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Lesson Play Day 4 The Events that Caused the Civil War (Part II) I. Target Audience: A. !th "rade #.

Inclusion Classroo$ C. %ocial %tudies II. &'CCC% A. (. . ).A.4.a: Analy*e the +ays in +hich ,revailing attitudes- socioecono$ic .actorsand govern$ent actions (i.e.- the /ugitive %lave Act and Dred %cott Decision) in the &orth and %outh (i.e.- %ecession) led to the Civil War. #. (. . ).A.4.0: Analy*e ho+ ideas .ound in 1ey docu$ents (i.e.- the Declaration o. Inde,endence- the %eneca /alls Declaration o. %enti$ents and 2esolution- the E$anci,ation Procla$ation- and the "ettys0urg Address) contri0uted to de$anding e3uality .or all. C. (. . ).A.4.c: Evaluate ho+ ,olitical and $ilitary leadershi, a..ected the outco$e o. the Civil War. D. (. . ).A.4.d: 'udge the e..ectiveness o. the 4th- 4th- and 5th A$end$ents in o0taining citi*enshi, and e3uality .or A.rican A$ericans. III. Learning 607ectives A. %tudents +ill 0e a0le to discuss and descri0e the $a7or events leading u, to the Civil War 0et+een the years o. 8559 8( . I:. Instructional ;aterials < 2esources

A. I +ill need detailed in.or$ation o. the $a7or events leading u, to the Civil War 0et+een the years o. 8559 8( . #. ;aterials &eeded . Pro7ector ). %creen or +hite0oard to ,ro7ect onto 4. Po+er,oint ,resentation :. :oca0ulary A. The students +ill have to 1no+ the voca0ulary learned .or this lesson. They +ill already have detailed 1no+ledge a0out the voca0ulary +ords due to the lesson on the .irst day and the +ord sort on the day a.ter. :I. Procedures A. Antici,atory %et . I +ill 0egin class 0y saying- =#y the end o. today>s class- you +ill all understand +hy our country- the great ?nited %tates- 0ro1e out in the $ost .atal +ar +e have ever ,artici,ated in. 6ver ()5-!!! ?nited states citi*ens lost their lives .ighting in this +ar that lasted only .our years. Co$,are that nu$0er to the nu$0er o. deaths that have 0een caused 0y the War o. Terror +e are .ighting right no+. %ince )!! years

ago- +e have lost (-)8! ?nited %tates citi*ens. We lost @@ ti$es the a$ount citi*ens in the Civil War then the War on Terror. It really $a1es you thin1 o. 7ust ho+ $uch this +ar $eant to the ?nited %tates.A #. #ody o. the Lesson . I +ill 0egin 0y ,utting u, $y ,o+er,oint ,resentation on the screen.

). The .irst event +e +ill 0e learning a0out is the Dred %cott Decision. A.ter the students have a good understanding o. the incident- I +ill as1 the$ +hat they 0elieve the verdict should have 0een. I +ill hold a discussion and as1 +hat they 0elieve +ere the di..erent ,oints o. vie+s .ro$: Dred %cott- the slave o+ner- the de.ense- the ,rosecution- the 7ury- and the 7udge. This +ill allo+ the students to thin1 critically a0out the situation. 4. A.ter s,ending $uch ti$e on the Dred %cott Decision- I +ill eB,lain the re7ection o. the Leco$,ton Constitution. 4. I +ill then ,resent 'ohn #ro+n>s 2aid on Car,er>s /erry. A.ter I give the students all o. the in.or$ation on this to,ic- +e +ill have a discussion a0out +hy it ha,,ened and ho+ it could have ended di..erently. 5. &eBt- +e +ill tal1 a0out +hy Lincoln getting elected as ,resident u,set the south. (. A.ter having an understand o. the south>s u,set 0ecause o. the election o. 8(!+e +ill discuss the secession o. the south. We +ill also discuss +hy they seceded 0e.ore the inauguration. D. /inally- +e +ill discuss the attac1 on /ort %u$ter and ho+ it initiated the Civil War. 8. At the end o. the class I +ill tell the students to ,ut their 0oo1s and note0oo1s a+ay. I +ill allo+ the students +ith s,ecial needs to use their notes i. they .eel it is necessary. I +ill hand out a 3ui* +ith ten 0lan1 s,aces and as1 the students to +rite do+n as $any events that lead to the Civil War as they could re$e$0er. :II. Closure < EBtension

A. The students +ill 0e as1ed to +rite do+n at least one 3uestion that they have a0out any o. the events discussed yesterday and today. #. There is no +ritten or reading ho$e+or1. The students should revie+ all o. their notes and voca0ulary +ords. :III. Assess$entEEvaluation Plan A. I +ill 0e using class discussions and a 3ui* to $easure that the students achieved the educational o07ective. The EBit Cards +ill serve as a .or$ative assess$ent. #. I +ill collect the 3ui* at the end o. the class. C. I +ill grade the 3ui* on the 0asis o. one ,oint ,er 3uestion. The 3ui* is +orth a ,ossi0le ten and the students +ill 0e a0le to receive ,artial credit de,ending u,on ho+ $uch o. the event na$es they could re$e$0er. IF. Diverse Learners A. I needed to construct a ,o+er,oint ,resentation that clearly eB,lains each to,ic. I used $any ,ictures to cater to the visual learner. #. I had to ,ut all o. the content that I +as teaching to $y students into +ords that they could easily understand. I had to .ind ,ictures that ,ertained to the lesson and clearly eB,lained each event +ithout having to do so +ith +ords. C. /or this lesson I used ?DL 0y incor,orating ,ictures- classroo$ discussions- and a ,o+er,oint to ,ortray the $aterial. I $ade an acco$$odation .or the students +ith s,ecial needs .or the 3ui*. I. they .elt that they could not co$,lete the 3ui*- I allo+ed the$ to used their notes .or a ,eriod o. the 3ui*.