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243%5#%1+.'"(6 1eachlng was never a professlon LhaL l regarded as a feaslble career opLlon. now,
afLer experlenclng success ln oLher flelds, profound self-analysls, and Lhe removal of lnvlslble barrlers,
noL only do l feel LhaL Leachlng ls a vlable occupaLlon for me, l belleve LhaL worklng wlLh chlldren ls
whaL l am meanL Lo do. PlndslghL, as Lhey say, ls everyLhlng. l now clearly see how Lhe summaLlon of
my llfe experlence has prepared me for Lhls new, exclLlng challenge. When l became a moLher, my
lnLeracLlons wlLh chlldren mulLlplled lmmensely. As a parenL, an aunL, and a classroom volunLeer,
each chlld LhaL l encounLered drew me ln and l began Lo observe Lhe remarkable quallLles wlLhln each
one. l also dlscovered my naLural ablllLy Lo connecL wlLh chlldren and reallzed LhaL Lhey have as much
Lo Leach adulLs as we do Lhem. Lvery chlld ls deslgned Lo make a unlque lmprlnL on Lhls earLh. As an
educaLor, l sLrongly belleve LhaL lL ls my responslblllLy Lo lnsplre, gulde and enhance Lhe learnlng
experlence LhaL each chlld has raLher Lhan dlcLaLe who Lhey become or exacLly how Lhey geL Lhere.
7$.&&+%%8 9%.$&6 Along wlLh Lhe unearLhlng of a new career paLh, Lhe passlon LhaL l had for
arL as a chlld was reklndled. l look forward Lo sharlng Lhls enLhuslasm wlLh my sLudenLs. ArL lllusLraLes
LhaL every problem has more Lhan one accepLable soluLlon. l lnLend Lo moLlvaLe my sLudenLs by
encouraglng lnvesLlgaLlon of new maLerlals and sub[ecL maLLer. MlsLakes are a parL of Lhe process
and are welcome ln my classroom, for we learn as much from mlsLakes as we do success, lf noL more.
Þrovldlng sLaLlons for exploraLlon before each pro[ecL wlll allow Lhe sLudenLs Lo clarlfy
mlsundersLandlngs as well as reduce Lhe fear of fallure or lnepLlLude. Modellng a poslLlve aLLlLude,
demonsLraLlng processes, and sLudenL observaLlon are sLraLegles LhaL l wlll employ on a conLlnual
basls. uLlllzlng sLudenL [ournals wlll provlde a sysLemaLlc meLhod of communlcaLlon wlLh my
sLudenLs, a chance Lo check for mlsconcepLlons, and a concreLe formaLlve assessmenL Lool.
SummaLlve assessmenL wlll encompass sklll and knowledge acqulslLlon, aLLlLude, parLlclpaLlon, and

mosL lmporLanLly, efforL. 8y allowlng sLudenLs Lo asslsL ln Lhe developmenL of Lhe classroom
envlronmenL, Lhey are llkely Lo feel safe, valued and empowered. 1hls bullds a foundaLlon for
learnlng. l am commlLLed Lo LrusLlng ln Lhem so LhaL Lhey can ln Lurn LrusL, supporL, and belleve ln
one anoLher.
:#;-+&#3(6 1he dlsLlncL lndlvlduallLy of every human belng conLrlbuLes Lo Lhe sensaLlonal, dynamlc
world ln whlch we lnhablL and merlLs honor and appreclaLlon. 1hls ls a fundamenLal elemenL of my
Leachlng phllosophy. We are all unlque and our arL should reflecL LhaL. lL ls equally lmporLanL LhaL we
explore Lhe commonallLles LhaL blnd us LogeLher as a human race Lo reduce Lhe rlsk of dlsslmllarlLles
furLher dlvldlng us. Lnclrcllng each excepLlonal lndlvldual are culLures LhaL are rlch wlLh knowledge,
complexlLles and dlsLlncLlon. ArL exempllfles culLure and allows sLudenLs Lo lnLegraLe a varleLy of
aLLrlbuLes lnLo Lhelr work wlLh opporLunlLy for furLher exploraLlon of Lhe unfamlllar, and meanlngful,
personal connecLlon Lo one's herlLage. ConLlnual growLh and relnvenLlon on my parL wlll provlde
lnsplraLlon for Lhe developmenL of new, dlfferenLlaLed approaches Lo meLhodology and lndlvldual
sLudenL needs. 8lgldlLy wlll only lend Lo Lhe allenaLlon and dlsllluslonmenL of sLudenLs as well as be
Lhe cornersLone Lo a sLagnanL career.
,"- <8'%+3.0/- %* 2+36 ArL supporLs Lhe developmenL of crlLlcal 21
cenLury skllls, creaLlvlLy,
crlLlcal Lhlnklng, communlcaLlon and collaboraLlon. lnLegraLlng arL across Lhe currlculum ls
undoubLedly foreseeable for lL dellvers Langlble, auLhenLlc learnlng experlences ln all conLenL areas.
ArL offers an excellenL condulL for self-empowermenL. SLudenLs wlll galn Lhe ablllLy Lo acLlvely
parLlclpaLe ln Lhe dlrecLlon of Lhelr learnlng by belng permlLLed and encouraged Lo lnfuse sub[ecL
maLLer LhaL ls boLh personal and slgnlflcanL lnLo each arL lesson. Much llke chlldren, arL lllumlnaLes,
enllghLens and lnsplres.