Chapter 6 Alexamara Marina Group Exercises

DBDL: Marina(MarinaNum, Name, Address, City, State, Zip) Owner(OwnerNum, LastName, FirstName, Address, City, State, Zip MarinaSlip(SlipID, SlipNum, Length, RentalFee, BoatName, BoatType, OwnerNum) AK SlipNum FK OwnerNum → Owner ServiceCategory(CategoryNum, CategoryDescription) ServiceRequest(ServiceID, SlipID, CategoryNum, Description, Status, EstHours, SpentHours, NextServiceDate) FK SlipID → MarinaSlip FK CategoryNum → ServiceCategory

MarinaNum -------------------Name Address MarinaSlip City State SlipID ------------------------------------------------------Zip ----------------------

OwnerNum -------------------LastName FirstName Address City State Zip

SlipNum(AK) Length RentalFee ServiceRequest BoatName BoatType ServiceID OwnerNum(FK) ----------------------------ServiceCategory -------------------SlipID(FK) CategoryNum ------------------------------------ ---------------------------CategoryNum(FK) Description CategoryDescription Status EstHours SpentHours NextServiceDate

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