my happiness goes like the dying light

In the autumn my happiness goes like the dying light my joy gets eclipsed by a thought like eternal night. and all I seem to see around me is the coming of winter and hate and a deft consciousness of the brevity of life, that shows no signs it will abate.

Mortality opens its wings like an angel. In coldness of touch, will just as easily let go. I know no love like hers but then with her, there's nothing else to know.

I had hoped spring would stay It would've been better for us all Summer made all these promises then quickly snuck away. and left the emptiness of the hall.

Like me, trees are now creating nothing at all don't even hear inspirations call and I feel like I'm driving at a brick wall. bared to my roots and soil exposed there's not even a God who can answer my questions, since pragmatism has seen it deposed and with that confession,vulnerability shows.

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