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Appetizers And Sandwiches

• Objectives:
2. To be able to know the various
classification of appetizers &
3. To understand the meaning of an
appetizer & a sandwich & their
4. To know the mise en place components
for appetizers & sandwiches production
A. Introduction to appetizers &
• Appetizers & sandwiches are discussed
together for the following reasons:
a. they are related in subject matter
b. can be produced out of the same
department in the modern
commercial kitchen.
c. spreads & ingredients can be similar.
B. Classification of Appetizers
• Appetizer - A food or drink served usually before a
meal to stimulate the appetite
1. Canapés – open-faced sandwiches.
• 3 parts of Canapés:
1. Base- may be made from several different items.
>Bread cutouts >Toast cutouts
>Crackers > tiny unsweetened pastry shells
>melba toasts (thin crisp toast)
> profiteroles (pro·fit·er·ole) miniature
unsweetened cream puff shells)
B. Classification of Appetizers
• 2. Spread –may be as simple as butter or
softened cream cheese, but it is better to use
a more highly flavored spread, because
sharp or spicy flavors are better for
stimulating the appetite.
• 3 basic categories of Spread:
1. Flavored Butter ( herb flavor)
2. Flavored Cream Cheese
3. Meat or fish salad type spreads
B. Classification of Appetizers
• 3. Garnish- any food items or combination of
items placed on top of the spread. it may be
a major part of canapés such as a slice of
ham or cheese.
dwich, who is said to have "invented"

A sandwich is two or more slices of bread

vegetables placed between them.

Sandwiches are also called bombers, grin

boys, submarines, torpedoes, wedges, and