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Ashley Sulla October 16, 2013

I. Target Audience: Grade II. &'!!!S(!!SS:

!ollege "re# $orld %istory

A. 6.2.12.).1.b *eter+ine the role o, natural resources, cli+ate, and to#ogra#hy in -uro#ean e.#loration, coloni/ation, and settle+ent #atterns. ). 6.2.12.!.1.b Trace the +o0e+ent o, essential co++odities 1e.g., sugar, cotton2 ,ro+ Asia to -uro#e to A+erica, and deter+ine the i+#act trade on the &e3 $orld4s econo+y and society. !. 6.2.12.!.1.c Assess the role o, +ercantilis+ in sti+ulating -uro#ean e.#ansion through trade, con5uest, and coloni/ation. III. 6earning Ob7ecti0es: A. Students 3ill be able to label a +a# o, the se0en continents to better understand the trade routes during the %igh and 6ate 8iddle Ages, as 3ell as during the 9enaissance. ). Students 3ill be able to label a +a# o, -uro#e to better understand the trade routes during the %igh and 6ate 8iddle Ages, as 3ell as during the 9enaissance. I:. Instructional 8aterials ; 9esources: A. "o3er#oint ). 8aterials ,or the 6esson: 1. "o3er#oint "resentation 2. Short<hand #ro7ector 3. )lan= +a# o, the se0en continents

>. )lan= +a# o, -uro#e :. :ocabulary A. &orth A+erica ). South A+erica !. A,rica *. Asia -. Australia ?. -uro#e G. Antarctica :I. "rocedures A. Antici#atory Set 1. I 3ill begin class by as=ing a #ro+#ting 5uestion to the students, @%o3 3ell do you thin= you =no3 your geogra#hyAB 2. I 3ill ha0e all students re#ly 3ith a non0erbal res#onse: thu+bs u#, thu+bs do3n, thu+bs in the center. ). )ody o, the 6esson 1. I 3ill then turn to the ,irst slide. This slide contains a blan= +a# o, &orth A+erica. I 3ill as= the students to raise their hands i, they ,eel that they =no3 3hich continent this is. 2. A,ter I 3ait ,or all students to #ut their hands u#, I 3ill as= ,or a choral ans3er o, the na+e o, the continent. Once I get the desired ans3er, I 3ill sho3 the ,illed in +a# o, &orth A+erica.

3. I 3ill then as= the students to #ic= out so+ething on the +a# that 3ill hel# re+ind the+ o, that continent. 1i.e. ?lorida4s @tailB2 >. -ach slide 3ill contain a blan= +a# and a ,illed in +a# o, the se0en continents. ?or each slide, I 3ill as= ,or a sho3 o, hands as to 3ho thin=s they =no3 the continent. I 3ill then as= ,or a choral res#onse. C. I 3ill continue this +ethod ,or all se0en continents. -0erything 3ill be in discussed in detail. I do not #ut a lot o, in,or+ation on the slides to ensure that the students are #aying attention to the in,or+ation I a+ #ro0iding that e.#lains each slide. 6. Once I reach A,rica, I 3ill ha0e all o, the students ,ace the blan= +a# o, A,rica and turn their heads side3ays. I 3ill then as= the+ 3hat they see. I 3ill e.#lain that it loo=s li=e a rhino i, they do not see it. D. I 3ill then #ut u# a blan= +a# o, -uro#e, the students 3ill be as=ed to co+e u# to the board and label a country on the blan= +a#. I 3ill continue this until I ha0e e.hausted all student ans3ers. E. The ne.t slide 3ill be a ,illed in +a# o, -uro#e labeling all o, the countries the students 3ill need to =no3 ,or the 9enaissance and 9e,or+ation unit. I 3ill as= the students to gi0e +ore e.a+#les o, 3hat they could see to re+e+ber the -uro#ean countries. . I 3ill ,inish the lesson by handing out a blan= +a# o, the se0en continents, as 3ell as a blan= +a# o, -uro#e. The students 3ill be as=ed to ,ill in the continents and +atch the correct -uro#ean country 3ith the letter #laced on it. :II. !losure ; -.tension

A. At the end o, the class I 3ill as= the students, @%o3 3ell do you thin= you =no3 your geogra#hy no3 that you40e seen this lessonAB I 3ill, once again, as= ,or a non0erbal res#onse 3ith their thu+bs. ). I 3ill end the class by gi0ing the students their ho+e3or= 3hich #ertains to the ne.t day4s lesson. :III. Assess+ent(-0aluation "lan A. At the end o, the class, the blan= +a#s gi0en to the students 3ill ser0e as an assess+ent. ). *uring the lesson, I 3ill be ,or+ati0ely assessing the students4 understanding o, the content through the class discussions, student #artici#ation, and 3al=ing around to obser0e the students 3hile 3e discuss the content. IF. *i0erse 6earners A. This lesson 3ill gi0e all students a chance to #artici#ate 3ithout being indi0idually called on. Also, allo3ing the students to gi0e their o#inion o, 3hat 3ill hel# the+ re+e+ber 3ill reach a greater #o#ulation than 7ust 3hat I gi0e the+. ). The students are gi0en 0isual i+ages in addition to the discussions to better understand the content.