Minutes of the 19th Meeting of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (SAC-PM) held on 28th April

2!12 in "#ng#lore $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ The 19th meeting of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (SAC to PM) was held on 2

A!ril" 2#12 in $angalore under the chairmanshi! of Professor

C%&%'%'ao% The list of the !artici!ants in the meeting is seen at Anne(ure)*% At the outset" the Chairman and the Council Mem+ers congratulated ,r% -% .i/ayaraghavan" Mem+er" SAC to PM and ,irector 0 &C$S (T*1')" $angalore who has +een conferred the 1ellowshi! of The 'oyal Society (1'S) this year% The Chairman also lauded his efforts in nurturing the young outstanding scientists in the *nstitute that he has +een heading over the last few years% The Council a!!reciated the new structures that have +een created +y him to !romote +rea2through in interdisci!linary areas of science and engineering !articularly +y wor2ing with inter)disci!linary teams of scientists% The Council was also a!!reciative of the fact that 3 more non)resident *ndians have +een conferred the 1'S this year%
Agenda Item No 1 & 2: Opening Remarks Progress ! Chairman" Minutes of the meeting and Re#ie$ of

*n his o!ening remar2s" Chairman +riefed the Council a+out the Su!ercom!uting initiative that has +een discussed +y the Council and +ased on its recommendations and the initiative of the Planning Commission the 4overnment is contem!lating allocating 's%3"### crore during the Twelfth Plan to +e o!erated through the ,e!artment of Science 5 Technology for the design and develo!ment of a !eta)scale and e(a)scale su!ercom!uter in the country% 6e also +riefed the Council that the a!!roach !a!er on the S5T Cha!ter that was circulated to the mem+ers was communicated to the ,e!uty Chairman" Planning Commission% ,r% T% 'amasami" Mem+er Secretary" SAC to PM further informed the Council that the suggestions made +y the SAC to PM have +een included as Cha!ter 7 in the S5T Steering Committee document of the Planning Commission% The ,e!artment had su+mitted the a!!roach !a!er as a non)!a!er to PM8 which has since +een circulated now to Planning Commission and Ministry of 1inance% 6e further informed that the Prime Minister9s 8ffice has as2ed ,ST to !re!are a detailed note on im!lementation of the issues raised in

Minutes of the 19 th SAC to PM Meeting


the SAC to PM9s note su+mitted to the Planning Commission% 6e then re:uested Mem+ers of the Council to send in!uts for !re!aring a detailed note at the earliest% ,r T 'amasami" Mem+er Secretary !ro!osed formation of a &ational Science Advisory $oard under an Act of Parliament% Such a +ody could advice the 4overnment as well as &ational Science and ;ngineering 'esearch $oard% 1urther" the +ody could act as guiding mechanism for the science in the country% 6e drew !arallels in such advisory mechanisms from other countries% The Council constituted a su+)committee consisting of ,r% P% 'ama 'ao" Professor P $alaram and ,r - .i/ayaraghavan for develo!ing a conce!t note within ne(t four wee2s which will +e circulated to all the mem+ers to get their views% ,r 'amasami was as2ed to assist the su+)Committee% ,r% T% 'amasami further informed the Council that the Ca+inet note for enhancing the retirement age of scientists is at an advance stage of !rocessing% The demo we+site of the SAC to PM was shown to the Council and their suggestions noted% The main we+site with url www%sac)to)!rimeminister%gov%in would +e hosted shortly and informed to all the mem+ers%
Agenda Item No %: Peer&Re#ie$ of S'ientifi' Institutions: Need and moda(ities

The discussion on the item was deferred and will +e ta2en u! in the ne(t meeting%
Agenda Item No ) & *: +is'ussions on #arious se'tors (ike ,igher -du'ation and -nerg! et'.

The Chairman informed that he has re:uested a few Council mem+ers to !re!are write)u! on the needs and an action !lan of some s!ecific sectors as a follow)u! of the .ision ,ocument !re!ared +y the Council% The sectors and the mem+ers< nodal !erson identified include the following= Professor R. Narasimha Professor M.M. Sharma Professor Ashok Jhun hun!ala 'r. (. )i a&Ra%ha#an 'r. P. Rama Rao 'r. (iran (arnik Aeronautics and Transportation Chemicals, Fertilizers Pharmaceuticals Non"con#entional $ner%& *ife Sciences and +iotechnolo%& Metals and Minerals ,T " Science interface and

Minutes of the 19 th SAC to PM Meeting


'r. M.(. +han 'r. S. A&&appan 'r. Shailesh Naik

Medical Sciences A%riculture $arth Sciences

The Chairman would solicit in!uts from all mem+ers on ;ducation 0 Science *nterface% After discussing the notes !re!ared" meeting with the concerned ministries will +e !lanned%
Agenda Item No /: Inno#ation 0ni#ersities: Its need and its future

Professor .%-% Singh !resented his views on the item related to *nnovation >niversity% 6e e(!ressed that the whole conce!t needs to +e re)visited% 6e also suggested inviting Chairman" >4C to the meeting of the SAC to PM for facilitating coordination with >niversity sector% The Council re:uested the Chairman to write to the Minister of 6uman 'esources ,evelo!ment the concerns of the Council in esta+lishing *nnovation >niversities%
Agenda Item No 1: 122 th Session of Indian S'ien'e Congress

,r% $i2ash Sinha wanted that the 1## th Session of the *ndian Science Congress should have lecture on the wor2s of Sir Ashutosh Mu2her/ee" the first President of the *ndian Science Congress% 6e also suggested having lectures +y various mem+ers of SAC to PM in order to create an atmos!here for encouraging young students to science% ,r% T% 'amasami +riefed the Council that +eing the centenary session" the Prime Minister has +een elected as its President and the 1## th Session has +een scheduled at -ol2ata >niversity% The 8rgani?ing Committee includes ,irectors of local &ational *nstitutes and @a+oratories as Mem+ers% As a !recursor to the main session" the ,e!artment is !lanning for regional meetings in various !arts of the Country during which interactions with scientists would ta2e !lace to get their in!uts and ideas% 6e also informed that the mem+ers of the Council would +e involved in these meetings% After detailed discussion and deli+eration on this issue" the Council o!ined that all efforts need to +e made for im!roving the !artici!ation and ma2ing the !rogrammes of *ndian Science Congress more science oriented% The Council advised that voting rights might +e limited to the life mem+ers%
Agenda Item No 3: ,igh Performan'e Computing 4 Report of $orkshop at II5&Mum ai
Minutes of the 19 th SAC to PM Meeting %

Professor ,evang -a2har !resented the recommendations of the wor2sho! on high !ur!ose com!uting organised /ointly +y **T)Mum+ai and T*1')Mum+ai% The Council a!!reciated the recommendations% 6owever" it was suggested to wor2 out a s!ecific !ro!osal on the com!uting re:uirement of the *ndian scientific community so that ,ST could negotiate with C'@" Pune of Tata Sons for hiring the com!utational !ower of ;-A for the +enefit of the *ndian scientific community%
Agenda Item No 9: An! other Item 4 Re#ision of 6e((o$ship

A communication sent +y ,ean ('5,) of T*1' to the Chairman was discussed in detailed +y the Council% They also felt that the emolument of the 'esearch Associate" !articularly the Post ,octoral 1ellows (P,1) is less when com!ared with fellowshi! from other !rogrammes% 1urther" to meet the inflation" the Council also discussed !roviding a hi2e every year% 1inally" it was recommended that ,r T 'amasami" Mem+er Secretary would convene an inter)agency meeting to revise the emoluments% The Council recommended the following fellowshi! emoluments=
%ese#rch Associ#tes Council&s %ecommend#tions %em#r's Annual increments in sla+s were recommended% %em#r's

'A 0 * 'A 0 ** 'A 0 ***
%ese#rch (ello)s

's A3"###<) B 6'A B contingencies 's AC"###<) B 6'A B contingencies 's A9"###<) B 6'A B contingencies
Council&s %ecommend#tions

D'1 0 Post 4raduate in Science or 4raduate in Professional ,egrees with &;T :ualified or 4AT; :ualification or cleared &ational @evel e(amination for Ph, admission and registration D'1 0 Post 4raduate in Science or 4raduate in Professional ,egrees with &;T 0 @ecturershi! :ualified or 4AT; :ualification for Ph, registration D'1 0 Post 4raduate in Professional ,egrees and eligi+le for Ph, registration D'1 0 Post 4raduate in Science or 4raduate in Professional ,egrees with non)&;T or non)4AT; :ualification +ut eligi+le for Ph, registration

's 2#"###<) B 6'A B contingencies

's 1C"3##<) B 6'A B contingencies

's 27"###<) B 6'A B contingencies

's 13"###<) lum!sum

Minutes of the 19 th SAC to PM Meeting


The Council recommended that ,ST might ta2e u! the matter with the 4overnment and initiate ste!s to revise the !ost)doctoral and doctoral fellowshi!s as soon as !ossi+le% Secretary" ,ST has +een advised to ensure the revision as generous as !ossi+le%
Agenda Item No 12: +ates for ne7t meetings

5he s'hedu(e for the ne7t meeting of the Coun'i( is as fo((o$s:
Meeting *#tes +enue

22 meeting


%2 8une" 2212



5he meeting ended $ith #ote of thanks to the Chair. :::::::

Minutes of the 19 th SAC to PM Meeting



-ist of P#rticip#nts
Professor C.N.R. Rao" 9anga(ore Professor P. 9a(aram" 9anga(ore +r 9ikash Sinha" ;o(kata Professor <o#erdhan Mehta" ,!dera ad Professor +e#ang ;hakhar" Mum ai +r ; =i>a!aragha#an" 9anga(ore Professor Mustansir 9arma" Mum ai Professor =.;. Singh" 9hopa( Professor 9.;. 5he(ma" Ne$ +e(hi +r P. Rama Rao" ,!dera ad Professor A.;. Sood" 9anga(ore Professor 5.=. Ramakrishnan" =aranasi Shri ;iran ;arnik" Ne$ +e(hi Professor Ashok 8hun>hun$a(a" Chennai +r 5 Ramasami" Se'retar! 4 +S5 Chairman Mem er Mem er Mem er Mem er Mem er Mem er Mem er Mem er Mem er Mem er Mem er Mem er Mem er Mem er Se'retar!

Minutes of the 19 th SAC to PM Meeting


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