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Presentations and Papers

Presentations and Papers

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Published by JOHN HUDSON
Papers and Presentations by John Hudson, of the Dark Lady Players, in New York City.
Papers and Presentations by John Hudson, of the Dark Lady Players, in New York City.

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Published by: JOHN HUDSON on Aug 12, 2009
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Presentations and Workshops (2010) Pace University, The Left Forum, talk on creating new cultural paradigms (2009) Eastern Connecticut State University, University Lecture on ‘Who Wrote Shakespeare?’* and workshop on the meaning of As You Like It. (2009) Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Region 1, invited presentations on Shakespeare. (2009) Jewish Community Center, Shakespeare and Theater Workshop. (2008) ManhattanTheaterSource, Three day Shakespeare Symposium. (2008) Lecture at Abingdon Theater on Midsummer Night’s Dream. (2008) Lecture at Shakespeare Oxford Society. (2008) Stony Brook University, Shakespeare Workshop. (2008) New York University, Shakespeare Workshop. (2007) The Washington Shakespeare Festival, Shakespeare Workshop. (2007) The Shakespeare Authorship Trust, London, Shakespeare Workshop. Films/TV Interviews (2009) News program on Shakespeare’s Three Marys, the Jewish Channel (2009) As You Like It, Interview for Manhattan Spotlight Special. (2009) Extracts from Dark Lady Players’ productions of As You Like It. (2009) Radio debate with a Stratfordian* (2008) The Dark Lady Discovery TV Documentary. (2008) Interview with Professor Kelly Morgan. Productions (2010) Hamlet’s Apocalypse, ManhattanTheatersource dir. Jenny Greeman (2009) Festival of Short Plays on Amelia Bassano Lanier (2009) Shakespeare’s Three Virgin Marys (Ophelia, Desdemona and Juliet), ManhattanTheaterSource dir. Jenny Greeman. (2008) As You Like It; the Big Flush, Midtown International Theater Festival, dir. Stephen Wisker. (2008) As You Like It; the Big Flush, ManhattanTheaterSource, workshop production, dir. Jenny Greeman. (2007) A Midsummer Night’s Dream; A Comic Jewish Satire, Abingdon Theater, New York, dir. Mahayana Landowne. asst. dir. Jenny Greeman. Selected Publications (2009) John Hudson ‘Amelia Bassano Lanier; A New Paradigm’, The Oxfordian.* (2009) John Hudson ’A Meta-Theatrical Staging in New York City; Shakespeare’s Virgin Mary Allegories’ University of Birmingham Journal of Literature and Language, October (2009).*

(2009) John Hudson ‘The End of High Concept Shakespeare’*, (CFR) (2009) John Hudson ’Can Innovation Remake the Theater industry?’* (CFR) (2009) John Hudson ‘Supreme Court Pricks Shakespeare Bubble’* (CFR) (2009) John Hudson ’Shakespeare’s Spoofs of the Virgin Mary’.* (CFR) (2009) John Hudson ’Bottom’s Dream Becomes Arden’s Nightmare’.* (CFR) (2009) John Hudson ‘New York’s Shakespeare Problem’* (CFR) (2009) Jenny Greeman and John Hudson ‘The Shakespeare Show’ Radio play.* (2008) John Hudson ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream; An Experiment in Allegorical Staging’, thesis at the Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham.* (2007) John Hudson ‘Shakespeare’s Plays were written by a Jewish woman; Here's eight kinds of proof Amelia Bassano was the real Bard’.* (2006) John Hudson, Review of Queen’s Company production of The Taming of the Shrew, SHAKESPEARE, volume 2, no. 2, (2006) 222-3. Interviews/ Reviews (2010) Michael Posner ‘Was Shakespeare a Woman?’ Globe and Mail (2009) Interview “Does the Elizabethan Understanding of the Actor as Puppet Unlock the Meaning of Shakespeare’s Plays?” NYPuppets.org (2008) Michael Posner ‘Rethinking Shakespeare’ The Queen’s Quarterly. (2008) Daniela Amini ‘Kosher Bard: Could Shakespeare’s plays have been written by the ‘Dark Lady,’ a Jewish woman of Venetian-Moroccan ancestry? John Hudson thinks so. (2007) M. George Stevenson ‘Dark Lady Players' Midsummer’. (2007) Rebecca Honig Friedman ‘Was The Bard A Beard? A Scholar Argues That Shakespeare Was a Jewish Woman’. White Papers (2010) John Hudson ‘Applied Theater: A new approach to innovation” (2009) John Hudson & Jenny Greeman ‘Who Wrote Shakespeare?’.* (2009) John Hudson ‘The Real Meaning of Hamlet’.* (2009) John Hudson ‘Hamlet; the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary’.* (2008) John Hudson ‘Knowledge Management and Story Telling’. (2008) John Hudson ‘As You Like It : A religious Allegory’.* (2008) John Hudson ‘Shakespeare was Jewish?’.* (2007) John Hudson ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream; A Jewish Religious Allegory’.* (2007) John Hudson ‘Layers of Meaning in Shakespeare’.* (2007) John Hudson ‘Jewish Religious Allegories in Shakespeare’s Plays’.* (2007) John Hudson ‘Performing Shakespeare’.* (2007) John Hudson ‘The Woman Who Wrote Shakespeare; A Research Overview’.* Manuscripts in Progress John Hudson and Joseph Atwill, The Dark Lady; the Woman Who Wrote Shakespeare (800 pages) and Joseph Atwill with John Hudson, The Real Meaning of the Shakespearean Plays (350 pages) *working drafts available on scribd.com

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