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Group Project (20%) Innovation Challenge Work in a group of 4-5 members.

Refer to the case entitled The Innovators hallenge! on page "#$-"#% in &a'nor( Innovation b' )esign* What It Takes to +eep ,our ompan' on the utting -dge( "..". /".01* 2repare a #. pages full report according to the 3uestions given in the case( including 'our proposed innovation to replace the product of 'our choice. 2ropose a plan on 4hat 'our group need to do to in this pro5ect( b' using the theories learnt in lecture. 2resent this report according to the outlines mentioned belo4. 2repare a brief po4er point slides and a protot'pe /if an'1 as tools of 'our presentation. Due Date: 29 July 201 ! 6ubmit a hard cop' of full report t'pe 4ritten in Word( 4ith a proper cover.

7utline of the report* I. Introduction /background of the challenge1 II. The urrent 6ituation /the issues to look into in 89( e.g. management support( current product line( etc.1 III. The :ig 2lan /methodolog' as planned in 2hase #1 I;. The <indings /e.g. research results( anal'sis( etc.1 ;. The Innovation=Idea /discuss the ne4 innovation and relate to the findings and current situation1 ;I. onclusion ;II. >ppendices ,ou are encouraged to seek for 'our instructors advice=approval of 'our chosen idea for the challenge. The products=services are not limited to technolog'based.