fice <lo'.l l t < l t r gth hc tlislrir'l trt:ry' ltt' (rt!(' (\[ th' l ( . il{trch hrorc rccctrtly'--:tt tttxrtt. r r l t : s Wiiton. . l : i .s2 27. r i r i: " isrr'tit ? 'l-hr: r [ [ l l ( ' : . r t h i s t : i ' i < k : n c t 'l r t : c o t t i t t r : r r ' t l . 8t'oups oI s'itchcs irt: oPr:r. r u r t t f i n t r o r l t t c t i o r t t r r .'rsltirrs it.r't1tt.'rliigurcs paying obcris.rclccrl :tIr ol<l womatl.fi. otl ttlatt itt .. Jrtrt thcrc to s. l t c t l c r t o f h .rst . r r .clri's. s .rr't of .:ittlctl tt foi-ms oI nrulcrtr rvitt:ltr:r:r. t i r l .rr to thr: rnurder in 1875. t / . to make the bones and teeth Worrns dug up on. tnr:. fr. rvai founcl <lc:rd irt ir tlitch near i\trt:otl IIill. They n'ill bc burned. t .l Nl. ( : i l l s t : t oj i ' .rrlicr' ha1'-fork stabbirlg rvhcn John Hayrvocxl rrtt. tli.r petriorl throrrgh a forrn of hypnosis or suggcstion that fancicd ill-lrrck has left hirr'. Thc rvitch rtill have internal ago Hcrbs from a ruined gardcn stand for sincws and musctes.l. survivors of a cult 'fhc tnttrder rrc. Ilut this is orrly one asl)cct. Ashcs are mixcd in thc clay in against it. a cotrccnletl obscrvt:r Stone( ()n th'.otttr<l thc sorrth co:rst.y. ' l t i c ht .t : l i v r i r t ' r li l t s l t .'s s h r r : r v < l l v . .agricrrlturai s'orker.. r'isilrt.rds.rccs a.. llc had sai<l hc r+'oul<l " ":rll sixtccn rcitchcs in Long Conrptott.t h c n i g h t o f thr: frril nr()on t'lc:trr:stWaitrrrrgis Night (anr. I l t : s i r n l l l y .rs a rlttbcr l .t.vr: thc stortc fronr l>qirrg <li:rfigurt:<ll... !. : r n < " It's iiii'r. IJttl i r r l . nurrbv Long (Jonrpl. Ihr:n ft:ll lirostratc ltcft:rc .r Cilot:ct:str:rs!rirt' Scptcmbcr 7. Wanvicl<shirc. ' t ! ! n u t t i i . must h or china irr s'hiclt thc bay'fork was uscd wits exactly sirnil.ortr Shii'c: : r t l t l x l < l r < 1 . in. ' ' rs:tsht:<: f i l l .. t r i i . Ilorv significant is thc r*'holc practice of rvitchcraft in llritr-in tochy i For one tlrirrg.-i'. of Ann Turrrcr. . .' Iiollright l.rrorinrl it.rtirtg . orl Fcl>ruary r4..licrrts ust:d in colnpoun<ling :rnr:ient mt:<licirtcrs. rvhich 'i'liey lrs thcy <l:rnc.rt srtnsct arc need as cntrails. ) . . {xli4 l1r i.rt I''iverlxxrl' :rt F]:rrltt:t altrl irr Crrrtrl>crlan<1. ' : o l < r c l t lc ( . (' .rt hr: lutcl bcttt itttrlrvtt [o l ' ' 1 t 1 .rii. He ex1>laincd to his clicnt. . t r l r l r i n a t r x rrllrltttgrltyrrrt:.y iclltr carvings.:rl 1o tt'll fortrtrt. To do this they hatl had to clambt:r ovcr thc cighl. continrtc to Int:ct.t:tl charr-tc<l . thrtxrt llacl b':cn lai<l opcn l:v his owrl ht:<lgirrg-hortkan<l hc rvas pinttt:d tlrrorrgh l:v :t lt:rv. or chippccl to n\akt' itrgrer.lt . t.1irl.thc satrds . r Sto:rr P .. l9:i2-it village bctrvr:en i\Icort IIill :rrtrl [-ttnt Compton 'coltsttmt adrnittr:<l th. 1 Q .orr.' C)xfordshirr: l.irr:rll)' tltr-'r' Irt:sst:tl thctttst:lvcs r:Pright tastlyr a ritual fire has blcn lit at an old alta thc forcst.

."d: thc comp_ound t o m a k c t h c To strcngihcrr thc spci!. h i s r v i l l b r i n g t o r n t c n t s l r a r p c rt h a n t h c : .r'mbolicritc qivcs it I'l{OTOGlfAPlll:l) in .Vhilc I n s i d c t h t : s i n i s t c r t r i a n g l c . Norv he brcathcs throrrglr . i' ('poppct)' crouched by his brazicr. . t i n g o [ ' r r c c d l c s thc can<llc nY a JULIIITTE LASSTItE .'.t mouth of tlrc poplrct.Ic has appcaled to thc spirits for porvcr.J". a bro*'n r a t a n d a b l a c k c o c k .r Betorv ground.!J: ! ittF' i'. rvitchcraft consultant Williamson Po-". g l a s ss p l i n t c r s .:. r r cI ) r c s s c < l to thc [ro<l.r "lifc" str:rrt into ihc ..r'\ brrrnst . hc lras !ru:'ne<! the bodics of thrcc black toads.c . This s. I. of thc ivildocr.

iravc thc lore handed down to them. sometimcs called Frolics." In g:neral. During rvintcr cel':lrrations had cvcr produccd-and dircct it she will for a momcnt place hcr hands a. l-ondon.r *'itchcs' stcaltir surrounding sutxcquent meelings. and La. rrot ablc to come. yorr naturnlly.( \r\ ti * rrS i@ \ tr<St// € REf{ilfE$ Fefieve wiil cosily rwcctr your Thc pain nod distrcss lYtrcn thc of iodigcrtioo Rcooic. These have.'Before the days of witch-hunts the . the blood and thl lust average. not only'narcotic orgies in r\faida Vale. IIANDYTRIAL SIZE 4d. . It brought towards the life-goddess*-a ruornanseventeen mcn and women to a and away from thc lord of death. notoriousi'Great Crorvley. those who came from a generation when magic acceptance enjoyed a matter-of-fact in some households. lnoclern rvitcht:s l>clicve Oldcr Acid Nrytr '( y'=. ' Here<iitary witchcs. l17 doctor. But it is possible to cite in London. yet alive. r94o. nor ever exclusively to the rural areai. could remember family talk of a similar rite against " " Boney at the time of the threat-. or love potions. . - can bc rclicvcd own with Rcnoics. and the coven procceded.sclenter 27.rtclyopr:rr ht.r . the study than the locals. and corrstitutc It is also tying a knot in your handthc intellr:ctual rving of a covcn.rnccin shouts of rhythmic " rrnis<lrr: You cn:r't cross thc sr:1.' During the of the conlpany as were air-raid wardens.trrns lhcir <lr:fi. suddcoly doa't rclicvc rdolisc tlrnt thc poin is f one. which generally end in the blackmail of those taking part. systcm. In o mattcr of minutcs you'll bc fcclinf If Rcnnies casier . whose Black'trIass.rl nrcrnbe* thr:sr: dnys. form a For r'r'itchcraft is not merelv the proportion of the covens. A coven of witctes is traditionally composed of members of either sex. by such body of the olficiant. in a thc crossed bones bt:neath thcr skull -the statr: of tcnsc cxcitcmcnt. as well certain known enthusiasts to join as in the remote temples of Aleister " . oldcst of all-fertility and dcath. lndi$.gainst Hitlcr. aad l0d.'Ior instance.. when an itrThe gods of the witchcs are thc vasion o{ Britain seemed imminent.I"{agic Against Hitler . . scnt out to members of the Southcrn olhcer becruse o( a shift in <:nrrrha-sis Coven of British Witches. It is true also that tbe most sophisticated-and ard found the most vicious-practices in the large towns. This observance is not restricted to any one part of Britain. coven organized public and popular beanfeasts on the great days of }fay Eve. wh. But it does sho*" the wide scale and varying gravity of the obseiwance of rrhat some people call the Old Religion. Thcre arc. Persecution 'iopen" killed tle Sabbats and inc. you sow your 2llo.estionP . They rumoured to have been loosed in make up their numbers by inviting South Audley Street. nrembers of the coven. raise thirtccn loc.c . The climax of a long on thc oppositc shouldcrs to makc qrme ritual with the mcmbers.mruas . it's high timc ?ricct your indi{cs. clcaring in the New Forest. tion. And there was no cvil intendecl on the night of the first of GoddessOf Fertility August (Lammas). --. with one of them acting as officer. nl[ clrcmirts.to Iv1ay llve fcrtility ritcs the prir:stess may. easily be assumcd to tre the conduct rites intcnded to raisc thc " rnost colossal " cone of porver they goddcss.. them. tricklc into you srck digcsrivc just likc io ootacidg solivn. anrl s'tan<lastrirlc to forrrr thr: Pcntayou can't cro:is'thc sca. kerchief to enclose the magic of remembrance.4. Hallorve'en. moments in a ccrernony Thcir ceremonial firebrands were rvhen the god is'belicved to entcr thl cxpertly kcpt dim. projccting symbol for thc presirling dcity --but rvill irrrnre<li. Their private business meetings were called esbats. madc a rvider Beast.t}re Candlemas Witches' Sabbats. A then an extraordinary summons lvas coven is nowadays led by a'woman.ages are rathcr high.crsed tbr. I e 12-ILLUSIRATFp tt 1 ^ Witchcraft is rnore than the Black Mass CONTINUED FROM PAGE zr " of Cecil Williamson's Isle of Man 'i In the '( Witchest Kitchen human beings to "The nine million rriuseum there is a monument knorvn to have been burnt at thc stake as a sacrifice to supcrstitiontt few containing a vicar'who claims he kno'*'s of three witches in his congregation. but also the ritual preparation of simple herbal brews in the Old Kent Road-though it mav be that some of the clients in this iircte are most interester-l in aphrodisiacs. come. Not ablc io gon o{ lifc. Covens cannot usrraliy. thirteen in number. ened Napoleonic invasion. 0.

rilllr.{.. thq bulk of rural people wbo believe in the.." and declarcd bluntly to i " qrrestioner: Anyonc r...lLf-USTRATtD-Scpicnbcr 27.alt": dctnllcd Infoinatlorr orr &cwctr. NAMI: ...rl *-Z ttcc0lons ..' !!n-tn-dE0c Ratldtrnc. you get so close to God. cabalistic nature havc been noted.! oi further investigation . <opy Scnd from coupon loial below your your book:cller. direct to Vrrrrons or rE 6 But for'otlrers ttre observanccs aie sheer spiritual exercises. some of which is primitive.tt But he does not meddle that ttrey will achieve controlled power by ritual.... to soften .. r-- - - - t - il- a - - - ' E *o n gs/ .t' And level-crossing keepen William Mcfiarie ttknows there are witches in thc Isle of Man.sophisticated adherents who live blacli magic its permanent notoriety. who base tleir ritual on instructions handed down from the elders. eked out with the Clauides OJ Solomon..ai .!7i9l5? 6f BIG frTONEY .. whc protects his '..tout ! Pral*d by THOUSAIIDS !_ .S0@ won order Circles practising magic of an involved. the "pule" practitioners.uon WORTHfI Gods of Magic 4"" Oldest of All The Isle of witches. malt oomplct!... for instance. .4.d trrsn or corrntry lnntene.. of course..Gtlorul ffiAIWfQmeffil Bt'f*"ff *'1.unriesirabie. (Nenr ol h...instead of " natural " fiame.a.*'s 'practices are .'. trrunustlon. .ondering. .. Eleven people usc the Drruids'Circle near lies*'ic. Hlss Portel A. There are in addition the over ..and regulation. for him and. .... f'hat occurs when the student of rvitchcraft rr'nk<:s orrc <l:ry to fincl himsclf.:r <tcvotcc- J I'lca* urc IILOCK Nry {orgour copg ! --- Send To VERHONS POOLI LTD. among other places. I L L U S T R A TO ER DD E R FORM lcttcn 1o. love-charms and vengeance-spells have been cast.i'""f..rbout route for a research rvorker to takc..lctrnr ell work In grrden..c lrr.. From observing old customs..rrcx€{ tfltlt nrnrt t-or hcglnnctn-e trcegrtry <f esr:nUnl InformaUon nnd for oxJnrleircc.. .. r+. uFtodlte sulde cycr publlshed t Dnaurcs SjUCCE$S ! tbverE ti rr?at tna .n. frnilnl.vax inrages. AI)DRESS : x... in a churchvard in rural Yorkshire. wheri London.. itsa!!3ri rrDrrlfncr I lX:rij fl:!lr..nl or bolil.. tbeorics of witchcraft held today. t9 52 .:**t%"I91f. ' 4 2 :4. f -tt - .nr t.s$^toct grfaaftr. an obscure book which-changes hands at some sixty guine:. t l r i s n e w rnodern observcrs of t}le Old Relieion are tvpified by' tld shepherd at 1 9 5 23 S e a s o n 1 0 0 P a g e Stel'ning. .. .. 1938.. l'ult Pootel . . greenhour* and' altotmcnt-thryur rcrnr| t JlJil "donr-to-carthl.t crntrcl..#...0 ia3rr.. but wbere a ritual pririst has been ollended by the rrse of a gas-ring." one of tlem cxplains. for the better protection in'altar tabcrnacles of tic reser. BI4CK LET?ZRS . London. tffilliamson naints on his front door a sign to ward offthe'(evil eye. These are. One group has evolved from book-stud-y of . Instrucuons a-nd pracucat .t Of liu tnql! 4am?n! .of modern instances of people who gather herbs or treat beIongings in compliance r+. Hou lo nal]c a. is said to have been an acknowledgemen! of the prevalence of thefts carried out for blasphemous purlxrses. But there is no doubt that many of toda.lll Plcetc tcnd mc a (opt of VERNCTNS Perm Book (lrruc No.t.red..how-todo-1t. and in Brbmpton Road. tle treatment'of cattle. )) for whi<h HR.n. ' .tr..ddre:r NAHE .wg... where proceedings approach the erotic. HRs.ancient ways a pretty C-andiemal ceremony on tbe South Downs.including Perrns that have won Investigation Needed \ Magic In Brighton ' NERruS big monc).... lt.s1ncl. pelhr. Fully illustratcd and simplc The least sopbisticated of the t o u n d e r s t a n d .....here a large garage is used. the practice of dressing with hair loose a-nd {eet bare.(ocx tlrrtrt tra^tl Ft-fLL . -[l: ffi ti6C. wlrcn and lpw to Dlant. ' It is......:. rqrE-r. the chanting of old rhyming fpells..2.thoce lilie hirn. damn fool if he didn't..qE rrrrrrtt--rlr--E s75. atc.. . Sussex. strength of magic are practical tn tnerr armsWitches in t:he past were wise in the application oi herbs and. He finds that his " practice " brings him constantly widening knorvledge of the. LIVERPOQL New I WinninX' enclote 6d. . wlur crltlrril. i.. 'tirt 1ll..:....Winning Pernr Book has {locks by making ritrral observances " b e e n s p e c i a l l y c o r n p i l e d to the moon from within fairv f r o m P c r n r s t h a t h a v c rings... They that theii meetings bring them emotional -stimrrlus and old-Iashioned goo{ luck.ith a traditional ceremonial of action: the downward sweep of a new knife. a' round. irr Brighton.'r Indeed. more srtisfying tha_n modern creeds. mo. tl. in nee.r'orrld bc :r (od. They have been supplanted by tbe rise in status of ttre doctor and tie vet... the only method to counier the shyness of the present-day believcr in magic. but it may be.ry... But there is one development that is *'orth D..'tiey get the sentime-ntal satisflction that others get from keeping -feel Christmas..: for arrcient ancl apparently sinccre ccremonies..rrnln3. Cecil Willamson's wort is admittedly largely the research tech_ nique of a student. Aad tlere are scores .. iri Finchiey iioaci...trrow. !rcH.....:. fruh arrd vegcteblts-lxf! varletlc-r to .... certainly..s a time. revtng tf.consecrated Host. A Vatican order made in....

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