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LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE Your Name: Angel Freiling Title of Lesson: Solar Energy Reduces Carbon Emissions and

Protects Natural Resources Grade: 4 STANDARDS Next Generation Science Standard: 4-PS3-4. Apply scientific ideas to design, test, and refine a device that converts energy from one form to another.* [Clarification Statement:
Examples of devices could include electric circuits that convert electrical energy into motion energy of a vehicle, light, or sound; and, a passive solar heater that converts light into heat. Examples of constraints could include the materials, cost, or time to design the device.] [Assessment Boundary: Devices should be limited to those that convert motion energy to electric energy or use stored energy to cause motion or produce light or sound.] Common Core State Standards in Language Arts

CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.4.1a Introduce a topic or text clearly, state an opinion, and create an organizational structure in which related ideas are grouped to support the writers purpose. LESSON SUMMARY/OVERVIEW
We have discussed using solar, a clean energy source, in order to reduce carbon emissions and to conserve natural resources. Today, the students will be given the tools needed, to construct a solar oven, which will cook their smores snacks. Throughout the construction process, the teacher will ask guided questions in order to connect the source (sun) to the energy (heat) that theyre cultivating. In conclusion, each student will develop an opinion piece that describes why the oven works. It will also include at least one reason why, developing clean energy, is a necessary component to our planets sustainability. (futures thinking)

Students will convert the suns light into heat, by creating a working solar oven. Students will demonstrate mastery by presenting their completed oven to the teacher, along with the cooked smores. Students will develop a written opinion, explaining why their ovens were able to cook food, without the use of fossil fuels such as: gas, coal or oil. They will explain the importance of utilizing alternative energy sources.

Working oven/cooked smores Written opinion piece

The sun is a source of energy Types of material that conduct heat Importance of clean energy sources Safety rules (students will be working box cutter)

1 completed model 4 (12x12) boxes with flaps attached 1 roll of aluminum foil 1 roll of plastic wrap Glue 3 rolls of masking tape 4 (12 inch) rulers 2 box cutters 2 boxes of graham crackers 2 bags of large marshmallows 10 chocolate bars 4 tin pie pans Small plates ( 1 for each student)

VOCABULARY/KEY WORDS Solar- Produced or operated by the suns heat Reflect- Causing the light to change its direction Convection- to transfer heat Conduction- transfer of energy by means of a conductor TEACHING PROCEDURES
Watch the video Talk about safety rules ( teacher must help with the box cutting tool Split students in 4 groups

Take about ten minutes to recap the importance of using clean sources of energy. Allow the class to lead the discussion; they have enough of a foundation to offer opinions and facts. Talk about the non-renewable sources of energy and how they must be conserved for future generations. (futures thinking) Go over vocabulary and talk about the written portion of the assignment in detail. Hand out supplies Cut all but one flap from each box Tell students to cover the inside bottom of each box with a layer of glue, and then top with aluminum foil. Smooth out the foil so there arent any bumps. Tell students to repeat the process, covering all inner sides of the box with glue and foil Ask the students why the foil is important? (it will conduct heat from the sun) Tell students to place a layer of plastic over the opening of the box and on the lid (flap) Ask students what is the purpose of the plastic wrap? (The plastic acts like a mirror, reflecting the suns light into the oven . It also traps the heat) Use the ruler to prop open the remaining flap Place the ovens in the sun while you prepare the smores snacks Tell the students to place their graham crackers on the pie pan and top them with a marshmallow Tell the students to place the pie pan inside their oven and cover with the plastic wrap lid Tell the students to prop the lid open to reflect light into the box After about 30 minutes open the lid and place a piece of chocolate on each cracker and top with another cracker Close the lid and allow the chocolate a few minutes to melt The teacher will walk around to each group and ask them to present their oven. Ask them to use the vocabulary words presented at the beginning and throughout the lesson. What is the conductor? What type of energy are you using? What are some of the disadvantages of cooking this way? Can you think of one way, that you change your oven, to make it more efficient? After the students eat their smores snack, they should be directed to write their opinion summary. The written piece is the summative assessment

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This lesson demonstrates futures thinking because the students are creating a source of clean energy, which can be used in place of fossil fuels. They are discussing and writing about how new forms of energy are needed, in order to lesson carbon emissions and to protect natural non-renewable resources.