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COMPRESSING YOUR PHOTOS with Microsoft Office Picture Manager Nb: If you want to keep a copy of the photos

at their original size, ize, make a copy of the photos. Use the copies opies to compress
1. Open your picture in Microsoft Office Picture Manager ( Start All Programs Microsoft Office Microsoft Tools 2. Click on Picture and choose Compress Picture Microsoft Office Picture Manager )

3. A window will display with compress options on the right. Choose the button next to Web!pages and there will be a description of the pictures dimensions explaining that the image dimensions will be reduced to 448 x336 pixels

The bottom part of the panel shows the compressed file size, and the original file size.

4. Click the OK button to compress the picture. You will see that the new picture will have an asterisk in the left hand corner to show it has been changed

5. Go to the File menu, select Save As and rename your file so it doesnt overwrite the original image.