Property A: (in first two comments by officer C. Robles, he is making a subjective assumption !

no collaberative evi"ence that theese were the inten"e" use for this currency or this was the way that the currency was obtaine".# As evi"ence will show mrs.$nell ha" a check on the %&th of june for home health C'( ) ***** + another check on the %,th of june for chil"support C'( ) ***** + on the %-th of june another check for chil" support C'( ) *****. Property .: (once again officer C. Robel makes subjective assumptions ! no evi"ence that theese were the use(s# for this item or item was obtaine" with procee"s from the commission of a felony# As evi"ence mrs.snell can provi"e "ocumentation thet the /oshiba laptop serial ) * 0A&1%2,&(, was purchese" months prior to offense "ate w! a personal cre"it car" + ha" even been in the pawn shop on at least , seperate occasions Property C: (once again officer C.Roberts is making subjective assumptions about the use of the vehicle + the means use" to purchase it. /he vehicle was purchese" by 34556$eing 7RA0, who at the time was gainfully employe" as a liscene" electrition. 8r.7RA0, has chose not to retrive the vehicle (in our opinion "ue to

coersion# 0et 8rs.$nell is havinf fines levie" against he as if it was her vehicle. 6f for whatever reason 8r.7RA0 is refusing to pick his vehicle up, seems he shoul" be paying theese fees. Also of note there are , items that are not liste" that were confiscate" but not liste" in the list of items that are not liste" un"er items to be forfiete".

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