Saturn Sade Sati 11-Aug-2012 (1) Definition (2) 15-feb-1990 ; 07:39 am ; bulandsheher. Development in service. In next 1 year.

Saturn in 10H. Pray to lord Saturn. (3) 30-May-1989 ; 02:15am ; sonepat. Whether to do business of service. Presently doing B Tech. You will get good development in engineering field. Saturn is in your 10H. Pray lord Saturn. (4) Birth time not known. After marriage my son does not obey me. Pray lord Shiva. Benefit in 3-6 months (5) Sade Sati mainly affects health. Person becomes irritable, angry, less confidence, you develop enemies. Phyically eye problems, liver problems. Many aspects of life damaed. (6) 03-Nov-1963 ; Delhi; 08:00 pm. Health problems mainly stomach. Your Lagna lord is in 6H. Do shanti for Shukra. Do vrat on Friday. (7) 22-dec-1988 ; 04:00 am ; mirzapur. Cannot become mother. Rahu in 5H. Do Rahu Shanti. Also rahu dasha running. Your child yo after 2 years and that too through medical interference. (8) Sade sati troubles mainly in enemy Lagna likes Aries, Scorpio, Cancer or Leo. (9) 10-jan-1988 ; 12:30 am (niht) ; kurukshetra. Whether govt service yog or not. Surya and Saturn in 10H. If sun sits with Saturn or rahu-ketu than there is a problem in getting Govt service. So stick to the private sector. (10)Pray Lord Saturn. Pray beej mantra of Saturn at least 23000 times. Donate Saturn related things. Donate to old people. Saturn donation given in evening only. Light wheat flour Deepak under Pipal tree. Pray Lord Shiva. Keep positive attitude. (11)Zindagi tanha safar ki raat hai, aapne aapne hausle ki baat hai , kab kahan manzil choot jaye, ghatte badte fasloon ka saath hai