Who Is Afraid of Dolly? By Priam Gabriel D.

Salidaga Whether or not the research on stem cell should carry through has always been an incessant debate, not just in the US and other developed countries like France and Canada, but also in striving countries like ours, the Philippine Republic. The debate comes out of fear on “human cloning” which may possibly create large moral impact to a world that is said to be respecting and upholding the uniqueness of every human being. The stem cell issue, if one looks at it through a microscope is just another instinctual reaction to every man’s fear of the unknown. The “I don’t know it, what if…” syndrome. Since the genesis of human life, the world has always been a chaotic place to inhabit. Chaos however does not come from the world, but from the man who dwells in it. It is man who breeds chaos to himself and to the world, and ultimately brings about his own destruction and all the things around him. All the things in the world remain neutral entities until man uses them for or against himself or other things. To explicate is a Bolo that can be used by a farmer either in planting crops or in hacking to death an enemy. The stem cell research does not alter or tinker with the natural law of things, for its noble purpose is to discover new effective ways to prolong the life expectancy of a human being, thus uplifting his well being. It can never be a Tower of Babel for it does not question the existence of God, nor tries to contest His power. On the other side of the coin, without the intention of being preemptive, or worst, sacrilegious, it could be God’s own gift, an iota of intelligence given to man to armor himself from the rapidly changing and mutating very complex faces of evil--- man’s sickness and diseases.

The stem cell could spare man from the dreaded Ragnarok of Norse mythology: The end of all things, when evil triumphs over good.

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