History of Ncell

Ncell Private Limited was previously known as Spice Nepal Private Ltd., established in the year 2004 with the license issued by Nepal Telecommunications Authority to operate GSM mobile services, both PostPaid and Pre-Paid in the country, and commercially launched its services on September 17, 2005 in Kathmandu and its vicinity. Today, 75 out of the 75 districts of Nepal are covered with Ncell. It is gradually expanding its network coverage in various urban, semi-urban and rural areas of the country. In many places, Ncell has been providing services to the subscribers by installing and using satellite equipments and network. Ncell is Group of Telesonera European Company.In March 2010, Mero Mobile rebranded to Ncell, followed by the change of the legal entity name from Spice Nepal to Ncell.Spice Nepal Private Ltd. was established in 2004 as the first private mobile operator in Nepal and launched its services under Mero Mobile brand in 2005. In October 2008, TeliaSonera acquired controlling interest in the company.Since its acquisition by TeliaSonera, Ncell has actively been developing its 2G network. Coverage has increased from 40% to 90% of the population. Since 2010, Ncell has had the best mobile network quality in Nepal confirmed by third party surveys and tests. 3G services were launched in late 2010. Currently, Ncell is the number one GSM operator in Nepal with over 8 million subscriptions (of which nearly 100% are prepaid) and around USD 300 million in annual net sales. Ncell’s revenues have been nearly doubling on an annual basis. Ncell is committed to continue investing in the future development of the telecommunication infrastructure and services in Nepal and to contribute to the future prosperity of the country and its citizens. The population of Nepal, of which four in five people live in rural areas, may previously never have had access to telecommunication services, will inevitably gain from increased possibilities to communicate and access information. One mobile call may save a day of travelling by foot in mountainous areas. According to a research, every 10 percent increase in mobile penetration in a developing country drives about 1.2 percent increase in GDP growth. When Ncell was established in 2004, mobile penetration in Nepal was under 10 percent. At the time of the acquisition by TeliaSonera, it had grown to about 40 percent of the population. Currently, it is more than 60 percent. Ncell has extended its network to cover all the 75 administrative districts and about 90 percent of Nepal’s population - a major leap in the country’s telecommunication industry.

Spice Nepal Private Ltd. 2004. Now the telecommunication industry has a number of players. Nepal Telecom (NT) formerly known as Nepal Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) was the only state owned telecommunication company of Nepal. and Telecommunication Regulation 1997 A. popularly known under its brand name "Mero Mobile".D.D. Mobile communication industry in Nepal is still in its infancy. Telecommunication Industry A telecommunication system consists of three basic elements: a transmitter that takes information and converts it to a signal. Therefore it is committed to driving longterm sustainable development in the country.. Some of the telecommunication industries operating in Nepal are as follows:      Nepal Telecom Ncell United Telecom Limited (UTL) Nepal Satellite Telecom Pvt. But the history of telecommunication in Nepal is rather very young as compared to the history and culture of Nepalese people. now Ncell is the first private GSM mobile operator in Nepal. Telecommunication was introduced with the installation of open wire trunk telephone line between Kathmandu and Birgunj (a border town in southern Nepal) for the first time in Nepal around 1914 beginning of the First World War. and. NTC was converted into a Public Limited Company on April 14. Until 2003. Ltd . a transmission medium that carries the signal. Nepal Telecommunications Authority as an autonomous regulatory body has been established on March 4. The company was established in 2004.TeliaSonera has invested close to half a billion USD in Ncell since acquisition in 2008 and until mid-2012. 1998 as stipulated within the framework of the Telecommunication Act 1997 A. Then. The world history of development of telecommunication is very long. Using liberalization policy and involving the private sector in a competitive environment for the development and expansion of telecommunication sector in Nepal. a receiver that receives the signal and converts it back into usable information. TeliaSonera is aware of the significant role it plays as well as the responsibility it has taken on in Nepal. 1995 had initiated the involvement of the private sector in the development of the telecommunication services. United Telecom Limited started providing services in 2003. then His Majesty's Government of Nepal's decision dated December 25. Ltd Smart Telecom Pvt.

The slogan of Ncell “Ncell Nepal kai Lagi”.463 (April 2012) 6. The slogan itself has tried to build unique identity by eliciting personal attachment to Nepalese customers. Whenever we talk about Ncell the purple colors comes to our mind that is unique identity created by Ncell. the penetration rate in Nepal was estimated at 49. is one of its step towards creating unique identity in present cut.02% over a population estimate of around 29 million. Rank 1 2 Operator Ncell Nepal Telecom Technology GSM CDMA. Hello Nepal Customers Perception As of March 2012. Ncell has developed its brand identity through brand symbol in the shape of a hi-tech stone in rich purple color. Likewise. GSM Subscribers (in millions) 7.751 (April 2012) Ownership TeliaSonera Nepal Telecom Brand attributes of Ncell Brand Identity Brand Identity is all about creating distinct image in customers mind. Ncell too have tries to create distinct image on customers mind.throat competitive telecom market. Brand Image .

Brand Elements Brand elements are those attributes of a brand or product that uniquely distinguish the brand from other brands. Likewise. Customers also perceive Ncell network as reliable. To be forward among the telecommunications company providing the best services. agility in response to the market’s and consumers’ needs. Some its key brand elements are:  Brand Name . Before the introduction of Ncell in the Telecom industry the customers were compelled suffer the poor service quality delivered by leading mobile operator NTC. from that time being it has develop positive image on customers mind.Ncell center to the market as a first private mobile operator in Nepal offering its services under the brand Mero Mobile. Ncell has been able to differentiate it from NTC by positioning itself as superior network quality. The Ncell brand came up under the common brand image of the TeliaSonera companies. it has created uniqueness through the introduction of those services which were not been experienced in Nepal. and a deep and abiding aspiration to be an integral part of the country. Ncell introduced itself as the first private telecommunication company to provide GSM service in Nepal. Brand Objectives Ncell Nepal’s main objectives are:   Ncell has been introduced mainly with the objective of breaking monopoly held by the stateowned Telecommunication Nepal Telecom. Brand Differentiation Ncell claimed that they have clear network. For example. So it was key advantage for Ncell to have preoccupied brand image of TeliaSonera in international market. Now NTC users also subscribe Ncell services for backup purpose. people also differentia Ncell from other as a brand having unique services which are still not been provided by other companies. The customers have been highly delighted from its continuous quality services. Ncell is found to be competent all these respect. To have positive brand image the product should have three main criteria like strong. Ncell too have its several brand elements that has help it to make it unique as compare to other brands. Likewise. reliability. The Ncell’s corporate values which are: being a pioneer in the market. social responsibility. favorable and uniqueness.

They also receive a gift-wrapped prepaid SIM card with a Rs.cell.  Logos Hi-tech stone in rich purple color is its present corporate logo. The purple color is energizing and inspiring. This Hi-stone reflects the strong connectivity. 15 bonus SIM . Radio advertisement is catchy and touching so that customers easily recognize or recall the brand whenever they heard it in TV or Radio advertisement. Advertisement Campaigns Gift a gift campaign Gift a gift campaign was launched in October.Ncell is an excellent example of re-branding in Nepalese business arena. Later after 2010 it came up with new brand name Ncell. Customers take part by buying a Rs. 15 balance.  Color Ncell’s purple corporate color is very well-known in Nepalese Corporate sector. it reflects the creativity. 100 Mero Mobile recharge card from a participating outlet. which can be used by the customer or gifted to a friend or relative. Initially it came up with brand name “Mero Mobile”. passion and reliability with which Ncell will continue to serve its customers. The word Ncell compromises of two words N. This can be taken as one of the excellent example of company trying to create brand identity through its corporate color in Nepal. The Rs. The logo that has been used by Ncell in Nepal is the same logo used by its parent company TeliaSonera.  Sound The music/sound used in Ncell TV. the letter “N” stands for Nepal and cell stands for simply phone.

Under this scheme. However. customers can select five Ncell number at only 99 Paisa per minute exclusive of tax. At the end of the campaign. The bumper prizes were: Hyundai Santro Car and Rs. Each week. The campaign message is clear: Customers share the Mero Mobile experience with their friends and families. The campaign Ncell Dial 9090 is a simple lucky draw program where any Ncell subscriber can participate by dialing 9090. Any subscriber using pre-paid (Sajilo. the customers can avail this facility for lifetime. People to talk to each other and Ncell take great pride in providing them with the network to do this. The consumers who called but still didn’t win any prize got their money back on their bonus account. 20 per month. Ramro and Access) numbers can avail this facility by paying Rs. existing pre-paid users can also select five numbers to make calls at 99 paisa. The campaign was run for a period of 10 weeks. Apart from the new subscribers. The scheme will come into effect from Friday (December 28) onwards. The selected numbers for My 5 scheme can be changed anytime for which. Ncell loaded campaign . BlackBerry Smartphone and tour package of Thailand for two. The weekly prizes were LCD TV. Motorbike. 99 will get main balance of Rs 50 and bonus balance Rs 49. 10. My 5 Campaign Leading telecom service provider Ncell has introduced yet another attractive scheme “My 5” which enables customers to make calls at cheaper rate. New subscribers acquiring Ncell’s SIM card under Sajilo tariff at Rs. 5 participants won one weekly prize each. The scheme is open for three months. 00.card can be spent on any Mero Mobile voice. 5 will be charged. Once dialed. Lucky Draw Campaign Ncell launched a lucky draw campaign for its entire subscriber from August 27. Laptop. two participants won bumper prizes in addition to the weekly prizes.000. 2010. once acquiring it. the user will receive a registration code through SMS which the user has to keep safely in order participating. Live lucky draw was be broadcasted every Friday on Kantipur TV at 9pm. data or value added service. a minimal amount of Rs.

Ncell sanga sabai danga Ncell. This offer on Samsung S4 is our move towards fulfilling that commitment. 5GB and 10GB. they will get another 100MB for free. The received Saapati amount is added to the main balance and allows the customer to make calls to any network. 2. Activation can be done through SMS. and showing the voucher in any Ncell Centre. Ncell Saapati campaign Ncell Saapati allows prepaid customers to request for a loan when their current balance is less than or equal to Rs. The amount has no expiry date.The scheme launched five weeks ago enables customers spending more than Rs. The offer launched under the campaign is applicable to all types of monthly data packs that Ncell provides. 100MB. under which Ncell mobile data users buying any monthly data pack can now enjoy the same volume of data for free. such as 10MB. In case they do not possess Ncell sim. the largest mobile service provider in the country. The sim thus received will be of Sajilo tariff. get one free campaign Ncell has started a new campaign ‘Buy One . Buy one.Under the offer. which Ncell launched recently to assure that the device with ‘Ncell Loaded’ logo has Ncell sim and enables the customer to enjoy Ncell’s quality voice and fastest data services. . has been awarding attractive prizes to its lucky customers each week under the campaign "Ncell Sanga Sabai Danga. 300MB. they can collect Ncell sim and activate the offer for free by filling up due registration form. IVR or USSD. The offer is being provided under a campaign named Ncell Loaded. If Samsung S4 buyers already hold Ncell sim. Ncell has committed to tie up with smartphone devices so that their customers could enjoy seamless surfing experience. 40MB. if customers buy 100MB monthly data under the new campaign. 1GB. send SMS and use mobile internet as well as other services.Get One Free’.” said corporate communication expert of Ncell Milan Sharma. customers buying Samsung Galaxy S4 can avail 1GB data for three months as freebies. they can instantly activate and start using the Ncell data service on the new device." Ncell on Monday announced the lucky winners of its 5th week "Ncell Sanga Sabai Danga" scheme through a lucky draw amidst a special function in the Capital. Hence. The new campaign will last for 45 days and customers must use the service received within a month. 50 in a week to win various attractive and worthy prizes. 500MB.

20. s/he will still be able to enjoy incoming services but will not be able to request for another Saapati until the previous credits is cleared.Only prepaid customers who have been using their Ncell SIM for six months or more are eligible to use this service when their balance reduces to Rs. the entire balance will be deducted and the remaining credit and service tax shall be deducted upon the next recharge. 2 (exclusive of tax) will be deducted from the new balance. a service fee of Rs. If the customer does not recharge the balance after using the service. The service can be availed by the customer at anytime of the day and as many times as one wishes but to do so one must have cleared the previous credit and service fee before requesting for another Saapati recharge. 20. If the recharged amount is less than Rs. 2 or less. along with the loan Rs. When the customer recharges his/her balance the next time. .