Diagram 4.1 shows an electromagnetic lifting machine used to lift scrap metal. Diagram 4.

2 shows the observation of the machine when the current flows through the machine is increased.

Base on the information and observation above: (a) State one suitable inference. (b) State one suitable hypothesis. (c) With the use of apparatus such as copper wire, soft-iron core and other apparatus describe an experiment framework to investigate the hypothesis stated in 4(b).

Hypothesis : If the current increases. D. strength of electromagnet will also increase. Responding : Number of pins attracted by the solenoid.C power supply. Aim : To investigate the relationship between the current and the strength of electromagnet. Variables : Manipulated : Current. petri dish. pins. Apparatus and Materials : Soft-iron core.C power supply Switch Ammeter Petri dish .Inference : Strength of magnetic field of an electromagnet is affected by current flow. insulated copper wire. ammeter. rheostat. Constant : number of turns of solenoid. *(retort stand with clamp) Diagram : D. switch and retort stand.

I(A) 0.Procedure : 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Table: Current. 1. (N) Apparatus and materials are set up as shown in the diagram. Adjusted the rheostat to I = 0.0 2.0A. 2.5 2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 by using I = 1.5A.C power supply.5 1.5A. Tabulate the results obtained. I(A) . 3.0 Graph : Graph of number of pins attracted by the solenoid. Place the petri dish containing pins below the solenoid. Switch on the D.5 3.0A.0 1. I(A) Number of pins attracted by the solenoid. Number of pins attracted by the solenoid (N) Current.5A. 2. (N) against current.0A.

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