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August 29, 2013 Dear Parents and Students, Welcome to 8th grade Algebra Readiness, 7th grade World History

, 6th grade Medieval History, 6th grade English, and Typing as a Middle School elective. My philosophy on education is based on teachers and students striving for excellence, which in turn will bring out the best in all. To be successful in class students must be extremely responsible and organized, and be willing to put forth their best effort each and everyday. In addition to high academic standards I have high standards of behavior. My behavior standards are based on Character Counts! By choosing words and actions in accordance with the six pillars of character on a regular basis we will all certainly make the classroom experience an enjoyable and productive one. Being responsible, putting forth effort, and maintaining a good attitude will assist in making the overall school experience and performance successful. I have enclosed a copy of the class requirements as well as a syllabus for your perusal. I am available via e-mail daily:, Sincerely, Sam Mullins

Class Requirements:
Be Prepared  Bring required materials to class; i.e. textbooks, loose-leaf college ruled paper, spiral bound notebooks (teacher provided), sharpened pencils and erasers.  Upon entering the classroom without disrupting others, have your spiral bound notebook ready for your warm-up. Class work/ homework  Label all notes including the date and class period.  Rule of thumb: Anything I write down, you should too! Review and revise your notes as needed.  Complete all homework and class work in pencil.  Always read the directions carefully in class and refer back to your notes.  Make all homework corrections in class during homework correction time. Absent and Late work  The student, not the teacher, is responsible for obtaining any missed assignments.  If the absence is due to illness, all work must be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Any work assigned before the illness would be due upon your return to class within the number of days you were ill. For example, if you were absent 2 days, your newly assigned work would be due in 2 days.

Students’ progress will be based on their performance in the following areas: 1) Daily class work/ homework assigned 2) Note taking 3) Tests and quizzes 4) Participation 15% 15% 60% 10%

Grading Scale is as follows: A B C D F 90 -100% 80 -89% 70- 79% 60- 69% Under 60%

- Please sign and return as soon as possible We have read and are aware of the information pertaining to Sam Mullins’ class with respect to class requirements, behavior standards, and the class syllabus. Student: ____________________________________ Parent/ Guardian: _________________________ *Parent E-mail address: ___________________ *Parent telephone number: _______________ *This information will not be shared. It is only for my use in contacting you regarding your child’s progress