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No Gym, Perfect Body Program

1st Edition

Note: This is a dynamic document and will be evolving steadily, both in growth & quality. If you have suggestions please let me know on the blog through the contact page. Hopefully this book serves as a good resource for you in your fitness journey.

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or who want to free themselves from the obsessive fitness and dieting cycle that entraps countless millions. trash fitness products and books or on fad diets or supplements that promise so much. This book is for everyone who understands that 90% of your fitness results are going to come from 10% of your actions. yet deliver so little. fit existence. This book is for all of those individuals who refuse to settle for mediocrity. happy. This book is dedicated to everyone who knows they deserve a healthy. This book is for you. for all those who know they can be happy with their physique but just need to educate themselves on the best way to reach their goal. .DEDICATION This book is for everyone who has ever wasted their hard-earned money on poorly-produced. This book is for those individuals who have very little free time.

Weak. & Considerations The Food & Eating Strategies 7 Conclusion 10 1 1 Calisthenics Are King 3 True Power Training The Best Workout Regimen Is No Regimen At All 1 5 Why Power-Based Training Will Make You Look & Feel Amazing 1 . Unfocused. Tricks. & Sexless Caught In The Bear Trap 3 5 Brain/Gut Interplay: And Why What You Eat Is So Important 1 3 The Solution 5 Drop The Weights & Cancel Your Gym Membership Why I Prefer Calisthenics To Weights Head To The Playground 2 Mental Tips. Tired.Foreword 7 The Endocrine System Why Your Hormones Are So Important 1 1 2 Hormones Are The Body’s Fundamental Movers & Shakers Balancing Your Endocrine System For Fat Loss 4 For Muscularity 5 3 1 How To Eat For A Perfect Body The Importance of A Healthy Gut 1 Fat.

Train for power 8 7 1 6 The Workout Programs Program #1: Program #2: Program #3: 27 29 33 26 26 For Those Who Love To Train .The Muscle Up The Pistol Squat Sprinting Explode 6 2 4 5 The Ultimate Leg Power Movement 6 7 Why training for power is optimal Body Sculpting On The Bar Bodyweight Is Back The Breakdown 2 1 The Compound Movements 2 Movements with Muscle Group Focus Isolation Holds 17 Explosive Power 22 Here’s the problem...

Therefore. especially with a good resource. sleep quality . I sincerely hope it makes you think. If you downloaded it off the website I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and for being a part of such an amazing community. money by following the principles in this book. Hopefully you enjoy all of my free material on the blog as well. It’s not that they are difficult to understand. I hope you consider my recommendations because. if you know how to effectively optimize your hormones. it’s more that most people are too lazy to care: the health and happiness of millions of people suffers as a consequence. A small change to the core of a system will often times lead to large scale changes as the complexity of the system increases. In every aspect of life. it was the result of years of trial and error. Perfect Body Program .net . So let’s take a step away from mediocrity.and it’s understandable why .to name a few. The approach I take is one that focuses on fundamentals.fat loss. The problem with the fitness industry today is that it is almost entirely focused on the minutiae . you will experience sweeping improvements in many areas . Let’s focus only on the things that matter. muscularity.net’s No Gym. not to mention.Foreword Hello everyone and welcome to NoGym. they work. This book will teach you how to do things such as optimize your hormonal environment. Let’s head back in the right direction. it is super important to pay close attention to the principles upon which systems operate. And you also understand how to manipulate the system at the point where it is simplest . It will also hopefully work to shift your mindset away from focusing on the surface and obsessing over trivial minutiae and instead lead you to pay more attention to the things that really matter. strength gain. you understand the system. I can guarantee you that you will not regret reading this material. Be Lean. you know what. You will save so much time and effort and. Be Happy Christopher Walker | NoGym.its core.very few people actually understand the fundamentals. Be Strong. Taking a minimalist approach to diet and fitness wasn’t a deliberate decision of mine. Let’s educate ourselves about what really matters so we can make the simple changes to our routines that will reap the biggest rewards. These principles always facilitate and give rise to the system. if you understand the principles. The pruning that took place eventually led me to my core belief system that I act upon to this day. No matter how you got ahold of this book. For example.

but I am constantly perplexed with how little play hormones get in the role of bringing you to your ideal physique. nutrition.e. When your hormonal environment is in balance. muscular development. Note: I am talking about your natural endogenous hormones here. . mental well-being. at least they understand the power behind manipulating your hormonal environment. .e. It “finds” your ideal physique.Chapter 1 The Endocrine System HORMONES ARE THE BODY’S FUNDAMENTAL MOVERS & SHAKERS Maybe it’s because people don’t generally know very much about them. Do you really believe your body wants you to be skinny and weak? Or fat and distended? Do you really believe it is natural for you to experience GI problems on a daily basis or to be depressed or experience anxiety? . your body does all the work for you. and exercise) and what it gives back to you (i. mental stimulation. not hormone supplements commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes – much of the time illegally – as performance enhancing drugs. etc. functional power. Though . It is a gentle give-and-take between what you give to your body (i.). Your body is an amazing thing: it knows what it wants to look and behave and feel like.

usually at or near the source of said action or reaction. . subjecting yourself to overly stressful environments or situations. and not sleeping.Why Your Hormones Are So Important They literally have a role in almost every major cascading action or reaction in your body.don’t sweat the small stuff . I’m not going to get into too much detail here in this program because.and reap the rewards of a balanced endocrine system. it is unnecessary. To mess with them by overtraining. Hormones are arguably the most powerful “substances” in your body. or some combination of all of these. eating crap food. quite frankly. All you need to know is the correct steps to take to balance your hormones and the rest will follow. Instead. live your life based on sound principles . is to be messing with your life.

have secondary endocrine functions. However.Chapter 2 Balancing Your Endocrine System Time. and tissues . many other organs in the body. & Patience The endocrine system is a network of glands responsible for secreting hormones into the bloodstream. I would just like to help you get the basics down.net/hpa-axis/ ]. Thyroid d. blood. It is intricately tied to the nervous system [for more information on this subject see http://www. Pancreas c. and gonads. Positive Reinforcement.NoGym. It consists of several important organs: a. in fact. for example the kidneys. heart. An important distinction between the endocrine system and the nervous system must be made: the endocrine system is chemical in nature and therefore slow-moving compared the nervous system. . that the material covered in this chapter will probably not do it justice. involved an enormously complex interplay between your brain. which relies heavily on ridiculously fast electrical impulses to propagate information. Reproductive Organs However. liver. Adrenal Glands b.a system so complex.

has also been proven to play a role in lipolysis (breakdown of adipose/fat tissue). you will not have any problems burning fat. balancing an out-of-whack endocrine system requires a couple things: 1. Patience Once in balance. two of the bigger ones that I will touch on here . you’ll experience myriad benefits. excess cortisol in your system (i. An excess of it is.e. So what does that mean? When you find the balance. It’s true. However. chronically elevated stress response) will cause you to store body fat. The hype was huge and the supplement industry subsequently took the cue and began pumping out cortisol suppressants. Cortisol itself is not inherently a bad thing.That being said. But at the same time. and aid in glycemic control. . Time 2. increase lean muscle tissue (increase in metabolic rate). and your endocrine system is functioning properly with a healthy amount of cortisol pumping through your bloodstream. all things that directly affect your level of body fat.are fat loss and muscularity. cortisol itself. Positive reinforcement 3. Sound like anything else in life? A balanced. touting them as the cure for obesity and other nonsense. at healthy levels. FOR FAT LOSS Several years ago a study came out implicating excess cortisol in the accumulation of body fat. healthy testosterone level is known to decrease visceral fat mass.

All of the exercises and nutrition suggestions in this program are specifically designed to help you optimize your hormonal environment. because an excess of T is horrible for you and will turn you into a red-faced. and decrease body fat while increasing amount of lean tissue. . help mitigate loss of bone density and muscle mass. contact me and I can point you in the right direction and help any way possible. If are interested in further resources. an increase in testosterone helped treat depression & low energy. veiny. Do it naturally though.Another interesting study found that in postmenopausal women . and only a few of the hormones involved. These are just a few of great effects of a balanced endocrine system on fat loss. As an androgen with anabolic effects. hairy. testosterone will also help you gain muscle easily. FOR MUSCULARITY In the same vein as earlier. raging grump. a healthy level of testosterone will naturally allow your body to maintain substantial lean muscle tissue.

digest our food. .’ as it is sometimes referred to. Brain/Gut Interplay: And Why What You Eat Is So Important We have more bacterial DNA in our guts than our own DNA in our entire body. There are between 200-600 million neurons in your enteric nervous system. and usually cause serious fatigue and focus issues that will almost definitely affect your workouts. These neurons communicate with your brain regularly – many times every second. Many people overlook the fact that your ‘second brain. which may lead to GI distress and nutrient deficiencies – many of which affect your hormonal balance and your behavior.Chapter 3 How To Eat For A Perfect Body Fool-Proof Strategies For Getting A Lean. needs the same amount of care as you would give your real brain. The role of good bacteria is to initiate processes that help us balance pH levels. plays in the big scheme of things is vital to our principle-based approach to fitness and nutrition. not to mention your everyday life. detoxify. or enteric nervous system. and even produce ATP (energy). Healthy Physique THE IMPORTANCE OF A HEALTHY GUT A basic understanding of the role your gut. a number comparable to the number in your spinal cord. Inflammation in your gut can wreak havoc on your brain. Your gut is how you absorb nutrients. you will not be able to absorb certain nutrients. Without a healthy flora of bacteria.

your body will handle it just fine . Your brain is the most amazing super computer in the world. Everything is connected in your body. I just don’t do it all the time. Too often doctors and researchers make the mistake of focusing intensely on one area of the body while neglecting how it affects other areas. I love eating a couple donuts or an order of hot wings as much as the next guy. If you are taking care of your gut and focusing on living in hormonal balance. . your brain will run like a well-oiled machine. downstream from which many other parts of your body. Your body will be running well and therefore your brain will not have to react to a constant onslaught of warning signals from your muscles. For real. And guess what – when you do feel the need to stop and grab a value meal at McDonald’s. Since we are focusing on principles here. our bodies can handle detoxification at normal to low levels just fine.Now. or vice versa. You will be sharp and focused (especially when using a dieting technique that I am going to talk about later) and you will sleep like a baby at night. gut.provided it is in balance. They are amazing at restoring homeostasis. just remember that everything you put into your body activates countless enzymatic reactions. All you might feel in the meantime is a little gas or some indigestion. As long as you don’t overload it all the time your healthy gut flora can handle the detox pretty easily. including your brain. and endocrine system. can be either positively or negatively affected.

Information overload is one of them. many of us fall into destructive thought traps. However. more troubling proportions because you didn’t pay attention to them: lack of focus when it matters.FAT. Caught In The Bear Trap Understandably. The problem that most of us run into is whether or not we can effectively wade through the bullshit and disseminate what is high quality advice and what is garbage. Heck. . It’s easy to assume that these are the real problem. A few examples are: 1. WEAK. 2. grow to much larger. over time. it’s a little more complicated than that. that tire that’s been growing around your middle. These traps are perpetuated (and constructed) by the health & fitness industry as a whole. I’m throwing some in your face right now. the general feeling of weakness and exhaustion even when you haven’t exerted yourself. Believing certain foods are healthy when they aren’t Not knowing the difference between the truth and a myth Getting addicted to sugar Getting addicted to food additives & other chemicals Using food as a reward There are several causes to these problems. these are merely symptoms of a bigger issue that each of us need to address. You see. even the fact that you may be experiencing some…(clears throat)… performance troubles. 3. UNFOCUSED. 4. & SEXLESS It is incredibly rare nowadays to find an individual who doesn’t have something ailing or troubling them. TIRED. I’ll give you a hint: most of it is garbage. You know those seemingly small and inconsequential things that bug you and. Everywhere you turn nutrition and fitness advice is being thrown in your face. 5.

Check it out if you have some time. just tends to perpetuate and even compound the addiction. touting their magical fat loss solutions. not necessarily because of lack of willpower. The last culprit is physical dependencies. heck eating the garbage food in general. including myself. This behavior only reinforces bad habits. Many of us falter.Another culprit causing these issues is psychological dependencies and habits. Humans are addicted to sugar. But big companies are just as guilty of lying. This can be okay at times. And overeating. It’s also incredibly difficult to discern between fact and fiction nowadays. Remember. but because we are overloaded with misleading information and it becomes difficult. . A lot of us are addicted to sugar or food additives. but for most of us. There is a lot of research that indicates that we become sensitized (the opposite of desensitized) to sugar. the foods we turn to and the times at which we turn to them end up being completely counterproductive to achieving the goals we’ve set for ourselves. Even fresh produce is waxed or sprayed with chemicals. are raised with food commonly used a reward for good behavior. gaining pounds of flabby fat instantly. I wrote an exhaustive post on the blog about overeating as a classifiable addiction disorder. I firmly believe that supplement companies have scared an entire generation of gym-goers into unquestionably believing that they need to be sucking down protein shakes every couple hours or risk losing all of their muscle. Period. Many people. In turn. we are not dogs. Additives are in almost everything. we tend to go to it for comfort and to make ourselves feel good. even paralyzing. or have been at one time or another throughout our lifetimes. Gurus are popping out of the woodwork. It’s hard not to be. to make healthy and well-informed decisions every day. This = the reason the United States and many other countries around the world are experiencing a drastic rise in obesity right now.

. go for a refreshing walk in the woods.and your waistline.THE SOLUTION So how do you wade through all the garbage and discern truth from lie? Well I’ve got a couple tips that I use in my own life that I would like to share with you. or try and help someone else have a good day. Recognize the role of certain types of exercise in creating hunger and cravings.. do club drugs. Mental Tips. & Considerations 1. I’m kidding of course! You had a good day? Give yourself a little pat on the back. go start up a conversation with a stranger and give them a compliment. Tricks. watch your favorite tv show. both internally and externally. These tips and strategies will also help you to balance your body’s endocrine system over time. and eventually your body will be in great shape. 2. Reward yourself in other ways: max out your credit cards on shopping sprees. seriously there are a million things you can do to keep it going! Instead of indulging then ruining a good day because you feel that little (or huge) tinge of guilt.. Just follow these guidelines. Please focus on these. In my own experience as a serious athlete in numerous sports. Food is not a reward. I can tell you: some types of exercise make me ravenous. Implementing them could mean a world of difference in your everyday happiness.. You are not a dog who needs positive reinforcement with a treat every time you do something great. both mental and nutritional. . have a party in your living room with just you and two (or three) bottles of wine. treat yourself to that movie you’ve been wanting to see in theatres. opt instead to try and make your day even better.

You are also likely limiting yourself from eating awesome. both long and short. They have hormonal benefits as well (part of why they control satiety so well) that increase growth and muscle synthesis. This is one of the reasons that so many runners and swimmers you see are still fat or skinny fat. And the best part is that they won’t cause blood sugar swings or crazy glycogen depletion that could lead to overeating or negating the calorie deficit you created. bodyweight exercises. more often than not they will make you so hungry afterwards that you end up eating your way into the deficit you created (and many time past it). some great exercise that I have no problem doing even while restricting calories are: short wind sprints (enough to get the heart rate up. meaning: your squeaky clean diet probably isn’t even all that healthy for you. 3. When you are obsessing over everything. Really. So relax. On the other hand. so they are useful exercises in many respects. and extended sessions of sprinting to the point of exhaustion are all culprits. and walks of all kinds. the amount of stress you cause yourself overeating a perfectly ‘clean’ diet negates the positive effects from your food. And while they may be great for burning calories right now. jumping and plyometrics. bar training. . steady state cardio of almost any type. becoming an orthorexic nightmare. prolonged metabolic burn that lasts for hours after the activity. you aren’t doing yourself or your loved ones any favors. nutritious foods because of some preconceived falsehoods you’ve been perpetuating anyways.Swimming. weight lifting. you are probably missing out on key nutrients and vitamins. These types of exercise are basically forms of overexertion. These activities are great for creating a steady. Remind yourself that this journey isn’t actually about the food itself: it is about creating a lifestyle for yourself that you enjoy living day-in-day-out and that keeps your body looking bombshell and feeling great all the time. Take an approach in moderation. Don’t become orthorexic. but not exhaust one’s self).

The Food & Eating Strategies 1.com and LeanGains. natural foods as much as possible. Challenge conventional wisdom and prosper. [See MarksDailyApple. I used a lot of intuition and personal failure (experience) with one way of exercising (what people now call Chronic Cardio) to inform me of its shortcomings in terms of health. “Is corn . Much has been written on blogs all across the Internet by now about challenging conventional fitness and nutrition wisdom. Eat whole. Remember to always approach a goal with the big picture in mind. not so much information was out there. even if it didn’t change at all. 5. you no longer need to sweat the small stuff. That way you won’t get lost in the details. 12 weeks would be all you would need to see some DRASTIC changes in the mirror and in your blood work.com for examples] But when I was going through my rough times and trying to figure this all out. This matter is simple. Use principle-based eating instead of counting. For real. perhaps skipping breakfast daily. Seriously. I guarantee you that if you eat naturally 80% of the time. In no time you will be looking leaner and stronger. you will lose body fat and retain muscle like no body’s business. The most important thing that I learned in my transformation was that if you stick to solid principles. So many people over complicate things and worry too much about the minutiae. 4. and fast regularly. And if you follow these simple principles for 12 weeks the rest of your everyday life will appear much more manageable. This applies to any other pursuit in life as well.It’s all about your mindset.

It’s great. And you can still become fat-adapted while eating moderate amounts of carbs. The point is to keep the base of your nutrition centered in whole foods that are as close to nature as possible in any situation.primal? Because this steak rub has trace amounts of corn and if I eat it I won’t be primal. There are many ways to implement a fasting routine. will allow the body to become fat-adapted. then resume my regular eating at lunch time (only I eat two HUGE meals at lunch and dinner . . With that in mind. And plan ahead if possible. Just try and stick to natural fruits and tubers and grains such as oats. Personally I just skip breakfast. it doesn’t fluctuate madly every couple hours inciting false hunger to restabilize it. When you’re fat adapted. And sometimes I’ll even eat both of my meals within a couple hours. along with nuts and peanut butter as your carb sources and you’ll be eating awesome food all the time and losing fat easily and effortlessly. over time. meaning it shifts to burning fat for fuel instead of sugars in your bloodstream. It is more my style. I’m so full I don’t feel like eating again until the next day. Carbs are also satiating and very necessary in many situations. just try and make the best decisions possible in a given situation.I’m not trying to lose weight right now) which I love. Eating has as much to do with convenience as it does with nutrition for many people. Get a grip. your blood sugar remains even.” This might sound ridiculous but then again it might be you. A really important thing to remember when eating to get a rockin’ body is to focus on eating foods that are satiating. A diet high in protein and fat and low in sugar. Fasting is ridiculously great. opting for a cup or two of black coffee instead. This is a realistic approach to eating which often gets overlooked. 2. However. A combination of protein and fats in general are great for filling you up and keeping hunger at bay for hours at a time. Use intermittent fasting to your advantage. I generally disagree with anyone who claims that carbohydrates are the devil.

you may even find that the thought of eating food right after waking is repulsive (this happened to me) which makes it even easier. The hormonal benefits are amazing with fasting. Grains are not inherently natural: they began as a cultivated crop (unlike fruits and vegetables which are now. Only be able to handle a small amount and therefore limit itself and 2. Now you can eat these things in small amounts when you feel the need and your body will likely 1. Your satiety levels go up. Eat Stop Eat is Brad Pilon’s program. made popular by Martin Berkhan. He recommends you eat regularly throughout the week but fast for 24 hours two times during the week. And they are processed as ‘foreign’ substances within many people’s guts. causing inflammation. Be able to effectively detoxify what it considers ‘poisonous. Once your body is adjusted to eating this way. cultivated as well). eggs) and foods that grow naturally (vegetables & fruits) . you can get away with some ‘cheating’ because your gut flora will be so much healthier than when you were constantly bombarding it with donuts. or just slowly cut them out.There are other. of fasting however. cereals. Avoid them if you can. for the most part. which means you actually keep hunger away fairly effortlessly. For women he suggests a 14/10 split. fish.’ . The point is to be flexible and do what works for you. depending on your current diet. 3. more structured ways. The ideal human diet is deceptively simple – but it may take you a decent amount of time to get used to it. It’s as easy as eating natural foods. I generally say to limit grain intake while you are getting adjusted if you can. He advocates 16 hours fasting then an 8 hour feeding window. contrary to popular belief. The most popular is the LeanGains protocol. After the first couple weeks of daily fasting. foods that you can hunt & kill (meat. whenever is most convenient. and ice cream.

but also help you effortlessly maintain it. But it is not difficult. Guaranteed. Creating a sustainable. . Just be patient. takes time.Conclusion Eating for a perfect body entails much more than just food or nutrition. follow the recommendations above. and you’ll reach your goal. healthy lifestyle for yourself that will not only help you get to that great body.

Chapter 4

Drop The Weights & Cancel Your Gym Membership
You Do Not Need Any Fancy Equipment To Get The Body Of Your Dreams WHY I PREFER CALISTHENICS TO WEIGHTS
Weightlifting is by far a healthier form of exercise than pure cardio, especially if you are trying to build an aesthetic look – for both men and women. In no way, shape, or form am I anti-weights. I would never want to appear as one of those ignorant pricks on the internet who thinks only their way is correct and no one else’s opinions mattered or had any merit. Do what works for you and makes you happy. I’m merely trying to tell you what makes me happy and why I recommend you give it a serious shot. However, I like to advocate that people consider putting the weights down and trying out bar & other bodyweight workouts for a period of time for several reasons.


Your risk of injury and/or overtraining with weights is just as high as when you do lots of cardio. Many people use horrible form when lifting and try to lift either too heavy or too lightly. They get inconsistencies between muscle groups because they tend to favor certain movements over others (i.e. glamour muscles). Many people end up with back and shoulder injuries because they don’t lift correctly.

It’s also really easy to go to the gym and workout out every day of the week with weights if you use isolation lifts. This chronic stress on your system over long periods of time leads to an unhealthy influx of cortisol into your system. It definitely feels great to exercise everyday, and I am not saying you shouldn’t, I just don’t think constant lifting day-in day-out is healthy. On the surface you might look good. But any form of chronic stress is bad for your endocrine balance.


It is expensive. Seriously, think about what you could spend that extra $30$100/mo that’s going toward your gym membership (depending on where you live) on. You could buy a new wardrobe, for example.


Unless you are meticulous about your movements, it often leads to disproportionate looks. The only useful (my opinion) weightlifting movements are compound ones: the big traditional barbell lifts. They generally keep your whole body working together. People run into problems when they start isolating body parts. The big-biceped chicken-legged guy walking around every gym on the planet is a prime example of what I am talking about.


It encourages detail obsessions. Should you lift 3x10 at 75% 1RM? Or 5x5 at 85% 1RM? Or any of the countless other sets vs. reps variations that fitness experts tout as the ‘best’ way to lift. Just take a spin through any bodybuilding forum and you’ll see an insane amount of arguing over the correct way to train. It’s all ridiculous if you ask me. Why? Because the quickest, most effective way to get full body explosive power and an optimally aesthetic physique is to . . .

Head To The Playground
Your average schoolyard playground has every piece of training equipment you need to get your Perfect Body. You just have to know how to use it and enjoy being a little creative. The best part about the playground is that it is free. And you can usually find one within jogging distance from your house so you can jog or walk over for a nice little warmup and cool down.

And if you live in a city and can find one of the many outdoor gyms equipped with pullup and dips bars then you are in an even better situation (Tompkins Square Park in NYC, for example).

Take a look at an Olympic gymnast for a second.

which adds the element of significant gravity working to add extra resistance. The big reason that most people don’t train on the bar is because it is DIFFICULT. I rarely ever even see people in the weight room using the pull-up bar – if there even is a pull-up bar. You may be able to curl 40 lb dumbbells but what good does that do you besides being decent at curling dumbbells? I guarantee you that if you walk into your local gym and ask every person there to do a muscle.Now take a look at these guys in the picture above. It is not fun to face the reality of how weak you really are. What do they all have in common? Answer: None of them train with anything but their own body weight. up not one of them will be able to do it. They focus primarily on bar-centered training. Heck. Coupled with sufficient leg training through pistol squatting and sprinting. bar training creates a full-body aesthetic that looks amazing. If you don’t know .

after spending a little time working out on the bar you will feel great. a couple things happen: 1.what a muscle up is. But the result after you acclimate will be rock hard. You start having fun! It’s almost like playing. dense muscle. Just do some sprinting or hiking in the meantime to stay active while you recover. I can guarantee you that you will be feeling it the next day. pull-ups. . it is merely pulling yourself up over top of the pull-up bar in one motion. I find it perplexing how people are content not being able to manipulate their own body weight. If you feel recovered after two days then go back and do another full body bar workout. You will start becoming more aware of your own body and as you develop true power and are able to do more complex movements such as muscle ups and planks you will have a lot of fun – not to mention your entire body will be transforming right in front of your eyes. You will be very sore for the first month. Bar workouts work your muscles DEEP. Knowing that you are a master of your own body is a great feeling. I highly recommend just listening to your body. especially when learning to support your own body actually ends up giving you the most appealing aesthetic. If it takes a full week to recover. Since a full body bar workout with dips. especially when you first begin training this way. Your confidence goes way up. The back-intensive nature of bar training also builds up a 2. Throwing yourself around a bunch of monkey bars is awesome. then wait the full week before going back. It’s almost impossible to overtrain. 3. The Best Workout Regimen Is No Regimen At All The beauty of bar and bodyweight workouts is that if you are constantly challenging yourself and getting creative with your workouts. The self-limiting nature of this type of training is a beautiful thing. and levers works your muscles so deep. You will be working muscles that you’ve never challenged before and you’ll be sore in places you didn’t know existed. muscle ups. Trust me. it’s like when you were a kid on the playground.

You don’t necessarily need to stick to a strict regimen. Just flow with it: listen to your body’s needs and push it when you get the chance. straight-postured back which will lead to you standing up a straighter and taller. . And it always feels great when you know you are good at something most other people can’t do. However. Because of this. As your physique improves people will start taking notice. I’ve made some great schedules at the end of this program.strong. some people just need a starting point: a jump off to work from. Others love working from a regimen. Just get creative and challenge yourself often and you’ll be rewarded with a balanced approach to everyday life.

movements you can do on the bar and with your own bodyweight. . If you can master the most explosive movements possible with your body then you are truly powerful. to keep things simple I want to show you my favorite three. and ever-increasingly difficult. He possesses true power. He has mastered the powerful muscle contractions associated with propelling the human body forward. If you did nothing else but these three movements every week you would still be able to develop a jawdropping physique and powerful body. Just think of someone like Usain Bolt. However.Chapter 5 True Power Training Stop Wasting Your Time On Worthless Training WHY POWER-BASED TRAINING WILL MAKE YOU LOOK & FEEL AMAZING I like to say that bodyweight and bar training are true power training. There are endless.

The first time I saw someone do a muscle up was at Tompkins Square Park in New York. . I was out for an easy jog one day when I decided to stop at a pull up bar and try again. By this point I had worked my way up to being able to do over 40 consecutive pull-ups which.THE MUSCLE UP Photo credit: Al Kavadlo This is by far my favorite movement. It took me two weeks of constantly trying the movement several times a day. Then I rested for a few days. So when I saw a group of guys doing muscle ups I knew I had met my new challenge. to be honest. and it is very impressive to watch. It was the coolest move I’d ever since and judging from the impressive physiques of the guys who were doing muscle ups I figured there was probably some sort of correlation. was kind of boring.

there are very few other movements that hit so many muscle groups in one motion. . I’ve never looked back. I mostly just do them because they work my entire upper body. back and front. I highly recommend learning. They are not easy so be ready to work at it for a while. Search ‘Muscle up tutorial’ on YouTube if you are interested in learning how to do one. That’s my muscle-up face.And I did one. Remember – the big trick is to keep your center of gravity right beneath your hands in order to make the transition over the bar possible. and keep me explosive. Nowadays the muscle up is the staple of my workout routine.

including your stabilizer muscles (they help keep you from falling over to the side). but also your entire core.THE PISTOL SQUAT The pistol squat is an awesome movement that engages not only your legs. .

building up to doing pistol squats will change that.The Ultimate Leg Power Movement Whether you have chicken legs or chubby legs. . And as opposed to heavy squats in the gym – pistol squats don’t bulk your legs up to the point where you have to wear ‘dad jeans’ or sweat pants. A properly executed pistol squat is indicative of power in a range of your leg muscles.

Just look at the typical body of a sprinter. or you’re not sprinting. Sprinting will indirectly increase your testosterone as well as your growth hormone (GH) levels leading to better muscular potential. take 10 minutes if you want. and feel great. When you get into the 300-600m range you stand to either induce a considerable amount of stress on your system. Most of them. you’re running hard but steadily (unless you are a trained long sprinter).They give you a nice lean shape and work your abs pretty hard too. lose body fat. even your arms get an awesome workout. like “I can’t move my legs any faster” hard for 50-100m at a time. I recommend not sprinting distances over 200m though. . highly muscular bodies. Between sprints rest completely. from the high school level all the way up to Olympic champions. If you can’t do one just work on it over time using body weight squats and sprinting to build strength in the correct muscles. It is one of the most rewarding. The point is to rest enough to be able to do the same thing your next time around: sprint your ass off again. Elect instead to go HARD. have some ridiculously well-proportioned. SPRINTING Whether you are trying to learn to dunk a basketball or trying to shed a considerable amount of body fat in the best manner possible. For real. It also works EVERYTHING. Heck. sprinting is a kick-ass workout that will get you to your goal. exhilarating ways to naturally increase your testosterone. Explode Sprinting is one of the most explosive movements you can do with your body. And the GH flush is amazing.

sets. broscience. in less time. etc. everywhere we turn someone is spouting off some new way to get fit or some complicated set of rules that we must follow. To look good. .. there are three reasons people train their bodies: 1. Let’s bring it back to the basics. how can we know exactly how to train our bodies to get what we want out of fitness? I mean. We completely forget why we have the desire to train in the first place and instead get caught up in the whirlwind of craziness around reps. We lose our way by getting caught up in the details. That being said. It can also be overwhelming. Should we lift heavy all the time? Or light with high reps? Or not at all and focus on cardio? Should we jog? Run? Do lots of steady state cardio? Or sprint? Or should we do a combination of all these things? If so. In my experience. It can be absolutely exhausting at times. This information overload causes the vast majority of us to lose focus. One of the practices I preach here is that sticking to the fundamentals and practicing an approach to both fitness and life that is centered around simplicity is the best way to achieve a higher percentage of your goals.WHY TRAINING FOR POWER IS OPTIMAL Sifting through the mountains of information on the internet is not an easy task.. what would a sample program look like? Here’s the problem.

. to use only your bodyweight because the power you gain is entirely functional and athletic. just because it’s “what we should do. In fact. Some people may not care. At the same time we all have a comfort zone. Understandable. To improve athleticism. They want to improve their athleticism so they can excel in their favorite sports. with no real aim. And sometimes. in my opinion. and by gaining or shaping lean muscle. To eat. Train for power Focus your training entirely on movements that generate power in your muscles. it’s preferable. Most people want to improve the way they look by losing fat or weight in general. And to be honest.” And most of the time. making it that much more difficult to bring ourselves to do it regularly. our physiques and athleticism never improves. Not everyone is trying to run a world record marathon or qualify for the Olympics. We workout a couple times a week. You don’t even need a gym membership or access to a weight room to do this. but for those who do. 3. hats off: you’re awesome.2. the best thing for us lies slightly outside that zone. We tend to lose focus because many of us lead incredibly busy lives in general which makes it difficult to sift through and process any additional information. many people just love to eat a lot but don’t like the ramifications inherent with doing so and not exercising. whether as a serious amateur or a weekend warrior. I have a solution. If you are.

. steps) f. a.A few examples of moves you can do: Example of Clap Pull-Up for advanced training... High jumps c. Partial burpees For the advanced trainer. Knee tucks d. Wind sprints g. Standing broad jumps b. Jump rope (at high turnover) e. For the beginner.. Box jumps (or use curbs. stumps. Plyometric push-ups . a.

Muscle-ups g. 2. Accelerating wind sprints (speed up steady all the way through your destination) h. I get tired quickly. Bounding into wind sprints i. I focus my workout around these movements and two things happen: 1. you do not necessarily need to go balls-to-the-wall either. fast. you’d be powerful. Plyometric pull-ups c. I’ve found that you’ll get the best results by taking plenty of rest between sets. allowing your body adequate time to recover which will let you get the full benefit from your next set because you can push just as hard as the first time around. Clap pull-ups e. maybe three. going non-stop for the thirty minutes. . However. Burpee-to-pull-ups (then repeat) j. times per week. Pistol squats This just a list to start from. consistently. Burpees d. I get a great workout in a very small window of time. Now. so I feel satisfied when I’m done. for no more than 30-45 minutes per session. and very athletic. High pulls f.b. You would also be facilitating some awesome endocrine improvements in your body that would up-regulate certain hormones known to improve your fat-burning potential as well as muscle synthesis. I honestly workout two. if you did only these movements. Basketball dunk training k. Remember: focus on your reasons for working out. Another benefit to focusing your training around power-based movements is time.

. You’ll save time. and you’ll be happy. gain or shape muscle. then I highly recommend basing your training around power movements from now on.If you are not looking to break a world record any time soon and just want an enjoyable way to lose fat. and have fun doing so. you’ll get lean & strong.

In this chapter I am going to recommend the most effective movements. For example. Gone are the days of gym bros thinking you can only get an awesome physique by lifting weights. That approach is not only really boring. pull-ups. Each serves a certain purpose and will help . but it also greatly limiting your potential for both building strength as well as shaping your ideal body. for shaping the ideal body. However. in the workout programs at the end of the book I will outline several super useful program recommendations for you to follow. Then. sit-ups) and do them until failure for a couple sets then finish. And for women. bodyweight training has always been a good idea. Let’s get a little more creative with it. focus your efforts on those movements. it you have narrow shoulders and want to work on widening them. by muscle group. most people do it all wrong. You can use these recommendations to develop your own custom workout program that focuses on exactly what you need. The most common approach to training with your own weight is to stick with the standard movements (push-ups. & Athletic Physique On The Bar BODYWEIGHT IS BACK Bodyweight training is in the middle of a resurgence.Chapter 6 Body Sculpting On The Bar Build A Ridiculously Aesthetic. Functional.

So use this chapter as a reference later if you forget how to do a certain movement. All of the programs will use the movements in the following pages.you reach certain goals. THE BREAKDOWN The Compound Movements The Pistol Squat .

The Muscle-Up .

Beneath-Bar L-Hold Body Raise .

The Burpee .

Movements with Muscle Group Focus CHEST: Military Push-Up Wide Push-Up .

Diamond Push-Up Incline Push-Up .

Decline Push-Up Front Dip .

BACK: Standard Pull-Up Wide Pull-Up .

ARMS: Chin-Up (+Slow Chins) Finger Gripped Pull/Chin-Up .


Basketball Grip CORE: Hanging Leg Raise .

Windshield Wiper Front Lever Raises .

SHOULDERS: Behind-Neck Pull-Up Handstand Push-Up .

Behind-Neck Push-Up Sideways Pull-Up .

Lower. repeat. .LEGS: Standard Squat Calf Raises Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and raise your heels off the ground. engaging your calf muscles.

Isolation Holds L-Sit Abdominal Hold Front Lever Hold .

Mid-way Dip L-Sit to Open-V Hold .

Standard Width Pull-Up Hold Wide Pull-Up Hold .

Behind The Neck Pull-Up Hold Sideways Pull-Up Hold .

Half-Pistol Hold .

Explosive Power Box Jump Knee Tuck .

Long Jump Jump Rope Sprinting Bounding Plyometric Pull-Up .

Clap Pull-Up High Pull-Up .

Plyometric Push-Up Clap Push-Up .

But if you are working the same muscles in your next movement. Anything goes. You also will . they’re simple. I like to stick to the practice of doing enough reps and enough sets to feel like I put in a solid day’s work. It’s okay to move onto an exercise that use completely unrelated muscle groups rather quickly. If you are constantly challenging yourself with new movements and by upping the ante then you will have no need to hit a wall or get stale or bored with these. Please keep in mind that I do not like to give set/rep recommendations. mainly because I put absolutely no focus on them whatsoever in my own workouts. depending on your goals. Each of them serves a different purpose and will therefore appeal to different personalities and will be applicable for individuals at different times in their fitness lives. Perfect Body Program contains three separate workout programs. You may want to use one of them for the next couple months then switch to another after that for the following three months. The great thing is that these are not fad workouts. solid programs.Chapter 7 The Workout Programs The Good Stuff! FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO TRAIN The No Gym. You can also do them for a week at a time and cycle between each program week-by-week. but I NEVER work to failure (exception: bodyweight squats and calf raises) and I always take plenty of rest between sets of the same exercise. It’s completely up to you. please give yourself a little time to rest.

The following week. Rotate through the following cycles between 1 and 4 times for a complete workout depending on your fitness level as well as your motivation for the day. You still want to be challenged but you like to be efficient with your time. Beneath-Bar L-Raises (advanced) | . It is very similar to the one I personally use to maintain a male model worthy physique and gain strength week after week. However. It is set up with a Day 1 workout and a Day 2 workout. And if you are feeling saucy and want to do four workouts. whenever it’s most convenient for you. If you elect to workout 2x per week then just do these two workouts at some point during the week. just do Days 1 & 2. do the exact opposite. then repeat. Day 1: Compound Movements with Upper Body Focus a.likely not feel the need to do a ton of reps because your muscles will be sore and exhausted from trying the new moves. Front Lever Raises (advanced) | Hanging Knee/Leg Raises (beginner/intermediate) b. then do Days 1 & 2. and you’ll be set. Muscle-Ups (advanced) | Standard Pull-ups (beginners/intermediate) c. rest. so to speak. then use Day 1’s workout as your third workout. starting on Day 2 then doing 1 & 2 again to finish up the week. Program #1: The Compound Movement Schedule The Compound Movement Schedule is designed for those of you who are looking to spend only an hour or two per week working out. This schedule gives you the most bang for your buck. I don’t necessarily recommend this because we want to give the body plenty of time to recover between sessions or you will compromise the quality of your workouts. If you would like to do three workouts per week.

d. Pistol Squats (advanced) | Knee Tucks (intermediate/beginner) d. Burpees e. Windshield Wipers (advanced) | Hanging Leg Raises (intermediate) | Knee Raises (beginner) . Day 2: Compound Movements with Lower Body and Shoulder/Back Focus a. Challenge yourself. Chest Dips Advanced Front Lever Raises Muscle-Ups Beneath-Bar L-Raises Burpees Chest Dips Intermediate Hanging Leg Raises Standard Pull-Ups L-Sit Abdominal Hold Burpees Chest Dips Beginner Hanging Knee Raises Assisted Pull-Ups Bodyweight Squats Burpees Chest Dips Follow this up by finishing with 3 of the holds from the Body Sculpting On The Bar chapter. Muscle-Ups (advanced) | Chin-Ups (intermediate/beginner) b. Behind-Neck Pull-Ups (advanced/intermediate) | Behind-Neck Push-Ups (beginner) c.

For rep recommendations I prefer to use a percentage of your maximum reps for that movement. Challenge yourself. chiseled. instead opting for dense. you will be training 5 days per week. rock-hard muscle. Program #2: The Bodyweight Bodybuilder’s Schedule This schedule is outstanding for those of you looking to add lean mass and functional strength to your frame. guaranteed. . Both fat loss & sculpting as well as mass gain can be achieved on this schedule. I give rep and set recommendations on this schedule as well. along with a sound diet you will see some major changes. However. Followed for 12 weeks consistently. On this schedule. splitting muscle groups in a more traditional bodybuilder fashion. so as opposed to many high rep bodybuilding schedules. so you will need to do a baseline week where you determine and record all of your maximums. all movements will be focused on using your own bodyweight.Advanced Muscle-Ups Behind Neck Pull-Ups Pistol Squats Windshield Wipers Intermediate Chin-Ups Behind Neck Pull-Ups Knee Tucks Hanging Leg Raises Beginner Chin-Ups Behind Neck Push-Ups Knee Tucks Hanging Knee Raises Follow this up by finishing with 3 of the holds from the Body Sculpting On The Bar chapter. Repeat this measurement workout every couple weeks. You will improve. The difference between the two will depend completely upon whether you are maintaining a weekly caloric deficit (shed & shape) or surplus (mass gain). you will not get ‘puffy’ or rounded muscles.

If I recommend 70% of your max reps (MR) then use the following equation. 40 * 0.Max Time. If your answer is not an even number just round up to the nearest rep.7 = 28 For the holds I use MT .For example: Your max reps of push-ups is 40. And make sure you give yourself plenty of rest between sets! Monday: Chest/Biceps Sets 4 3 3 3 3 3 Exercises Front Dips Military Push-Ups Chin-Ups Incline Push-Ups Parallel Bar Dips Plyometric Push-Ups Reps 70% MR 70% MR 70% MR 70% MR 70% MR 70% MR .

Wednesday: Back Sets 3 4 3 3 3 Exercises Wide Pull-Ups Standard Pull-Ups Slow Military Push-Ups Wide Pull-Up Hold Standard Pull-Up Hold Reps 70% MR 70% MR 70% MR 70% MT (time) 70% MT (time) . shaking out your legs with some dynamic stretching/drills.Tuesday: Legs/Core Sets 4 3 3 3 3 Exercises Hanging Leg Raises Calf Raises Knee Tucks Squats Front Lever Raises (L-Sit Hold for time if not able) Reps 70% MR To Failure 70% MR To Failure 70% MR Follow this workout by walking for 10 minutes. then perform 5-10 x 50m wind sprints.

Thursday: Shoulders/Triceps Sets 4 3 3 Exercises Behind Neck Pull-Ups Behind Neck Push-Ups Sideways Pull-Ups (3 sets each side) Handstand Push-Ups Triceps Dips Finger Grip Pull-Ups Reps 70% MR 70% MR 70% MR 3 3 3 70% MR 70% MR 70% MR Saturday: Full Body Sets 3 3 Exercises Muscle-Ups can’t do MU) (Burpees if Pistol Squats (Assisted if not able .hold onto something with hand) Beneath-Bar L-Raises Knee Tucks Reps 70% MR 70% MR 3 3 70% MR 70% MR .

Rotate through the sequence of movements between 2 and 4 times throughout the workout. I’ve found that it works especially well when paired with Program #1. especially with the explosive program. improving your vertical leap and explosive power over a period of weeks to months.Program #3: The Explosive Power Program This schedule will consist of three training days per week. tired muscles and half-assed efforts. Do as many reps as you feel challenges you enough to work up a solid sweat and get a burn in your muscles. And make sure to take plenty of rest between movements. Just be wary of over training if you decide to take that route. You can train solely on this program to great effect. Rested muscles are imperative so you can generate maximum force every time. But it could definitely work with #2 as well. giving you more improvement than you’d get otherwise trying to do the movements with half-recovered. . Day 1: Lower Body Explosive Training Advanced Knee Tucks Pistol Squats Box Jumps Burpees Vertical Leap Max Height Intermediate Knee Tucks Assisted Pistol Squats Box Jumps Burpees Vertical Leap Max Height Beginner Knee Tucks Squat-to-Jump Box Jumps Burpees Vertical Leap Max Height Cool down with several minutes of bounding and/or jump roping. or you can use this schedule in conjunction with one of the schedules above.

Day 2: Upper Body Explosive Training Advanced High Pull-Ups Clap Pull-Ups Intermediate High Pull-Ups Beginner Pull-Ups Pull-Ups (As forceful as Pull-Ups (As forceful as possible) possible) Medicine Ball Slams Burpees Plyo Push-Ups Medicine Ball Slams Burpees Slow Push-Ups (very slow & controlled) Plyo Pull-Ups Plyo Push-Ups Clap Push-Ups Day 3: Sprint Day! Head to the track or your favorite big hill (hills give an even better workout in less time because of the added resistance). . Switch between these workouts depending on how you feel that day: #1: 5-10 x 50m #2: 5-10 x 100m #3: 5-10 x 150m #4: 5-10 x 200m (start slower and accelerate all the way through the end) Another variation you can do is to pick one of the sprint workouts and bound into the sprint. This will help train your explosiveness. bound easily (flow with it) then explode into the sprint.

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