DM1 Describe how you used culturally responsive curricula/multicultural education in your TWS lesson and instruction

. I based a lot of how I would approach this subject on my classroom culture. My mentor teacher has set up an awesome culture in her classroom. I made sure I used her classroom management strategies while I was teaching. It made the transition of changing teachers seamless. I have one student who is of a different race. I used that while teaching by making sure that there were pictures of different cultures in the books I read to the class. I used the community culture in our classroom by involving students with other students they don't normally associate with. I had some of the higher students teach some of the lower students concepts that needed more scaffolding.

DM2 Explain how technology was used to support instruction and extend student learning in the teacher work sample. I used technology in my class many ways. I used my I Pad to select students. I also used the I pad as a noise detector when they were working with their groups. I had a smart board presentation on the continents. We watched a YouTube video of the continent song. We used you tube to watch a movie about the North and South Poles.

DM3 Evaluate your confidence and subject matter knowledge when teaching this TWS unit.

Going into this unit, I was not very confident about how to teach it to first graders. I feel I was prepared on the subject matter itself, because we have taken a class on this particular subject in college. I really like geography so this was a perfect unit for me to teach. I talked with my mentor teacher quite a bit before teaching this lesson. As I continued to talk to my mentor teacher my confidence in teaching these little first graders grew. I feel like the preparation for this unit made me feel more confident teaching it. I prepared quite a bit to teach this unit and feel that I would have not done as well if I had not prepared.

DM4 Describe how you created a physically and emotionally safe classroom environment. I created an emotionally safe classroom by allowing the students to be themselves. I don't discipline students in front of the class. If they have to move down on the chart I try to make it as discreet as possible by using a symbol. I don't need to say a word. This is better because it doesn't draw attention to the negative behavior. I also have a rule in our class that we put people up not down, that includes me. In our class we have these little chants we say for the rules it helps students remember them. I created a physically safe classroom by making sure there are no trip hazards. I used materials in our classroom that are safe. I don't have cords around the room that will cause injury. We make sure the corners of the carpet are taped down to avoid a tripping hazard. We have arranged the desk in such a way that allows the students to move freely through the classroom.

Evaluate your classroom management strategies and describe what was effective and ineffective.

We use the chart in the back of the classroom. This is effective because it is a visual reminder of how we expect them to act in class. I love this strategy because I have seen how well it works. We also use table point to gauge where we want them as a group to be. Each week we set a new goal and if the table meets that goal then they get a prize at the end of the week. We used this at the first of the year but then we adopted the clip management system because this system has its flaws. It doesn't give student individual accountability for their actions. I also use a clap pattern to get their attention. I like this strategy because it is a tool that the students respond to. I also use the class, yes strategy where the copy my rhythm. I like these strategies because they are catchy and all students respond appropriately. I also use be with me in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0. This gives them a few seconds to wrap up their conversations and turn and rejoin the class in a whole group conversation. I think this is effective because students are aware of my expectations. Them most ineffective strategy I have found is the clap without making sure that they have stopped talking and their eyes are on me. I have just clapped and not expected a response from them. I need to stop for a few seconds after I have got their attention until I start teaching again. The other strategy I am having trouble perfecting is the quiet bell. I am struggling after I ring the quiet bell they go right back to being noisy. I sometimes feel bad when I have to ring it the third time and the activity has to stop. Sometimes I should ring the bell that third time but want them to finish the activity so I don't ring it. I need to remember to be more assertive in my directions and expectations.

DM 5

Describe how the data from this TWS has helped you evaluate outcomes of teaching and student learning. Using the data that I have gained from the students helps me to know what their particular needs are. It helps me to see where I should focus the lessons. If the students already know the basics of the lesson, I will dig deeper for some greater depth information. If they don’t know anything about what I am going to teach I will have to really focus on the surface information and add more in depth information as it comes up. I also use the data I have collected to see if I need to have some tier 2 instructions. It helps show me where I need to spend a little more one on one time with a student on a particular student. I like the formative assessments during my lessons. They help me gauge what parts of my lessons are helping the students. It helps me to be a better teacher by figuring out what works in the classroom.

DM6 Describe personal growth and learning in teaching unit. I have learned so many awesome strategies from my mentor teacher as I have prepared for this unit. I have learned strategies that help students focus. I have also used these strategies in my teaching of this unit. These management strategies have helped me to stay on pace with the lessons. I learned some new information while preparing for this unit. I learned that the North Pole is all ice. I learned that the South Pole is land covered with ice. I assumed that both poles were land covered with ice. It made things more real as I learned more about particular subjects. I have gained more confidence in my teaching by teaching this lesson. The data from this lesson shows that I teach well. It helps me to

feel like I can do this when I am a real teacher. I love teaching and the data show that I am good at it.

Describe caring and professional relationships with students and its impact on student learning. I use a caring and professional relationship with all my students and the staff at the elementary school. The students know I want them to do their best and that I expect it of them. I meet them every morning with a high five from each student. I always tell them good morning as the come to our class. I do the same when they leave the classroom. I fell that this small thing makes the students know that I am here for them. The students work harder for me because they know I care for them. I also have this thing if I am teaching and they want to tell me something, I have them wait and tell me at recess. I remember the student I told I would talk to them at recess and I go out and find them and we talk for a few minutes. I also go out to recess with them, so they know I am here for them if they need to talk to me. It has helped me to understand what they like and are interested in by spending those few minutes with them outside every day. I feel the students work harder because they know I care about their well being.