20 Minute Yoga Program

Centering and breath Awareness: (2-3 minutes)

1. Sit in a cross-legged position (or position comfortable for you), close your eyes, focus attention on the breath--breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth 2. Gradually deepen the breath and elongate your spine 3. (Optional) Chant the universal sound of OMM 4. Relax a moment, open your eyes
Warm ups: (3-5 minutes)

Standing with feet parallel, about hip-width apart: 1. Slowly circle the knees at least three times to the right then the left. Circle the hips, circle the torso 2. Circle your outstretched arms forward and backwards at least three times 3. Shake your hands, wrists, elbows 4. Swing arms to the right and left at least three times 5. Rotate your head left to right (but not to the back) and then drop your chin towards your chest and do three more neck rotations
Yoga Postures or Asanas (about 15 minutes)

        

Mountain Balancing knee to chest Six movements of the spine Modified cobra Downward dog Upward dog Child Wind relieving pose Knee down twist

Relaxation (as long as you like)

Lie flat on your back, hands at your side, palms up, eyes closed

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