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Cutting Tools
Antique Weapons
Accurate Historical Reproductions

Telescope Cane
This good looking antiqued brass and black colored hardwood shaft cane holds a added bonus. Just unscrew the comfortable top cap and flip up a 5x magnifying telescope. Great for bird watching or sight seeing. 341⁄2" length. #802210…Reg. $115.00…Catalog Special $95.00

We Now Engrave
Look for this symbol throughout your catalog: these items may be engraved with up to 3 letters for $5 (1 side). We will not accept returns on any engraved items. If you mail in your order, enter the initials you want engraved as instructed.



American Heritage Collection
Perfectly scaled down versions of the most iconic Bowie knives in our history. The Alamo is legendary for many reasons - courage, bravery, independence and Bowies. These classic, documented historical designs are some of the most beautiful carried during the era. They are legendary and rare. Exact in every detail, not only are they finished with the same care and materials as the original full size versions, but they look amazing and work too! Stainless steel, full tang blades with real metal & wood parts. Each includes a hand rubbed, solid wood presentation box. Each is 41⁄8" long overall. Our staff can’t stop talking about these gorgeous minis. $14.95 each (A) Lone Star–#402989 • (B) Double Star–#402990 • (C) Civil War–#402988 Get All Three For $39.95

Western Plains Knife
This large knife serves well in a utilitarian manner in almost all phases of a hunter/warrior’s daily life. Welldesigned French trade knife has nice sweeping lines that aids in its many uses and functions. The blade is long and wide with simple jimping along the spine, which features a heavy back cleaver that also gives you great control for all sorts of cutting chores. The curvature of the polished buffalo horn scales on the full tang adds even more control in the cut. Comes with a heavy leather sheath with decorative metal studs and belt slot for correct period wear and looks. 135⁄8" overall. Blade–81⁄4" by 21⁄8" wide by 3⁄16" thick. Wt. 1 lb. 4 oz. #403151…$84.95

Damascus Indo-Persian Fighting Knife
This fearsome fighting knife was worn on the same side as the fighting hand, thrust through a sash for a quick overhand grasp with the full edge side outward, blade down, for a deadly slashing, fighting style. The handsome recurved blade is 512 layer damascus steel with a full profile tang to which solid brass bolsters and real bone scales are pinned to take a lot of stress during use. The scabbard is a traditional type made from wood and covered in velvet with embroidered designs and has a brass tip. 101⁄2" overall, 61⁄2" blade x 1" x 3⁄16". Wt. 8 oz. #403050…$124.95 q


Jeep Tools
Tools to keep handy in the Jeep (or any vehicle for that matter). Capable of handling many minor emergencies. (A) Multi-tool–features 440 stainless steel, pliers, wire cutters, 3" liner lock knife, LED light, saw blade, bit (A) driver, can/bottle opener. Includes 10 (B) bits for any task. Nylon belt sheath. 1 4 ⁄2" closed. #403108...$24.95 (B) Lighter Knife–features LED light, 440 razor sharp, 31⁄4" stainless steel blade, ABS handle with lighter compartment (for most 2" disposable lighters, not included), bottle opener, can opener and flathead screw driver. Includes nylon belt sheath. Liner lock blade. #403107...$15.95
(B) holds most 2” disposable lighters securely in grip.

Ninja Tac
This is a modern tactical knife with Ninja inspired upgrades. Of course the whole thing is black for stealth. Includes 103⁄4" large knife, full tang 420 stainless steel knife textured plastic scales. The back of the knife pulls free as a 4" push dagger. The ABS sheath holds 3 needle-like spikes 41⁄8" long and 10 caltrops for spreading on the ground and piercing anything that goes over them. #403138…$19.95

World War II Marine Corps Knife
Big Legend in Miniature
One of the Marine's favorite partners reproduced in perfect 4" scale. Created during WW II, this knife became a dependable ally that's still popular today. This gorgeous miniature looks amazingly like its big brother with a laminated, stacked wood handle that accurately mimics the stacked leather of the original. From tip to pommel, this little fella looks like they took a standard issue knife and put it in a shrinking machine. Includes FREE hand rubbed, solid wood presentation box. #403079…$14.95

Shown Actual Size

Military Heritage Collection
Perfectly scaled down versions of the most iconic fighting knives in history. The Ek combat knife and Fairbairn Commando knife were legendary with our troops and British forces from (C) WWI to Vietnam and many are still issued or in use today. Exact in every detail, not only are they finished with the same care and materials as the original full size versions, but they work too! Stainless steel, full tang blades with real metal & wood parts. Each includes a hand (D) rubbed, solid wood presentation box. Each is 41⁄8" long overall. $14.95 each (C) Combat Mini–#402992 • (D) Commando Mini–#402991

CRKT Cicada
A very handy little guy to have around. Features high carbon steel razor sharp knife, precision scissors, LED with a real on/off button (none of that hold me down all the time or I’ll go off'), comfortable to use bottle opener, and carry caddy that securely fastens to PFD’s or can be used as a money clip. Light polymer construction, stainless steel frame. 27⁄8" closed. 17⁄8" blade. #403057…$24.95

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“Certain Victory”

This wicked fighting knife is what even this generation would call “one bad boy.” Designed by ex-military, Japanese martial art expert, James Williams exclusively for Columbia River. The attractive design from WK-30 high carbon steel, hardened to a 57 to 59 Rockwell, will perform its intended purpose, with its custom shape, size and form. All you need to do is pick it up to feel assured of the fact. The full tang blade is covered in real Rayskin and a very heavy-duty, black traditional fabric wrapping and a decorative, blackened FUCHI. The overall piece is 181⁄2" long with a 123⁄8" blade that’s 11⁄4" wide and 1⁄4" thick, honed to a razor sharp edge for expert draw-cuts. Comes in a very nice display case and includes a tough, multi-adjustable Kydex sheath. Knife weighs just 1 lb. 2 oz. #403089…Special Introductory Price $299.95 Note: Very sharp Factory Edge

The 400 series stainless steel, hard anodized aluminum scales and the features every op and rescue needs. Sharp, stout blade, great grip, assisted opening, glass breaker & seat belt cutter. Durable construction and easy to carry. Includes pocket clip. Liner lock. 57⁄8" overall, 21⁄8" blade. $8.95 each (A) SWAT–black scales w/SWAT cloisonne logo. #403007 (B) USMC–dark grey scales w/USMC cloisonne logo. #403006



(D) (C)

Double Demon Ninja

Rough forged stainless steel with streamline traditional grip. Scarlet and black wrapping. Each comes with black canvas scabbard. (C) Short Sword–191⁄2" overall. Blade 131⁄4" x 15⁄8" x 3⁄16". Wt. 1 lb. #403147…$14.95 (D) Long Sword–423⁄8" overall. Blade 27" x 21⁄8" x 3⁄16". Wt. 2 lb. #501224…$29.95

Utility Knife
A durable utility knife with 2 blades – a box cutter and a semi-serrated blade. Cast scales look like industrial aluminum sheeting. Includes nylon belt sheath for knife and extra blades (includes 10 replacement blades). 61⁄2" overall, 27⁄8" blade, standard 11⁄4" replacement blade edge. Each blade locks open as a liner lock. #403121…$18.95

Double Victory
These twin blades will easily cut your way to victory. The short ninja style swords have a large round tsuba. 8" long wrapped grips with 20" long twin blades marked with four Japanese characters of victory on each sword. Nest together in a single black canvas scabbard with strap for on-the-back carry. Stainless steel construction. 281⁄4" overall. Wt. 1 lb each. #501223…$19.95


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Field Master
A good companion in the field with 6 weather proof tools. Solid zinc alloy body with polished chrome finish serves as a mirror. The other tools pivot out and consist of a red light, oil filled compass, 4x magnifier, whistle and thermometer in the handle with C and F scales. Polycarbonate plastic casing around each tool. Includes key ring hole. 31⁄4" closed, 11⁄8" wide, 11⁄4" thick. #802288…$29.95

Practical Butterfly
We’re all familiar with the flashy, intimidating butterfly knife flipped open with flamboyant showmanship by movie bad guys. Well, here’s one that you can actually USE for your everyday chores, because the two halves of the brushed stainless steel grip come together to form a nicely contoured handle and support a practical, 440 stainless steel clip point blade. 35⁄8" blade, 81⁄8" overall. Metal pocket clip. #403139…$9.95
Cannot ship to CA, DC, MA, NJ, NY or Canada


Monster Size Stiletto
Two great designs that mimic the stiletto blade made famous in movies and literature and for good reason, it’s a design that works well especially when piercing is needed and is big enough to make even a certain crocodile hunter envious. All have 440 stainless steel blades (false top edge), liner lock and genuine wood scales. 13" overall, 53⁄4" blade. (A) Black Wood–#402899…$14.95 • (B) Red Wood–#402900…$14.95
Cannot ship to CA, MA, NY or Canada

(B) Brushed stainless steel never looked so good. Neither do some high-end custom folders. Graceful scimitar style blade and contoured grip are perfectly and precisely ground. Black cutting bevel, back bevel and wave on the scale contrast handsomely with natural finished brushed areas. Integral flipper allows easy one-hand opening. Liner lock. 8" overall with 31⁄4" 440 stainless steel blade. Metal pocket clip. #403127…$14.95

Arc Angel

Saw Machete
A real machete with a saw spine that works on something more than twigs. Rubber sure fit grip w/plastic knuckle guard. Includes nylon sheath. 241⁄2" overall, 17" tempered, stainless steel blade. #403044…$18.95

Ozark Tire Thumper
Tire thumpers are used by truck drivers all over the world to check inflation on their vehicles’ tires. Ours are made from Ozark Cedar with a clear-coat finish. Comes with a leather thong, grooved handle, 20" long and 2" diameter and weighs 20 oz. #803106…$19.95
Cannot ship MA, DC, PR, Canada (CA counties Marin, Napa, Ventura, Yolo)




Multi-Function Hunters
Hunt, skin, trap or just camp – these do it all. At this bargain price you can easily pick up the second style as a back-up. 400 series stainless steel, full tang and genuine leather belt sheath. Reg. $29.95…Closeout $19.95 each (A) Hand rubbed wood scales. 43⁄8" blade, 9" overall. #402680 (B) Genuine stacked leather grip with spacers. 33⁄8" blade, 81⁄2" overall. #402678

Meyerco Pinkerton
Originally made as a back-up weapon for Police so you know it works. It’s small, lightweight and ambidextrous. The handle allows effective function in any grip with any hand. AUS6 full tang stainless steel, cord wrap handle and paddle style glass filled nylon holster. Manufacturer lifetime warranty. 51⁄4" overall, 21⁄2" blade. #403022…$18.95



Boker Magnum
Boker Knives creates the Magnum line of value-priced outdoor knives for those of us who are watching our budgets (and who isn’t these days?) but want a nice, dependable, well-made knife. These attractive field knives won’t let you down. 440 stainless steel blades. (C) Ouray–snakewood and bone scales, along with plastic black spacers and steel inserts, give this sheath knife a custom touch and make it easy on the eyes. Full tang for durability. Steel pins and thong hole liner. 8" overall with 35⁄8" blade. High quality leather sheath with embossed design. #403119…$49.95 (D) Reflection–this is a serious business folder, with a meaty, burlwood grip and a high polished, 37⁄8" drop-point blade. Heavy duty steel liner lock construction with knurled thumb rest. 81⁄4" overall. Ambidextrous thumb stud. #403120…$14.95


Fury Tactical


420, blackened stainless steel, extremely sharp and durable. Perfect for your next op. The heavily textured scales are comfortable in any grip and set securely in your hand. Great feel for tactical gloves too. Includes presentation box. (E) Folder–includes belt clip. Fast, one hand trigger release opening. Liner lock. 81⁄2" overall. 31⁄8" blade. #403145…$19.95 (F) Fixed Blade–same dimensions as above, but with glass breaker end and full profile tang strength. Includes belt clip sheath which has a small cut-out in the end leaving a portion of the edge exposed safely to be used quickly in emergency rescues. #403146…$18.95

Fancy Old Fashioned Damascus Lockback
Back in the 1800’s, when Sheffield, England was the knifemaking capital of the world, the best craftsmen at the best factories turned out a handful of highly worked and highly expensive knives. Folks who even got to SEE a knife like this one were lucky. This big lockback folder has the degree of workmanship reminiscent of the old English masters without the kingly price tag. It has all the best ingredients – brass liners and bolsters with red spacers, expertly applied jimping on the blade and spine, stag scales and of course, a damascus clip point blade. 83⁄4" overall. 33⁄4" blade. Comes with embossed leather sheath with belt slots. #403134…$49.95

Confederate Fighting Knife
This type of last ditch, hand-to-hand combat knife was made by the W. J. McElory Swordworks in Macon, Ga. during the War Between the States. Long wicked doubleedged blade with brass parts and carved wood grip. A good alternative to a bowie knife in a close quarters fight. 19" overall with 11⁄2" by 13" blade. Weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. Includes leather scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #402560…Reg. $89.95…Closeout $69.95 q

Officer’s Silk Sash
9’ long, knitted with silk thread with a tassel at each end. The sashes are wrapped around the waist twice and tied on the left side in the front. Colors: Green, Buff, Maroon, Yellow, Sky Blue, Orange, Black and Red. Approx. 5" wide. #100922…$34.95 each

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Civil War Kepi
For enlisted men. Made from quality wool. Blue for US and Gray for CS. Leather visor and chin strap w/brass buckle. Available in M, L or XL. Branch of service pins not included. #200822…$24.95

Civil War Forage Caps
Made from quality wool. Blue for US and Gray for CS. Leather visor and chin strap w/brass buckle. Available in M, L or XL. Branch of service pins not included. #200826…$24.95





Officer’s Kepi
Both Kepis are made from quality wool. Blue for US and Gray for CS. Leather visor and chin strap w/brass buckle. Available in M, L or XL. Branch of service pins not included. (A) Lieutenant–Has one row of gilt braid. (CS not shown). #200820…$34.95 (B) Captain–Has two rows of gilt braid. (US not shown). #200818…$39.95 (C) Colonel–Has three rows of gilt braid. (CS not shown). #200916…$44.95 (D) General–Has four rows of gilt braid. (US not shown). #200918…$54.95 7




Union Sabers
Don’t confuse our sabers with cheap imitations on the market. These fine reproduction sabers are faithful copies of the ones used. Hand forged blades are British military spec steel that will flex over 20° and return to true. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Each leather handle is wire wrapped. Brass pommels and guards. (A) 1860 Light Cavalry Saber–35" long, curving blade is superbly designed for thrusting and as a slashing weapon. Originally copied from an earlier French issue saber. Our excellent reproduction is hand made and ready for use. A stout steel scabbard completes this legendary sword. 41" overall. #500618…$89.95 q

(B) Model 1860 Cavalry Officer’s Saber–similar to (A). The brass, 3-branch
guard is nicely hand chased and engraved, as is the brass pommel. 33" long blade is beautifully etched with “U.S.,” and “E Pluribus Unum,” along with foliage and military trophies. Steel scabbard has brass throat, rings and drag. 39" overall. #500188…$149.95 q

(C) Model 1850 Staff & Field Officer’s Sword–befitting their rank,
this sword displays a high degree of ornamentation. Brass guard has hand chased foliage and “U.S.” between the branches. 30" long blade is etched with foliage, military trophies and “U.S.”, and “E Pluribus Unum,” and “Iron Proof.” During the years before the war, many Confederate officers – including General Robert E. Lee – carried this sword in the Indian campaigns. Scabbard is blue steel. 35" overall. #500124…$149.95 q



Civil War Sword Belts


Authentic leather sword belts. Two straps that attach to your sword scabbard’s rings. Brass hardware. Adjustable belt fits 37" to 42" waist. Punch extra holes for smaller waists. (D) Confederate–square brass buckle has the letters “CS” on a coarse field. #200310…$59.95 (E) Union–buckle has detailed relief of an eagle with “E Pluribus Unum” banner. #200410…$59.95 (F) Sword Hanger–made to clip onto an existing belt. Brass belt clip is 3" long. Leather straps thread through scabbard rings and are secured with brass buttons. #200260…$14.95

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Re-enactors & Civil War collectors know their history and they demand authenticity. Each sword on these pages is hand-forged & fully tempered of 1095 high carbon steel and is coupled with the original handle and sheath materials to ensure you get as close to Gettysburg as possible without having to dodge musket balls. Each is made to perform exactly as the originals did in every way. It's easy to get fooled by other versions, but Generals Lee & Grant wouldn't want it that way. The US military chooses us for the same reasons you should – quality, authenticity and dependability in the field.


Confederate Sabers
Authentic, hand made replicas have flexible, ornate blades and leather grips wrapped with brass wire. (G) Confederate Staff & Field Officer’s Sword–this faithful reproduction of the
Boyle, Gamble & McFee sword is a beauty! The blade etching is even more detailed than on the old ones, with the heroic “C.S.A.”®, cannon and battle flag all well done. Brass fittings are beautifully hand finished with precise detail. Note the five pointed star and “CS”® on the knuckle bow. 31" long blade. 36" overall. Top grain leather scabbard. See Albaugh: Confederate Edged Weapons. #500006…$149.95




(H) Confederate Cavalry Officer’s Saber–this saber is just like the old one
carried by General Jo Shelby, the Missouri cavalry raider who never surrendered his command. This fine sword has “C.S.A.”® crisply etched on the 32" long, hand forged blade. “C.S.”® is cast into the guard with excellent detail. Scabbard is blued steel, with brass throats, mounts, rings and drag. 38" long, overall. Consult Albaugh: Confederate Edged Weapons. #500050…$139.95 (I) Confederate Cavalry Saber–of all the Confederate swords and sabers, this was the one used most. Wielded by the troops under the command of J.E.B. Stuart, Wade Hampton and Nathan Bedford Forrest. This is a very distinctive saber with a brass guard similar to that of an 1860 Light Cavalry Saber. 34" long blade has the classic Confederate “unstopped” fuller. 40" overall. Scabbard has brass furniture, ring mounts and drag. You’ll find it in Albaugh: Confederate Edged Weapons, pg. 137. #500646…$89.95 q


(K) (L)

Flags of the North & South
Official battle flags of the Civil War. Indoor/outdoor nylon flags are double side w/metal grommets.
$12.00 each (J) 1st Confederate Flag–3’ x 5’. This is the real “Stars and Bars”.#801800 (K) 34 Star Union Flag–3’ x 5’. #801528 • (L) 13 Star Confederate Flag–3’ x 3’. #801526




(C) Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. These fine sabers have 1065 high carbon steel blades with full tangs and are well tempered. Grips are black leather wrapped and twisted brass wire. A rare chance to own a unique piece of US wartime history. An authentic replica of the highest caliber.

(A) Dragoon Sabers
United States Dragoon Saber–Carried by the 1st and 2nd US Dragoon Regiments, these sabers saw conflict in the Second Seminole War, the South-West Indian Wars, and the Mexican War. It has a three branch brass guard. Our fine replica comes with a steel scabbard. Finely made solid brass hilt. #501146…$149.95 q Texas Dragoon Saber–In 1836, Texas having won its independence from Mexico formed the Republic of Texas. In 1839, the Texas Government contracted with Ames Mfg. Co. for 280 M1833 “Texas” Dragoons Sabers. These are exactly like the 1833 United States Dragoons Saber except for the blade inscription, which has “TEXAS DRAGOONS” in script. Steel scabbard has two rings for attachment to a saber belt. Finely made solid brass hilt. 39" overall. Blade 34" x 11⁄8" x 1⁄4". Wt. 1 lb. 12 oz. #501148…$149.95 q

Nashville Plow Works Cavalry Saber
(B) Prior to the Civil War Messrs. Sharp & Hamilton operated a farming implement company under the trade name of Nashville Plow Works. With the war looming, the owners converted their establishment into an armory. The Nashville Plow Works continued operations until April 1, 1862, when the city was taken by Federal troops. The sword has a cast brass guard, with both CSA and Nashville Plow Works also cast in block letters on the underside of the guard. The pommel and back strap are of one piece and of brass. The scabbard is blackened steel with brass mounts. 39" overall. Blade 34" x 11⁄8" x 3⁄16". Wt. 1 lb. 12 oz. #501152…$169.95 q

Heavy Cavalry Saber
(C) This historically accurate saber was well known as the “Wrist Breaker”. Model 1840 Cavalry Saber has a three branch brass guard, brass wire wrapped black leather grip, comes with a steel scabbard,. 411⁄4" overall. Blade 353⁄4" x 11⁄4" x 9⁄32". Wt. 2 lbs. 5 oz. #501150…$149.95 q

C.S.S. Virginia
After the first clashes of ironclads took place during the American Civil War, it became clear that the ironclad was the most powerful warship afloat – a tank on and sometimes under water. Ironclads were designed for several roles as high seas battleships, coastal defense ships, and long-range cruisers. The evolution of their design in the late 19th century transformed the ironclad from a wooden-hulled vessel which carried sails into the steel-built, turreted battleships and cruisers familiar today. This museum quality and accurate replica, made of resin, metal and hand painted gives you a detailed remembrance of an important piece of history. Includes display stand. In 1862, the C.S.S. Virginia joined the Confederate Navy, having been built on the remains of the frigate USS Merrimack. 243⁄4" long, 61⁄2" tall. #801730…$79.95 ($5 addl. s/h)



D-Guard Bowie
Popular in the Confederacy during the Civil War, this type of huge knife settled many hand to hand conflicts. Almost a short sword in proportion, it was still a great implement for camp life. A must for re-enactors. Steel guard with massive, high carbon steel blade. Holds an edge well. Grip is contoured wood with light stain. 23" overall. 18" blade, 15⁄8" wide, 3⁄16" thick. Weighs 1 lb. 5 oz. Includes leather sheath w/metal furniture. #400928…$84.95 q

Civil War Enlisted Men’s Gauntlets
White leather with wide cuffs, and no embroidery. Available in medium, large and extra large sizes. #200812…$39.95

Waist Belts
Made of high grade black leather. 13⁄4" wide. Comes with a three prong oval buckle made of solid brass and lead-filled back. Choose either “US” or “CS”. Sizes: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, and 50. #801496…$29.95

Civil War Holsters
Used until late 1900’s. Made from high quality black leather. Designed to fit 1860 Army, 1851 Navy and similar revolvers. Worn with the butt facing forward on the strong-hand side. Allows user to draw revolver with weak-hand when holding saber in strong-hand. Army style holsters have plugged muzzle end. Navy style holsters have sewn muzzle end. Attaches to waist belt. (A) Army Style Holster–specify left-hand draw (worn on right hip) or righthand draw (worn on left hip). #801588…$19.95 (B) Navy Style Holster–specify left-hand draw (worn on right hip) or right-hand draw (worn on left hip). #801590…$19.95


Civil War Cap Pouch
(C) High grade black leather. Double straps at the back for attachment to the waist-belt. Used by both Union and Confederate forces. Has a shield flap as the name suggests and it’s wool lined. This is an early pattern cap pouch. Approx. dimensions 31⁄2" x 3" x 13⁄4". #801492…$15.95


Solid Copper Coffee Mug
These solid copper cups are favored by many re-enactors because they keep drinks hot longer. Great for camping trips because they don’t break. 1 piece heavy-duty body. 3" tall x 3" dia. #801814…$19.95

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Authentic Civil War Uniforms, Regalia
Authentically patterned, high quality clothing and accessories. Perfect for collectors, history buffs and reenactors who want durable, well-made, accurate copies from a critical time in our nation’s history.

Cotton Cavalry Shirt
Made of dark blue cotton and has a placard front. On top of that is a bib front with brass buttons. Available in M, L, XL. or 2X. #100916…$24.95

Pleated Front Dress Shirt
Made from premium white cotton with round, fold down collar and pleated front. Available in M, L, XL. or 2X. #100914…$29.95

Union Officer’s Round-About Jacket
Made from quality dark blue wool and has 9 eagle button front. Does not come with shoulder boards. Available in M, L, XL or 2XL. #100906…$59.95


Confederate Shell Jacket
Made from high quality medium gray wool with seven button front. Sizes: 40R, 42R, 44R, 46R and 48R. #100908…$69.95


Enlisted Men’s Trousers
Made from quality wool, these period trousers are worn quite loose and have a one inch higher rise than today’s blue jeans. Legs are left unhemmed so you may hem them to fit you. Have button fly and suspender buttons, may be pewter or bone (sorry, no choice). Sizes: 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 or 48 (A) Confederate Gray–two side seam pockets, #100920…$64.95 (B) Infantry Sky Blue–two side seam pockets and split back. #100918…$64.95

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Le Mat Confederate Pistol
It’s hard to imagine any army conceding with this incredible firearm on their side. This massive revolver was a favorite of Confederate troops. It featured awesome firepower with its nine .41 caliber bullets and one 20 gauge, single barrel firing a slug or buckshot. Features working single action loading lever and simulated checkered ebony wood grips. This all metal, historic revolver is a must for any gun lover and serious collector. Non-firing. 141⁄2" overall, 3.6 lbs. #802236…$79.95


U. S. 1860 Naval Cutlass
Reproduced for your Civil War armory! Blade is British military spec steel and will flex over 20° and return to true. This is a fine reproduction of the cutlass designed by Ames and first carried in 1860. Its 251⁄2" blade and brass basket hand-guard were well suited for the close quarters combat of wooden ships and iron men. Leather frog. 311⁄2" overall. Hand forged high carbon steel blade. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Comes with scabbard. #500152…$159.95 q



Civil War Socket Bayonets
Attached to rifles, these bayonets gave close quarters weapons an extra long reach. Brass mounted leather scabbard. 17" blade. $49.95 each (A) Springfield– used with .58 caliber Springfield rifle. Integral frog. #600188 (B) 1853–designed for 1853 three band Enfield long rifle. 201⁄2" overall. #600236

Be sure to check our entire line of authentic period bowie knives starting on pg. 19

1840 NCO Sword
Carried by American soldiers for over 70 years; a period which included the Mexican War, Civil War and Spanish American War. 313⁄4" long single-edged blade has a single broad fuller. Entire hilt is cast brass and the grip is ribbed. Pommel is global with a capstan. Grip is flanked by kidney-shaped hand guards. Steel scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #500350…$89.95 q

Enfield Sword Bayonet
Made for the British Enfield that saw service in many conflicts around the world. It is most unusual for its recurved blade, and its grip and length made it a good short sword, but it excelled when mounted to the rifle. Includes regulation sheath. Overall 28". Blade 221⁄2" long, 11⁄4" wide and 1⁄4" thick. Wt. 1 lb. 12 oz. #402298…$149.95 q


Military Flintlock Pistol
Robust replica of flintlock pistols used by military, law enforcement, pirates and civilians during the late 1700’s to early 1800’s. As with most guns of the era it was equally effective as a club or firearm. Our replica features a hammer that cocks, frizzen pan that opens and a trigger that works. Real hardwood stock with metal barrel, lock and hardware. 151⁄2" long and 1 lb. 8 oz. weight. #802088…$69.95

Iron Locks
Have you been looking for the right period lock for that strong box or jail cell? Western enthusiasts and re-enactors, you’re in luck. Made just like the originals. Small Lock–3⁄4" x 21⁄2". #801850…$6.95 Large Lock–13/4" x 5". #801872…$19.95


Hand Cuffs and Leg Irons
(B) Old-time handcuffs and leg irons made just like the originals from iron. Great for the western enthusiasts or re-enactors. Full size. (A) Cuffs–#801856…$21.95 (B) Irons–#801858…$24.95

Wanted Posters Set
This set includes accurate reproductions on aged parchment of 4 notorious bandits – Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid. So real you’d swear these guys are still on the loose. Each approx. 141⁄4" x 113⁄8". #801604…$12.95 set

Scribe Set
We’ll say it, this is absolutely gorgeous in the hardwood display box and they write just as well. This intricate set includes all you need to write like the scribes that penned our history. Features 2 hand turned wood pens and one hand blown glass one. Also features 8 different nibs and two bottles of ink. It writes as beautiful as it looks. Box is 113⁄8" x 31⁄8" x 31⁄4". Pens 51⁄4" to 73⁄4" long. #801982…$49.95
Cannot be shipped by Air. Cannot ship to Alaska or Hawaii. Antiqued Brass quill adorns top of wood presentation/storage box.

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This all-brass spittoon is just what you need to carry out that western theme. It might even be fun having your friends and neighbors try to figure out what it’s for. 91⁄2" tall by 27" round. #801860…$39.95


Native American
(A) (B) (C)

Beading may vary. Fringe sometimes not available from supplier.

Frontier Steel
Knives of this sort were highly desired as trade goods on the western frontier of America. After acquiring these knives from the Europeans, tribes fashioned their own elaborate sheaths. Utility Knives–each features full profile tangs and gorgeous hand rubbed hardwood scales decorated w/structural brass pins that pass through the tang. 420 J2 stainless steel blades w/spine jimping and traditional Mediterranean notch. The elaborate sheath is genuine leather with handsome beadwork. (A) Hunter–83⁄4" overall. 33⁄4" blade. #402218…$39.95 (B) Utility Knife–63⁄4" overall. 23⁄4" blade. #402216…$34.95 (C) Patch–53⁄4" overall. 21⁄8" blade. #402214…$29.95
Order 3 or more and SAVE 10%

Beading may vary.

Indian “Dag”
This knife is 13⁄4" wide and 7" long with double edges and a full profile tang. The scales are hardwood, decorated with structural pins that pass through the tang and small tacks. The fancy scabbard is thick cowhide with fringe and handsome beadwork. #401902…$39.95


Native American Tomahawks
The tomahawk, used as both weapon and ceremonial object, was created in an astonishing variety of shapes. Hand-forged with high carbon steel blades. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. (D) Bleeding Heart Tomahawk Pipe–blade indented with a dot motif. Steel mouthpiece. Approx. 22" long overall. 10" head has 31⁄4" blade. Fully functional. #600198…$69.95 (E) Standard Tomahawk Pipe –shaft features bands of carved crosshatching. 221⁄2" overall. Head: 9" x 4". #600116…$59.95 (F) Missouri War Hatchet–this example features indented dots that interplay with the piercings. 233⁄8" overall. Head: 91⁄8" x 53⁄8". #600168…$59.95 (G) Spontoon Tomahawk Pipe–this is the most elaborate tomahawk we’ve offered. Handle has cross-hatched bands and metal inlays. 22" overall. Head: 12". Fully functional. #600244…$59.95




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14" Antler Calumet
Beautiful Navajo-handcrafted Calumet (Peace Pipe) is by Navajo artist Francine Martinez. It has an antiqued finish and is wrapped in buckskin. Feathers are fashioned along the pipe with real horsehair, arrowheads, beading and Dream Catcher. The bowl and bite are made from antler. It includes a Certificate of Authenticity by the artist. The “Peace Pipe” was brought forth and smoked on momentous occasions. It was an integral part of religion, and political activities as well as intertribal conferences and treaty negotiations. Medicine Men used it in ceremonies. The bowl was the altar and in it was burned the sacred offering, tobacco. 14" from tip to end with an 8" long bowl. #600720…$60.00

Native American Bowie
We are happy to offer a real exquisite Bowie that honors our American history. The very functional and extremely comfortable bowie is not only a great display piece, but is also razor sharp and its full profile tang makes it a good companion in the field. 420 stainless steel. Features custom touches like layered spacers of real polished stone, hand rubbed solid wood handle and cloisonne inset on one scale of the famous “end of the trail” image. Finger guard is highly polished, solid brass. An amazing deal on a genuine beauty. Includes leather sheath. 137⁄8" overall, 85⁄8" blade. #402993…$49.95

Native American Ball-Head War Club
This type of war club was used by the Woodland Tribes when Europeans first “discovered” this continent. It was this smaller, deadly form (with the addition of a small steel blade), that was most feared in the hands of the mounted warriors of the plains. Our offering is made from solid hardwood with decorative brass tack work and a tempered steel blade. An important addition to any collection of Native American objects. 21" overall. Blade–2" x 11⁄2" x 3⁄16" thick. Wt. 1 lb. 2 oz. #600816…$60.00

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Navajo Antler Bow
(A) (B)
(A) This incredible Navajo hand crafted bow and arrow artifact is truly a work of art. It features a large antler handle in the center and has real horsehair and feathers. There are two bone tipped arrows and a medicine pouch in the center. This piece is made with an all wood core wrapped in buckskin and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Navajo artist Myrtie Begay. Comes with leather cord for hanging and comes fully assembled. Approx. 24" x 40". Nonfunctioning. #600742...$117.95

Navajo Bone Tipped Spear
(B) Genuine Navajo hand crafted spear features a full wood shaft completely wrapped in leather. It is accented with feathers and horsehair. The 6" tip is made of bone. Comes complete with certificate of authenticity. Approx. 54" overall. #600740...$69.95
($3 addl. s/h)


Beaver Tail Dag
Native Americans often imitated shapes from nature when they crafted objects. Inspired by the beaver’s tail for which it is named. This carbon steel dagger blade is of a type traded in the early years of Eastern American colonization. Full profile tang knife that is 135⁄8" overall with a 71⁄2" blade, 13⁄4" wide 3⁄16" thick. The hardwood scales have decorative inlays and large rivets. Weighs 1 lb. Decorative stud worked leather scabbard included. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #402122… Reg. $54.95…Catalog Special $39.95

Navajo Rattle
(C) This beautiful Navajo hand crafted ceremonial dance stick rattle artifact is amazing. It has an antiqued finish and is wrapped in buckskin with tassels. Feathers are fashioned along the handle with arrowheads, tassels and miniature dream catcher. This is especially significant as it is painted with the sacred white buffalo image. Comes with certificate of authenticity signed by the Navajo artist Myrtie Begay. 23" overall. #801454...$32.95

Powder Horn

French Trade Knife
What native brave wouldn’t give up his flint knife for this hefty knife? The French Traders were often the first whites to go into native lands, mainly to trade old world items for rich furs. They would bring goods like mirrors, cloth, pots and of course steel knives and axe heads. This copy has a 10" blade that comes to a strong point. The generous grip features polished hardwood scales with steel bolsters and pommel on a full profile tang, making for an overall length of 153⁄4". Comes with decorative high grade leather scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #402456…Reg. $94.95…Catalog Special $64.95 Made from real horn. No two are alike. Can be used by black powder shooters or it looks great hanging above the fireplace with great-grandpa’s squirrel rifle. Average length 12" and 21⁄2" dia. Hand carved end cap and spout plug. Natural leather shoulder strap. #801584…$14.95

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Obsidian Blades
Handmade by master artist Dale Duby using the methods of old; grinding, abrading, percussion and pressure flaking. Each knife is one of a kind. Blades are attached using sinew. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. Size approx. 71⁄2" overall. Includes stand. $54.95 each (A) Deer Antler–#400414 • (B) Buffalo Rib–#400302
Each FREE stand is uniquely hand carved.





Boker Magnum

Handsome craftsman style knives have that old world tradition and look. Up-to-date materials make these great tools in the barn or out in the field. 440 stainless steel, liner locks and hand rubbed wood scales. $17.95 each (A) Large–10" overall, 4" blade. #402852 (B) Medium–91⁄4" overall, 4" blade. #402850

Competition TOMAHAWK
The 4" edge gives you the maximum target penetration potential under the rules set by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association. Hand forging makes these tomahawks stronger and tougher. It gives the steel better temper and makes it easier for you to sharpen. Round poll holds the native samdan hardwood handle snugly. Enjoyed by outdoorsmen in tomahawk throwing competitions all over the country. Weighs 1 lb. 6 oz. #600242…$19.95

Replacement Handles–Excellent for replacement of the inevitable broken handles. Includes instructions for affixing the handle securely.191⁄4" long. #200356…$5.95

Knife And Tomahawk Throwing
by Harry K. McEvoy
This tried and true manual by world-renowned expert Harry K. McEvoy covers basic throwing, target building, developing bulls-eye precision, hunting game, and professional tactics in a straight-to-the-point format. 28 pages, 22 b/w photos, soft cover. 61⁄4" x 9". #800604…$3.95

Black Powder “Revolver”
An early manufacturer’s effort to get more than one shot out of a single gun. There were three barrels each primed and loaded. After one was fired the entire barrel and breach was twisted and locked into place. Non-firing reproduction. Overall 111⁄2". Wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz. #801350...$59.95


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Classic American Bowie Knives
James Bowie created a legend about himself and the knife he used in a hand-to-hand fight on a Mississippi sand bar in 1827. What that knife looked like was soon lost, but the legend continued to grow. Bowie knives were in high demand, worn at the sides of members of congress as well as barroom trash. Authentic bowies from America’s past, each hand-forged from welltempered steel. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts® to take and hold a razor edge. Leather sheath included.

Coffin Handled Bowie
(A) Very comfortable grip that lets the knife come alive in your hands. This reproduction is truly elegant in its simplicity of form and function. The top edge can be sharpened over half its length. Light and fast, this is as deadly as the name implies. Color of handle varies from brown to black. No choice available. Blade 111⁄4" long, 11⁄2" wide. Wt. 3⁄4 lb. #400222…$74.95 q



Arkansas Toothpick
(B) This classic of the American mountain man was big enough to ward off unruly beasts on the trail or at the local trading post when need be. Coffin shaped hardwood handle is accented with solid brass furniture. Rugged and solid in the hand. 19" overall. Blade 137⁄8" x 15⁄8" wide. Wt. 1 lb. 2 oz. #400260…$69.95 q

Engraving now available on select items. See pg. 2 for instructions.


Palette For Pens
We couldn’t resist the elegance and charm of this traditional writing set. Presentation box includes 2 hand blown glass pens (nib is blown onto the shaft as one piece) and 6 different colors of ink sealed with wax. There is something to be said for tradition and this captures the art of writing beautifully. 71⁄8" x 41⁄4" x 13⁄4". Pens approx. 63⁄4" long. #801986…$22.95

Philadelphia Derringer Non-Firing Replica
Made famous by riverboat gamblers and “shady” ladies of the evening in the early to mid 1800’s… personal protection in an easy to conceal package. Most infamously used by J. W. Booth to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Our wood and metal reproduction features a hammer that cocks and a trigger that works…but it can never fire. approx. 61⁄4" long and weighs 10 ounces. #802136…$29.95

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Damascus “Cowboy” Knife
We’ve had a lot of requests for a good all-around knife that would be good for everyday use today, but also look right on a western gun belt. We’ve taken a hunter/fighter style blade that’s 6" long and fit the full profile tang with highly polished bone scales held in place with six brass pins. We didn’t stop there, but made this knife with 512 layer damascus and provided a heavy leather sheath (without any modern snaps), that swallows the knife halfway up the grip. This holds the knife firmly when riding or running, but still allows for a fast draw. Knife is 103⁄4" overall. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #401398…$124.95 q

American Frontier Knife

ACC Exclusive! Save $15

This type of knife was carried by early woodsmen as America started to move west. Sized and shaped to be an all around utility knife as well as a fighter. Well-tempered high carbon steel blade with a full tang. Nickel bolsters and pins and hardwood scales form a handsome, straightforward grip. Comes with early type scabbard that covers part of the hilt to prevent loss. (It was traditionally worn thrust under a belt in various positions.) A real piece of American history. 123⁄4" overall. Blade 3⁄16" x 11⁄8" x 8". Wt. 10 oz. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #400782…Reg. $44.95…Closeout $29.95 q

ACC Exclusive!

Texas Bowie
Effective, intimidating, and built to work! This was the knife to carry in a rough land like Texas during the days of Santa Ana when a man truly needed a backup weapon. Featuring an authentic bone handle, fittings of solid steel, and an unbelievable 133⁄4" blade. Overall 191⁄4". Wt. 1 lb. 10 oz. Based on an original design from a private collection. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #400266…$89.95 q

Bison Skull
As real as you can get, this really looks great on a wall or desk. Made of resin, expertly sculpted and painted. This revered symbol will hold silent vigil over your home or office and is perfect for anyone who loves the Southwest theme. Perfectly sized to stand out, but not overdo it. Skull 10" long, 12" across at the horns. #802110…$28.95

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Bone Grip Bowie
This big bowie could be intimidating merely by its size alone. It has a generous full profile tang with a large guard and the bone scales are capped in steel. The 113⁄4" blade swells slightly toward the tip. The knife is 18" overall and weighs 1 lb. 12. oz. Scabbard included. #402158…$94.95 q

Old West Hunter
This rugged knife is made to handle any outdoor task with an Old West flair. It’s a big knife with a hammer forged blade with the pattern left in, that's a full 51⁄2" x 15⁄8" wide and 3⁄16" thick, and lightly hollow ground to boot. Good for a Native American or a pathfinder, the knife has a full profile tang with real horn bolsters that form the guard. The scales are from an attractive dark hardwood that has been jigged for a sure grip on this 103⁄4" long knife that weighs just 10 oz. Comes with a good, thick, leather scabbard. #402994…$44.95

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1880 Bowie
(C) This effective knife is a copy of an English produced bowie made for the U. S. trade. Though still in fashion to carry a bowie, this knife is made with a thin hilt for more discreet carry. 151⁄8" overall, this knife has dark hardwood polished scales pinned to a full profile tang. It has all steel parts married to a 11⁄2" by 10" blade. Weighs 1 lb. #402580...$74.95 q

Horn-Handled Bowie
(A) (A) This style of bowie was common from about 18201840. 101⁄4" blade, 151⁄8" overall. 3 ⁄16" thick. #400214…$79.95 q


Primitive Bowie

(B) Despite the size of this bowie, the overall weight is only 11⁄2 lbs. We cut down a 4" sapling in no time and the blade would still shave. Blade is a full 13" long with a needle point. Width of the blade is 23⁄8". The hardwood grip is 51⁄4" and the brass guard is 43⁄4". Brass strip on spine is an intentional device designed to catch the edge of an attacker’s blade during a parry. #400884…$89.95 q


Expertly hand forged and finished, this unique brass and steel set is made so every detail is fully functional, from the decorative notched stainless steel blade and the long tapered tines, to the moving parts of each pistol. These unusual (non-firing) utensils are highly decorated with antiqued brass handles, richly adorned with scrolled etched designs. This rare cutlery combo comes complete with a gorgeous faux tortoise shell presentation box, lined in both brown velvet and white satin. Copied from an original set in a private collection. Truly, one of the most unique pieces for your pirate collection, treasure chest or any collection of historical arms. Knife–Overall: 91⁄4", Blade: 5". Fork–Overall: 83⁄4", Tines 4". Presentation Box–Overall: 11" x 41⁄2" x 2". #801768…Reg. $139.00 …Catalog Special $95.00

American Revolution Coins
Minted in the USA, these exacting, museum quality replica coins look and feel like the real thing. This historically important set features 11 different coins including State coins from VT, NJ, MA, NY, NH, CT plus includes unique coins used at the time - the Continental dollar, MA Pine Tree copper, two bits, NH half penny and Spanish piece of eight. A beautiful historic set that traces our history and shows the diversity of a country coming together. A must for educators, collectors and history buffs. #802265…$18.95
Includes 2 sets. Each includes brief and fascinating origin of each coin in set.

2 or more…$30.00 each

Original 1800’s “Patch” Knives
These handy knives saw their height in use during the muzzle loading era. Perfectly sized to cut the patch material before loading. These hand forged antiques have genuine stag handles and were probably carried in kukri pouches by the Royal Guard of Bhimsen Thapa. There is great variation as you would expect after all these years, but they are generally 61⁄2" to 71⁄2" overall, with blades ranging from 23⁄4" to 31⁄4". Sorry, no selection. Good condition. #401788…$35.00 each

Ozark Hickory Walking Cane
Real super strong hickory wood! Each is unique in appearance, smooth with a roughhewn texture. Light-weight and strong. No two are alike. Features clear satin finish (looks hand polished) and removable rubber safety foot. Approx. specs: 361⁄2" tall, 1" to 11⁄8" thick. Wt. 1 lb. 6 oz. #803318…$20.00

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Frontier Utility Knife
Handmade out West, just like the originals. 1095 high carbon steel, coal forged and heat treated in Oregon. Handle is American Curly Maple. The choice of re-enactors and outdoorsmen who crave tradition. Includes oil tanned, top grain leather sheath. Features a Mediterranean notch which aided while tying fishing line and actually can be used to strip sinew. 93⁄8" overall. 43⁄4" blade. #401782…$69.95

Leather Boots

Perfect for rendezvous, frontier outfits, or just plain comfort. They’re well-made boots that are cut from the best glovetanned leathers and have an all-suede finish. Inside is a 1⁄8" thick, cushioned insole. They have a hard sole, so you can wear (B) them all day long. Men’s sizes 7-13. Brown or black, with or without leather fringe. Whole sizes only High Boot–$68.00 With Fringe–#100256 Without Fringe–#100282 Low Boot–$49.00 Hand made just like in the old days, so each varies a bit With Fringe–#100294 in detail, but that’s what makes them stand out. A simple Without Fringe–#100322 folder that reminds us of the ones used around the time of (A)

Old Fashion Folder

the US Civil War. Bolsters are brass. 31⁄4" stainless steel blade. 81⁄4" overall $5.95 each (A) Polished Bone Scales–#401858 (B) Horn Scales–#401860

Civil War Currency Set
Beautifully antiqued, accurate reproductions of actual Civil War era currency used by the Confederate and Union States. The aged parchment paper feels and looks like the real thing. You get 4 envelopes of Confederate bills (various denominations; each state had its own currency) and 1 envelope of Union (includes 4 versions of the $1 and a $2 bill, plus a very unusual $1.50 bill). #801610…$10.95

Throwing Bowie

Tough enough for hours of target practice or days of trail blazing. This massive bowie has a 93⁄4" long, stainless steel blade that is 21⁄4" wide and 5⁄32" thick. Rosewood handle scales and solid brass crossguard. Made in Pakistan where we’ve found the quality much improved in recent years. At this economical price, this is a great value for flinging or for field chores. Comes with leather scabbard. #400794…$19.95 (Two For $36.00)
(Cannot be shipped to CA, MA, NY or Canada)

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Mountain Man Bowie
(A) This impressive bowie was copied from one in an old black and white photo of hunter-trapper, Seth Kinman of California. Weighs only 1 lb. 4 oz. This big, fast knife is 18" overall with a 12" high carbon steel blade, 21⁄8" wide and 3⁄16" thick. Beautiful hardwood scales are embellished with silver tackwork riveted on a full profile tang. Sheath included. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #402120…$79.95 q

Hunter’s Companion Bowie
(A) (B) Shortly after photography was invented proud frontiersmen were having their portraits taken with their prized bowies at their sides. This massive knife style was being produced in Sheffield, England for the American market, just in time for pioneers and soldiers to show them off for the photographer’s lens. Along with several other styles, cutlery shops promoted this type of knife as the hunter’s companion. It’s large enough for camp chores and disjointing game, yet light and fast enough for selfdefense. Full profile tang, nickel guard and pins. Hardwood scales. Leather sheath included. Blade: 131⁄2" long, 2" wide, 3⁄16" thick. 185⁄8" overall. Wt. 1 lb. 2 oz. #402030…$79.95 q (B)

Old Fashioned Sheep’s Foot
This is a truly classic design that’s been around for decades, because it works really well. You can’t beat the comfort of a simple design. Black wood scales and 440 stainless steel. Lock back. 71⁄8" overall, 3" blade. Plus you can have your initials engraved on the metal shield inlaid in the scales. #403015…$16.95

Coins of the California Gold Rush
Minted in the USA, these exacting, museum quality replica coins look and feel like the real thing. Set features Kellogg and Co 1854, US Assay Office 1852, Moffat & Co bar, Norris Grieg 1849. With the inconvenience of trading gold, coins were a logical choice. A beautiful historic set that traces our history and defines the “Gold Rush” era. Perfect for collectors and educators to bring history to life. #802261…$9.95

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1840 Bowie
This good looking bowie has bone scales that are pinned to a full profile tang. The guard, pommel and spacers are steel. Blade widens slightly in the front quarter of the knife and increases the slicing ability of the large, 10" tempered, high carbon steel blade. Heavy brown leather sheath is included. Blade 10" long, 13⁄4" wide, 3⁄16" thick. Overall 153⁄4". Weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #401572…$79.95 q

1850 Bowie
This big knife has a coffin shaped wood and steel grip accented with nicely spaced steel tacks. The 123⁄4" long blade swells toward the tip and has a fancy cut-out near the guard known as a Spanish notch. Made with welltempered, high carbon steel. The knife has an overall length of 181⁄4" and weighs 1 lb. 4 oz. Comes with a period scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #401732…$79.95 q

Western Boot Bowie
Perfect for the top of a boot or the back of a gun belt. The guard is nickel silver and the grip is hardwood polished to a nice luster. The 51⁄2" blade is high carbon steel that is welltempered and will take a razor edge. The overall length of 93⁄4" is easy to carry. Weighs only 6 oz. Comes with scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #401728…Reg. $44.95…Catalog Special $39.95 q

Engraving now available on select items. See pg. 2 for instructions.

Palm Size Bowie
An exact scaled down version of a classic Bowie pattern. Not only is it finished well, it looks incredibly good, and it works! Polished bone scales. 21⁄2" stainless steel blade with full profile tang. 47⁄8" overall. Includes leather sheath. #402020...$9.95

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Nautical Knives & Swords

Sailor’s Knife
(A) A sailor’s life was filled with excitement, life threatening terror and long periods of…boredom. To while away the time, some of the more artistically-minded adventurers set their creative sights on one of their most important and prized implements – their knife. The hand-carved fist on this reproduction displays the imagination of one such 18th-century seafarer. The blade is long at 9" and the knife is 143⁄8" overall and is light and easy to handle at 7 oz. The scabbard is of heavy brown leather with a brass tip and frog button. Frog is included and will fit up to a 4" belt. #402492…Reg. $50.00…Catalog Special $39.95 q

Nautical Pocket Telescope
(B) Finely made of (B) solid brass with finely ground lenses, the leather wrap gives a secure feel in any weather and elegant flare for the mariner in your life. 63⁄4" overall, extends in 3 sections. 31⁄2" closed to easily fit into any captains pocket. 5x magnification. #801976…$18.95

Save $9

Nautical Fog Horn
Don’t Tread On Me
Also known as the Gadsden Flag. First used in 1750’s prior to American Revolution. Was a popular flag with the South during American Civil War and continues to be popular with some political groups. Indoor/outdoor nylon. 3’ x 5’ with metal grommets. Flag is single sided.
#801798…$12.00 Before air horns and even lighthouses, ancient mariners used hand held horns as a sounding beacon in the fog. They could judge distances from land masses based on the horn’s sound as it was bounced back through the thickest fog. Ours is made of solid brass with a silver plated mouth piece. Includes brass plated chain. 133⁄4" long. #801978…$22.95


Save $26 High Seas Pirates Falchion
(C) Many styles of short swords found their way onto pirate ships. This design was perfectly sized for onboard combat and was capable of strong strokes with its wide blade. The military style grip is solid brass for ease of care and toughness. Overall length is 331⁄2" with a 281⁄2" blade. This powerful sword weighs 2 lbs. 6 oz. Comes with scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #501082…Reg. $135.00…Catalog Special $109.00 q 26

British Cutlass Bayonet
(A) This is the Enfield Rifle Pattern 1859 Cutlass Bayonet imported during the Civil War by both the North and South for the Navy and Coastal Artillery units. Made of tempered carbon steel, this bayonet has a unique cup guard. It fits the two-band Enfield muskets equipped with a stud ( lug) on the side of the barrel and also fits the P1861 Enfield Musketoons. This excellent replica has been aged and comes with a black leather scabbard. Overall 321⁄4". Blade 263⁄8" long, 13⁄8" wide, 1⁄4" thick Weight 2 lbs. 7 oz. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #501215…$139.95 q


American Revolution Saber
Circa 1775 (B) The American Colonists were, like most of Europe, amorous of the dashing French Hussar. The handmade hilt of this American saber reflects their admiration of the 1700’s French style. This well-balanced, fast sword was designed for the mounted fighter. Solid steel hilt with spiral pattern carved hardwood grip is married to an effective 1085 high carbon, welltempered blade. Black leather scabbard with steel mounts. This attractive sword can be seen in the book “Swords and Blades Of The American Revolution” by George. C. Neumann.Overall 391⁄2". Blade 34" long, 11⁄4" wide and 3⁄16" thick. Weight 2 lbs. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #500872…$149.95 q


Patton Sword
(C) Designed by George Patton in the 1910’s (when he was still just a Lieutenant), this finely crafted sword was commonly attached to a trooper’s saddle. The tempered, high carbon steel blade was generally used for thrusting. Featuring a steel guard and a hard plastic handle, it’s easy to grip and is solidly constructed. Single fullered blade is 35" long and 11⁄8" wide at the ricasso. 44" overall. Wt–2 lbs. 8 oz. Wood scabbard with steel mounts. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®, this is better than the original. #500530…$169.95

Miniature Marine NCO Sword Letter Opener
This is an exact scaled replica of the current issue NCO saber given to this heroic fighting branch. Yes – exact, with all the detail, blade etchings and metal parts of its larger brother. It even has a full stainless steel blade and the regulation scabbard (sized accordingly of course)! This beautiful tribute to our fighting elite features a nicely finished wood base with a full metal, highly detailed, official Marine coat of arms flashed in real 24K gold affixed boldly and proudly to the front. Stand is 71⁄2" tall overall, 101⁄2" with saber. Saber is 10" overall. Makes a great desk top display and letter opener. #801724…$74.95


(F) (D)





U. S. Government Approved Military Dress & Drill Sabers / Swords
We are especially proud to bring you fully approved dress and drill sabers and swords. Atlanta Cutlery knows our fighting men ask for and deserve the very best, that’s why we have been chosen by the government to produce the NCO saber for the U.S. Marine Corps. We would be equally proud to deliver to you any of the standard military dress sabers and swords used in the Armed Forces today. Each fine saber and sword is manufactured according to exacting government specifications. All blades are high polished stainless steel, detailed and appropriately etched according to government specifications. We guarantee that your military personnel, drill teams, students, graduates and customers will be completely satisfied with these sabers and swords. Please specify blade length – 28", 30", 32" or 34". Includes the government specified scabbard. (A) West Point (Cadet) Officer’s Sword–#500506…$245.00…Contract Overrun $184.95 (B) U. S. Army Officer’s Saber–#500656…$285.00 (C) U. S. Air Force Officer’s Sword–#500586…$245.00 (E) U. S. Marine Corps Officer’s Saber–#500366…$389.00 (F) U. S. Navy Officer’s Saber–has “USN” in filigree work on the hilt. #500298…$349.00 U. S. Coast Guard Officer’s Saber–(not shown). #500230…$354.00 (G) Dress Frog–top grain, military issue frog matches issue dress belt and securely holds sword at a comfortable reach. Fits all military dress belts. $14.95 Each White–#200462 • Black–(not shown). #200328 Limited Quantity on (A) & (D) – While Supplies Last
As a proud supplier of swords and sabers to the Marines, Citadel, Marion Military Institute, Fork Union Military Academy and West Point clothing store, let us bid on your school needs. Atlanta Cutlery is honored to supply these institutions as well as others around the country. Your confidence is assured and your delivery guaranteed.

Special Prices on Regulation Swords & Sabers

(D) U. S. Marine Corps NCO Saber–#500430…$325.00…Catalog Special $194.95



US Army NCO Sword
This is the regulation spec US Army NCO sword. Features a tempered stainless steel blade, hand worked to a mirror finish. Fittings (pommel, guard) are intricately cast solid brass and richly plated in 24K gold. Grip is wrapped with silver plated brass wire. Scabbard is covered in genuine black leather with brass mounts also plated in matching 24K gold. Includes protective cloth bag. Choose blade length of 28", 30", 32", 34". #501080…$325.00

Naval CPO Cutlass
The Naval CPO Cutlass has a stainless steel blade. Etched near the leather stop is “U.S.N.” Its solid brass basket hand-guard is plated in 24K gold and the shell is riveted to the guard with the traditional 12 rivets. The leather wrapped grip features strands of twisted gold wire. The end cap and scabbard furniture are cast brass also plated with 24K gold. The Naval CPO Cutlass comes with leather frog and a protective cloth bag. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #501219…$325.00

Ceremonial Sword Belts


Govt spec, current issue ceremonial sword belts. Features 24K gold-plated buckle with Army Coat of Arms and matching belt keepers. One size. Belt width is 13⁄4" wide. Adjustable up to 48". (A) US Army Officer’s Ceremonial Belt– #200948…$49.95 (B) US Army Enlisted Personnel Belt– #200946…$39.95 (C) Navy Officer–Black leather with gold-plated buckle. For use with the Navy Officer Sword. Belt width is 13⁄4". Measure over your uniform. Choose 30"-34", 36"-38" and 40"-44". #200944…$39.95



Commemorative Saber/Sword Display Stand
Display your sword the way it was meant to, with all the glory and honor that it represents. This custom stand holds all current issue sabers, (G) (F) swords and scabbards in all blade lengths. Features an elegantly finished wood base that stands 18". Choose from Armed Forces Plaques D-G. Coat of arms are cast from solid metal and further enhanced with real 24K gold flashing. Base is 91⁄4" across. Includes stand and one plaque. #801740…$59.95 29

Genuine Antique Nepalese Guns
(A) (B) (A) Martini Henry Rifle .450/.577 Caliber British P-1871 Short Lever–probably the most famous military rifle of the Victorian era, incorporated the early “short” lever with 33" barrel in the new .45 caliber. This was the first manufactured breech loader to be adopted for general issue by the British Army. Internationally known for its role in the movies “Zulu” and “Zulu Dawn”. It should be noted that at the Battle of Isandlwana in January 1879, where the British lost its entire command of 1300 men, the Zulus suffered in excess of 2000 casualties. Followed by the memorable action at “Rorke’s Drift”, the Martini Henry Rifle more than any other represents British Colonial rule during the Victorian era. Dates 1870’s–#600410…$795.00 Dates 1880’s–#600428…$595.00 (B) Martini Henry Rifle–.450/.577 Caliber British P-1885 Long Lever–the great success of the P-1871 Martini Henry Short Lever Rifle had only been marred by the occasional difficulty experienced with the ejection of the spent cartridge because of powder residue fouling the chamber. The solution was the introduction of the P-1885 “Long” Lever model that provided great leverage for case extraction. In front line service for only three years when it was superseded by the .303 cal P1888 magazine Rifle, the P-1885 Martini saw principal use in Britain’s overseas Colonial Empire. #600406…$595.00 (C) Slings For Martini Henry Rifles–Original leather slings for Martini Henry Rifles. Good antique condition. #800954…$39.95 (C)
Rifles – $10 each addl. s/h ground Rifles – $40 each addl. s/h air Cannot be shipped USPS Special selection available at $50.00 per Rifle Returns on guns must not exceed 10 days. No refund on s/h




(A) P-1876 Socket Bayonet–for short lever. The famous 21" bladed Martini Henry Rifle socket bayonet made famous in the movie “Zulu”. Complete with the locking ring w/brass mounted leather scabbard. #600412…$95.00 Without Scabbard–#600843…$44.95 (B) P-1887 Mk. 1 Bayonet–the P-1885 Long Lever Martini Infantry Rifle was initially issued with an 18” bladed sword bayonet with a fullered blade and leaf spring on the locking mechanism. This was the P-1887 Mk1. Complete with steel mounted leather scabbard. #600404…$145.00 (C) P-1887 Mk. 3 Bayonet–in 1888 the P-1887 Mk. 3 was approved with an unfullered blade and a coil spring on the locking mechanism. Steel mounted leather scabbard. #600422…$145.00 P-1887 Mk. 3 Bayonet–(not shown) brass mounted leather scabbard. #600446…$165.00 P-1887 Naval Issue MK 3 Sword Bayonet–similar to (C) (not shown) marked “Wilkinson Sword Company London WD” with broad arrow. Brass mounted leather scabbard. #600492… $185.00 Hand select available for all bayonets on pgs. 30-34 at an additional charge of $10 each.


Antique Rifles “As Is” Condition
These relics should be likened to an archaeological dig, so no unreasonable demands or gripes please. Now offered at a bargain price for the enthusiast to enjoy as is or to spend the time and TLC to carefully restore; each weapon is REAL, ANTIQUE and is offered AS FOUND. Picture is a typical example. Our book "Treasure is Where You Find It" shows these very weapons as we found them and the story behind them. Condition: usually show rust & pitting and may be covered in dirt as originally stored. Otherwise they may not operate because of seizing or could be otherwise incomplete. Plus there may be additional cracks, old repairs, etc.

(A) P-1847 Naval Pattern Brunswick Long Rifle, UNTOUCHED–In 1836 the British Navy’s Admiralty requested “A Percussion Rifle for Marksmen”. In all other respects the 36” model (to increase accuracy) was identical to the standard 30” infantry model. The historical significance is that this could be referred to as the first dedicated “Sniper” rifle adopted by the British for specialized use. #600825…$494.95 Colonial issue brass hilted bayonet w/knuckle guard (no scabbards). #600813…$124.95

(B) British Martini Henry Short Lever Rifle–This is exactly the same gun as the Martini Henry Short Lever (see pg. 30) with all the markings except on the receiver. The buttstocks are arsenal repaired by the Birmingham Arsenal. #600826…$349.95

(C) P-1841 Early Model Brunswick Officer’s w/Sword Bayonet UNTOUCHED–The British Brunswick Rifle with back action lock was officially adopted in 1837 with a two groove rifling for a belted ball. Trials continued to experiment with multiple grooved rifling and eventually, in 1841, a smooth-bore version was experimentally developed. The “manufactured” smooth Brunswick’s were soon abandoned and now are only an important footnote to military firearms history. Comes with bayonet. No scabbard for bayonet. #600829…$374.95

(D) P-1864 Snider Breech Loading w/Socket Bayonet UNTOUCHED–Jacob Snider, an American from New York, developed this breech loading system for the Pattern 1853 Enfield, the most prolific imported percussion rifle in use by both the North and South during the US Civil War. This version was also known as the Two Band Snider. All show extensive use but each appears, by and large, to be complete. Comes with socket bayonet. No scabbard for bayonet. #600830…$349.95

(E) P-1837 Brunswick 2 Groove Rifle w/Sword Bayonet UNTOUCHED–The Brunswick 2 groove rifle was the first British percussion military rifle to succeed the famous Baker flintlock of the Napoleonic era. Issued exclusively to the British home army and Indian army rifle regiments, our Brunswick rifles date from the earlier back action design. The Sword Bayonet is brass hilted Colonial issue. Comes with bayonet. No scabbard for bayonet. #600831…$494.95

Martini Henry Mark I Ramrod–with very limited quantities. #802274…$59.95 Hand select available for all guns and bayonets on pgs. 30-36 at an additional charge of Guns–$50 each. • Bayonets–$10 each • Kukris–$10 each


P-1864 .577 Caliber Snider Breech Loading Rifle
Jacob Snider, an American from New York, developed this breech loading system for the P-1853 Enfield, the most prolific imported percussion rifle used by both the North and South during the U.S. Civil War. When the British Board of Ordnance appointed a Select Committee in 1864 the Snider system was swiftly adopted, with the first breech loaders being issued in 1865 to British forces. Improved in 1867 by the use of Colonel Boxer’s center fire brass bodied cartridge, the rifle was used very effectively in the Abyssinian Campaign of 1868. The system utilized a hinged breech block with an internal firing pin assembly that permitted the use of a self contained cartridge of lead bullet in cardboard, and after 1867, brass casing. Each rifle comes complete with the ejector. This highly efficient conversion system prolonged the active life of the P-1853 rifles up until 1871 when the Martini System was adopted. Condition antique fair to good. #600424…$495.00 P-1864 .577 Snider Breech Loading Rifle with Socket Bayonet–(not shown). Bayonet is not available for purchase separately. Scabbard not available for bayonet. #600420…$550.00 Same as above with English made marked locks. #600748…$695.00

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Original Steel Ramrod Cleaning Rods
Correct “accordion” style head with slot for cleaning patch. (A) Limited quantity. $39.95 Each (A) Martini Henry Long Lever–#800950 (B) Martini Henry Short Lever–#800946 (C) Snider P. 1864–#801016 (D) Enfield P-1853–#800948
(B) (C) (D)

(E) (F)

Cleaning Jags
(E) Original British Martini Henry Rifle Cleaning Jag– first adopted June 1871 as the Mark I and altered in April 1876 to the Mark II configuration. The records remain, but not one single sample exists in any public collection (see pg. 546, Treatise On The British Military Martini by Skennerton.) Now we have discovered a small supply of these all steel jags that accompanied every issued Martini Rifle. Limited quantities. #801010…$34.50 (F) Martini Carbine Cleaning Jag–additionally we have a limited quantity of the smaller jag illustrated on pg 4 of “Martini Rifles and Carbines” by Skennerton. #801012…$32.50
Rifles – $10 each addl. s/h ground Rifles – $40 each addl. s/h air Cannot be shipped USPS Special selection available at $50.00 per Rifle Returns on guns must not exceed 10 days. No refund on s/h See pg. 50 for our Nepal Original Kukri Battle Blades


New Stock Set For Martini Henry MKI & MKII
(A) This new stock set consists of the butt stock and the fore stock and fits Martini Henry Mark I or Mark II infantry long rifles. #600835… $174.95 (B)

P-1837 Sword Bayonet

(B) Colonial issue brass hilted bayonet w/knuckle guard (no scabbards). #600813…$125.00 P-1887 Mk. 3 Bayonet–(not shown) brass mounted leather scabbard. #600446…$165.00
Hand select available for all bayonets on pgs. 30-33 at an addl. charge of $10 each

Treasure Is Where You Find It…
A beautiful hard cover resource chronicling the 30 year quest to save the Royal Armoury of Nepal. 95 pages with dozens of full color photos. Limited printing. 113⁄4" x 73⁄4". #801118…$39.95 (C) Enfield/Snider Barrel Band Retaining Pins–#600839…$14.95

(E) (D)

(D) Enfield Snider Barrel Bands–Set of 3. #600840…$29.95 (E) Original Nipple Enfield–#600838…$9.95


(F) (F) Bayonet for M-1878–no scabbard. Bayonet fits the Martini Henry Lever Infantry Rifle. #600827…$39.95



(G) Bandoliers were often issued to soldiers to help in reloading their muskets quickly. Worn around the chest, our quality reproduction is made from high grade leather. #802273… $49.95

(H) P-1876 Martini Henry Bayonet–original British markings only. Recently purchased from England. Limited quantities. Includes scabbard. #600836…$179.95

Butt Plate for Martini Henry Mark I Rifle–Genuine original butt plate. Good antique condition. #600786…Catalog Special $50.00 Limited Quantity Available

Brown Bess Musket Flints Display
The same original (knapped in the 18th Century) British, Napoleonic Wars Era (1788-1815) flints that we offer on our website:, now mounted for display. Thirteen regulation flints permanently arranged in a handsome shadow box frame with a brass plaque, all behind glass. Measures 101⁄2" x 81⁄2" x 11⁄2" deep. Also comes with an attractive black, heavy twisted wire, stand for table or desk top display. All for a great holiday price. #600828…$39.95



Untouched P-1841 Smooth-Bored Brunswick Rifle


(A) The British Brunswick Rifle with back action lock was officially adopted in 1837 with a 36" barrel incorporating two groove rifling for a belted ball. Trials continued to experiment with multiple grooved rifling and eventually, in 1841, a smooth-bore version was experimentally developed. In effect an inane trial in that the whole point of the adoption of the Brunswick was the increased accuracy of a rifled barrel. (Conceivably these trials were for comparison purposes for accuracy and rate of fire.) The “manufactured” smooth Brunswicks were soon abandoned and now are only a footnote to military firearms history. Each Rifle is offered totally AS FOUND, or in AS IS condition, completely un-cleaned and un-refurbished. The only service performed has been to ensure none are still loaded! Totally covered and caked with dried on grease, dirt and rust, these can be displayed as found or be the subject of winter nights of TLC to restore them to their former glory. All appear to be complete but no guarantees as to what use or damage may be found after more than 100 years of neglect and storage. These are the typical detailed photographs but no two will be alike. Conforming to standard Brunswick Rifle dimensions these were made without the traditional brass patchbox in the butt, making them quite distinctive. Fullstocked with a substantial sword bayonet bar on the right side of the barrel. Showing only Gurkha regimental markings poses the question of how these European quality weapons ended up in Nepal. A rare opportunity to add an important stepping stone in military firearms development to any collection. Comes with #600815 Bayonet (B). #600814…$399.95 (B) Bayonet–for rifle above. As is condition. #600815…$95.00

Gurkha Officer’s “Patch” Knives


Seeing their height of use during the muzzle loading era, they are perfectly sized to cut away the excess patch material before loading. These hand forged antiques have genuine horn handles and date from the 1800’s. Due to their utilitarian looks and function, these were most likely carried by the elite Gurkha Officers. There is some variation between each as you would expect after all these years, but they are generally 73⁄4" long with 31⁄4" blades. Solid brass furniture. #402042...$25.00 • 2 or more – $22.50 each

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Nepalese Gahendra Martini Rifle–#600554…$495.00 Nepalese Gahendra Martini Rifle w/Bayonet–#600556…$545.00

Lewis M. G. Drum Magazine
Now these are really scarce today. Original standard British WWI era Lewis 47 round drum magazines for infantry use. Limited quantity available. #801008…Reg. $199.95…Catalog Closeout $99.95

British P-1879 Artillery Saw-Back Bayonet
High quality reproduction of Martini Henry bayonet for short and long lever rifles and carbines. Primarily used by artillery and engineers this bayonet was often used as a fighting short sword. The high carbon steel blade is 26" long with an overall 311⁄2" length. Comes with top grain leather scabbard with steel ends and bayonet frog stud. Weight 2 lbs. #402720…$139.95


These Gurkha made examples were found in Military Storage in their homeland of Nepal. These particular Martini Infantry Rifles were used by the Gurkha detachments mostly in the Indian Sub Continent and are offered in half rifles or parts guns. Each rifle is offered totally as found, incomplete, broken, un-cleaned and un-refurbished. Totally covered and caked with dried on grease, dirt and rust, they can be used for parts, rebuilt or displayed as found. No guarantees as to what use or damage may be found after more than 100 years of neglect and storage. Our book “Treasure is Where You Find It” shows these weapons as they were found. Includes barrel and action (which may be incomplete.) There is no guarantee for any other parts. Condition will show rust & pitting and be covered in dirt as originally stored. All sales are final, so please do not order this if you are not prepared to receive an incomplete, broken parts gun.

Nepalese Gahendra Martini Henry Parts Rifle–Based on an 1869 Westley Richards patented design, this unique and extremely rare early breechloading “Military Rifle” in .450/.577 Martini Henry caliber was produced under the direction of General Gahendra Rana in the 1880’s to provide Gurkha regiments with what appeared to be the latest British Military Rifle. #600844…$79.95

P-1837 Brunswick 2 Groove Parts Musket–Found in Nepal these are original 2 groove smooth bore Officer’s Muskets that have the outward appearance of being P-1837 Brunswick Rifles. These were introduced for use by Junior Officers (NCOs) who led Companies of Smoothbore Musketeers. #600832…$124.95

P-1841 Early Model Brunswick Officer’s Parts Musket–The British Brunswick Rifle with back action lock was officially adopted in 1837 with a 36" barrel incorporating two groove rifling for a belted ball. Trials continued to experiment with multiple grooved rifling and eventually, in 1841, a smooth-bore version was experimentally developed. #600842…$99.95

P-1841 Brunswick Officer’s Parts Musket–The British Brunswick Rifle with back action lock was officially adopted in 1837 with a 36" barrel incorporating two groove rifling for a belted ball. In 1841 a smooth-bore version was developed. The smooth Brunswick’s were soon abandoned and are now only a footnote to military firearms history. #600845…$99.95

P-1853 Three Band Parts Musket–The Three Band Enfield was imported extensively for use in the U. S. Civil War. Includes barrel, lock plate, hammer and 2 barrel bands. #600833…$99.95

M-1878 Martini Henry Short Lever Infantry Parts Rifle–In 1878, the Francotte patent Martini System was granted utilizing a detachable mechanism fitted without the Cocking Indicator. Revolutionary at the time by compartmentalizing the mechanism for quick disassembly. The Martini Short Lever Rifle saw tremendous and valiant service in the British Army worldwide. It’s most famous appearance was in the Zulu Wars of 1879. #600841…$79.95

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Ancient Weapons.... Elite Warriors.... Legendary Warfare....This Is The Real Deal!




Original battle kukris, some of which are over 100 years old. Each kukri is hand made – the steel was smelted, forged, shaped and hardened in Nepal by individual Kamis. Each has seen service with Gurkha regiments. They show some wear, but are still sharp, tough and serviceable.

(A) & (B)–these kukris were made prior to 1890. Some were made much earlier, but it’s difficult to determine the exact date. This large kukri’s blade was made for war. As spears and the Kora sword were being replaced by firearms, this was the weapon of choice for hand-to-hand combat. In the skilled hands of the Gurkha, it was a frightening weapon indeed. These have all seen service with both the Nepali military and the British Army. Many of the blades are marked in Devangari script with the date of manufacture. Limited quantity. (A) Traditional “Longleaf”–approx. 19" long, 21⁄2" wide, 3⁄8" thick. Longleaf–without scabbard. #401124…Reg. $159.00…Catalog Special $99.00 New Scabbard–for Traditional “Longleaf”. #800898…$35.00 (B) Traditional “Bhojpure”–approx. 17" long, 21⁄2" wide, 3⁄8" thick. Bhojpure–complete with original scabbard and 2 small kukri knives. Original scabbard not sold separately. #401166…Reg. $189.00…Catalog Special $129.00 Bhojpure–without scabbard.#401126…Reg. $129.00…Catalog Special $79.00 New Scabbard–for Bhojpure. #800882…$35.00 (C) WWI Issue–approx.171⁄4" long, 23⁄8" wide, 13⁄32" thick. No original scabbard available. #401104… Very Limited $99.00 WWII Vintage–later, slightly smaller version of traditional kukris. As firearms improved, the kukri was actually used more, not just as a weapon, but as a very important tool. Many of these are still in service. Most dated with the year of manufacture: 1943, 1944 or 1945 (no choice available). (D) Approx. 171⁄2" long, 23⁄8" wide, 9⁄32" thick. No scabbard available. #401168…$69.00 If you’ve been waiting to get one of our ANTIQUE Nepal weapons, now is the time – quantities continue to diminish!

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Authentic NEW Kukris
From The Official Government Contractor
(A) Includes copy of Government Contract and Ordnance drawing.


hese new Kukris are made to current military specifications by the official supplier to the famous Gurkhas of Nepal


(D) (C)



Military Issue Kukri Knives

(A) Indian Army issue made by area contractor. The only Kukri that is genuine issue to Gurkha regiments.

Since 1943 these Kukris have been made by one government contractor – Windlass Steelcrafts®. Hand forged from high carbon steel. Comes with regulation sheath. A must for outdoor activities that require chopping and cutting. Windlass is the only official Government Contractor for the kukri. (A) Genuine Gurkha Regimental–the original, official military issue! Used with devastating effectiveness by the famous Gurkhas of Nepal in the Siege of Delhi in 1857, in the trenches of WWI France, throughout the New Guinea jungle in WWII, and with distinction in the Falkland Islands. The 12" blade is an impressive 1⁄4" thick with deep grooves and the traditional religious notch. Takes a good, sharp edge. Scale tang. Traditional, native hardwood handle. Standard metal butt plate. 17" overall. Wt. 1 lb. 6 oz. Genuine military issue to Gurkha Regiments in India. The only Kukri on the market that comes with a copy of the 8-page government contract, the ordnance drawing, and spec sheet. Includes accessory knives. #400484…$39.95 q (B) Assam Rifles–issued to the Gurkhas’ Assam Rifles Regiment. This kukri has a 131⁄2" long blade that is double fullered. Also features the traditional religious notch that is symbolic of the trident (3 pronged spear) of Shiva. At a little over 1⁄4" thick, this is a very powerful chopping blade. The polished, native hardwood handle is reinforced by a brass bolster and a brass pommel with a raised lion’s head decoration. 18" overall. Wt. 1 lb. 4 oz. #400578…$39.95 q (C) Officer’s–powerful chopping knife issued to Gurkha Officers in India. The 91⁄2" long blade is a hefty 3 ⁄16" thick. The contoured handle is genuine buffalo horn. Brass pommel and bolster. 14" overall. Wt. 1 lb. Comes with 2 accessory knives. #400022…$34.95 q (D) Gigantic Ceremonial–beheads water buffaloes with a single stroke for the traditional Gurkha sacred ceremony. Very scarce! Only one issued to each Gurkha Regiment in India. Specially carved native hardwood handle. Polished steel blade is a staggering 3⁄8" thick and more than 21⁄2 feet long. Weighs 4 lbs. 6 oz. #500448…$94.95 q

Persian Kard With Damascus Blade
Used as a utility knife, weapon and status symbol and favored by the higher ranking nobility. Popular in Persia and throughout the Middle East, this is a splendid example made with the same care and methods as the originals. Blade is 512 layer Damascus steel, with nickel silver bolster and pommel. The grip is camel bone. The sheath is hardened leather and accepts the knife well past the blade so that half of the hilt is hidden. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. 121⁄2" overall. 77⁄8" blade. Comes with scabbard. #400076…$124.95


Executive Defense
This beautiful pen size knife provides real self defense protection for the discerning executive or martial artist. The pen style look is extremely easy to carry and hides away nicely in a pocket in plain view and is quickly retrievable. Highly effective and functional as a kubaton & glass breaker plus the razor sharp blade punches and slices like it’s going through butter or clothing easily. Actually handy as a trimming knife as well as for other tasks around the house. Impact resistant plastic and 440C stainless steel. 51⁄4" overall, 11⁄2" blade. 4" closed. Liner lock. #403011…$29.95

Seatbelt Cutter Folds into Handle for Easy Carry

Schrade PROFESSIONALS 1st Response
When we first held this folder in our hands, the impression that came to mind was heavy duty. It has to be, because emergency personnel depend on this knife in extreme circumstances. Besides a buttery smooth assisted opening mechanism (Schrade calls it Magic Assisted and we don’t see any reason to disagree), its impressive list of credentials includes locking liner, non-slip nylon fiber grip, seat belt cutter that folds securely into the handle when not in use, fixed oxygen wrench and glass breaker and a 4034 stainless steel blade. This is a meaty, serious cutting tool with 3 patents to its name. 3" blade, 47⁄8" closed. Wt. 5.7 oz. Steel pocket clip. #402885...$49.95


Elk Ridge Classic Wood


Laser engraved texture on genuine, beautiful wooden scales remind us of the checking long used on some of our favorite guns. 440 stainless steel blades. Great (C) classic designs for the traditionalist and beginner alike. $9.95 each (A) Liner Lock Folder–71⁄8" overall, 3" blade. Includes pocket clip. #402892 (B) Dual Blade–31⁄2" closed. 21⁄2" blades. #402893 (C) Tri Blade–31⁄2" closed. 23⁄8" blade, 13⁄4" blade, 11⁄2" blade. #402894

Boker Tactical
Designed for light, concealed carry as a back-up weapon for Police and military units and currently carried by many. Positive locking ABS sheath with steel belt clip holds the knife through any op until you pull it. Incredibly easy and ultra quick one finger release. Made from one solid piece of stainless steel with a matte, titanium coat treatment for durability and stealth. Reinforced tip for thrusting and ample blade length for slicing rope, seat belts or defending yourself. Strategic cut-outs for incredible finger hold/dexterity and overall great grip. 51⁄8" overall, 2 7⁄8" blade. #403013…$24.95

Schrade “Old Timer” Ultimate Carving Knife
This big knife has fine jigged horn scales with a dark brown finish. This great folder features three beefy blades. One large general purpose clip point, a long, double kerfed speed saw blade and even a small hatchet blade. Yep, that’s what we said, a mini-hatchet blade that really works, with a hollow-ground edge that really cuts. The whole package is easy to carry in its heavy duty black carrying case with belt clip. #403110…$27.95






M1891 Carcano Bayonet

Famous for quality tools, Gerber gives you the right fit, form, function and value at a great price. Includes Gerber lifetime warranty. Convenience supersedes size with this innovative mini-tool. Functions as a knife (replaceable blade), wire stripper, pry bar and bottle opener, plus two size flat head drivers and cross driver. This incredible tool packs more gear than most glove boxes, yet fits a keychain, pocket or pack with ease. Cast from solid stainless steel and coated with titanium, this artifact is truly a rare find of modern engineering. 31⁄2" closed, 1" blade. #403047…$11.95

Our high quality replica was made from an original. 12" blade is complete with fuller and is made from 1095 high carbon steel. All steel parts are blued. Scales are made from close grained hardwood with rubbed oil type finish. Comes with the desirable decorative fluted steel scabbard. 161⁄4" overall. 13 oz. weight. Fits M-1891 Rifle. Does not fit M-1891 T. S. Rifles or M-1938 Rifles. #402826…$89.95

Knives 2010–The most influential book in the knife field. It contains a broad range of historical and technical feature articles, plus a trends section that offers 1000 + photos of this year’s top custom folders, fixed blades and swords. Also includes the biggest directory of individual craftsmen and manufacturing companies in the world. Covers types of steel, handle materials, new processes, engraving and etching. 81⁄2" x 11", softcover. 312 pages. Bonus knifemaking DVD included. #802260…$29.95

Combat Machete
A real beast with an appetite for destruction. This massive machete was designed just for us using many of the best and most popular features we’ve tested through the years. It cuts, hacks, slashes, chops wood, rope, vines, etc. – just about anything you’ll encounter in the woods – and begs for more. Thick, full profile tang adds strength and balance for even cutting strokes. Checkered, dark wood grip is contoured for a secure grasp with or without gloves. Includes reinforced nylon, tactical belt sheath with 6" supply pocket deep enough for food, first aid kit, spare knife, sharpener, flashlight what ever you need to get the job done. The back even has multiple lash points and Velcro strips for easy carry. This might be the one knife you can’t live without. 16" overall, 91⁄4" 420 bead blast, stainless steel blade. #402995…$49.95

Atlanta Cutlery is a member of the National Knife Collector’s Association

African Knives
(A) “Kongo” Plains Knife– just right for work, hunting and a fighting knife with the high carbon steel blade slight upsweep. Hardwood grip is wrapped with rawhide for a good grip. Leather sheath. 13" overall. Blade is 8" x 23⁄16" x 3⁄16". Wt. 6 oz. #401820…Reg. $39.95 …Closeout $19.95 (B) “Mbala” Jungle Knife–the unusually shaped blade simply begs to chop bush and vine. Grip is solid hardwood wrapped with rawhide for a good grip. Welltempered high carbon steel blade. Due to its profile this knife is carried in the hand. No scabbard available. 20" overall. Blade is 141⁄2" x 25⁄8" x 3⁄16". Wt. 1 lb. #401818…Reg. $39.95… Closeout $19.95

Confederate Coins of 1861
Civil War era coins are very rare. Minted in the USA, these exacting, museum quality replica coins look and feel like the real thing. Set features two styles of a Confederate half dollar and two styles of the cent. An important historic set that traces our history and defined a country divided. #802264…$9.95

Assisted Opening Knives


Spider Triple Threat
Durable, fun throwers for the expert or novice. Made of one-piece stainless steel. Set of 3 includes nylon sheath. 33⁄4" blade, 8" overall. #402754…$8.95
Cannot be shipped to NY.



Box 839 Conyers, Georgia 30012-0839

The Sword Of Isildur
This fine collectible is the last in a series based on the blockbuster movie trilogy “Lord Of The Rings”. This officially licensed sword is an exact copy of the one in the movie and made with a tempered stainless steel blade. Faux engraving, faux bronze parts with an inlaid tree of Gondor symbol adorning pommel, while the molded grip imitates worn braided leather. Every sword comes complete with a wall plaque with mounting hardware and a numbered certificate of authenticity. No scabbard available. #501217…$189.95

Wickedly fast assisted opening folders bring your blade into play in fractions of a second. We were amazed at the great state-of-the-art function at a bargain price. All are rugged 440 stainless steel. (C) Wood Scales–attractive, polished scales for a elegant appearance. Liner lock. No pocket clip for a great feel. Trigger opening. 8" overall, 31⁄2" blade. #402732…$9.95 (D) ABS Scales–smooth black ABS scale on one side. Frame lock features pocket clip. Trigger opening. 81⁄8" overall, 31⁄4" blade. #402728…$9.95 (E) Urban Camo–minimalist design, very easy to carry. Frame lock features carabineer style clip. Trigger opening. 6" overall, 23⁄8" blade. #402730…$8.95



Made exclusively For ACC

Features honed, bead blasted stainless steel blade, textured anodized aluminum handle, super fast assisted opening mechanism, pocket clip, liner lock and manufacturer lifetime warranty. 7" overall, 37⁄8" blade. #402838…$9.95

Comfortable, durable and extremely easy to carry in a pocket, purse or almost anywhere. This is one workhorse you’ll want to domesticate. 400 series stainless steel. A tidy 4" overall, 11⁄2" blade. Frame lock. No clip, since it doesn’t take up much pocket space. #402660…$7.95

All Tin British Spitfire
One of the most famous and prolific oneman fighters of WWII. This tin beauty is hand made and painted and gives off that rough, vintage toy feel that we all loved growing up. Moving wheels and propeller. 113⁄4" long and 131⁄2" wing tip to wing tip. #802060…$36.95 See center of envelope for restricted item codes. We are not responsible for typographical errors.

Horse Drawn Fire Wagon

Brazilian Armed Forces Fighting Knife
Blade is made from properly heat-treated high carbon blued finished steel. Razor sharp and ready for action. Blade is 73⁄4" long with an overall 13" length. Round contoured close-grained hardwood handle with 4 grooves. Sheath body is made from high strength polymer with nylon web belt loop and retention strap. Fits belts up to 21⁄2", also comes with standard web belt hanger. Weight 91⁄2 ozs. #402722…$49.95

Built during the late 19th century you could find these steam fire engines through Europe and the US. Despite the advancement in fighting fires, they were still dangerous to the men who traveled on them as many were thrown off in their haste to get to the fire causing injury and death. Tin, hand painted with moving wheels. A great display piece and fun conversation piece as well. 12" long, 71⁄4" tall. #802212…$34.95


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Muela Military
Beautifully designed and crafted knives from Spain. Each design was with the input of local military and police forces and made to their specs. Each features full tang, 440 razor sharp stainless steel. (A) Serpentine–hammer strike steel pommel, very comfortable and secure rubber grip. Includes leather belt sheath. 10" overall, 51⁄8" blade. #403132…$34.95 (B) Bowie–comfortable ABS grip, great for extreme temperatures. Includes ABS belt sheath. 111⁄4" overall, 51⁄2" blade. #403133…$27.95 (C) (D) (E)

Razor Sharp Quartet
These inexpensive, tactical gray linerlock folders are great last-minute stocking stuffers and pretty nice to look at, too. 33⁄8" long, 440 stainless steel blades come with sharp edges right out of the box. Aluminum handles and ambidextrous thumb studs. Approx. 77⁄8" long overall. (C) Raptor–drop point blade and rough textured handle inset stamped right in (for a good grip). #403143…$9.95 (D) Stealth–drop point blade with thumb indentation. #403142…$8.95 (E) Responder–drop point blade, seat belt cutter and


glass breaker in handle. #403140…$8.95 (F) Dark Warrior–clip point blade with notched spine for extra blade control. #403141…$8.95

Hunting Knife/Axe Combo
Timberline brings you this heavy-duty Alaskan Skinner and Axe for the great outdoors. The 83⁄4" full profile tang knife sports a 33⁄4" blade that’s 13⁄8" wide by a healthy 1⁄4" thick, forged from 6013 carbon steel. The generous grip is 5" long and formed from tough, contoured, heavy-use A.B.S. plastic non-slip scales. Weighs out at just 14 oz. The axe has the same features and tough materials and is also 83⁄4" x 1⁄4" thick with a 4" cutting edge and weighs 1 lb. 16 oz. Includes a harduse Cordura sheath that holds both pieces. Engrave them both for only $10.00. #403043…$64.95


Ultra Legendary Gerber


Size does matter when combined with functionality. Famous for quality tools, Gerber gives you the right fit, form, function and value at a great price. Includes Gerber lifetime warranty. The innovative Curve has a knife, flat head & cross driver, file, bottle opener and carabiner. Not only do you have the perfect sized components, but you also have locking components with the patented SAF T PLUS locking system. Don’t be fooled by other keychain knives, this is the real deal and functions as a real everyday tool. Stainless steel construction w/aluminum scales 21⁄4" closed. 11⁄4" blade. $12.95 each (G) Grey–#403048 • (H) Blue–#403046




Task Masters
Beautifully contoured, polished pakkawood scales and full tang, 440 stainless steel blades. (A) Filet–of course it works well outdoors, but we were pleasantly surprised how many compliments we received when using it to prepare an elegant meal at home. Very comfortable and the blade has just enough flex. Includes nylon sheath. 121⁄2" overall. 8" blade. #400122…$8.95 (B) DeSoto–multi-purpose design does many things well. Brushed stainless steel bolster. Includes leather belt sheath. 8" overall. 4" blade. #400026…$9.95

Ka-Bar® Hobo
This is the classic slide-apart outdoor dining kit. Made of durable stainless steel, each utensil separates for the versatility of 3 separate utensils. Includes spoon, lock-back knife, fork and ballistic nylon sheath. Perfect for backpacking, camping, biking, boating and more! 37⁄8" closed. #801190...$19.95

One of the most comfortable knives we’ve used in a while and it tackled everything well from camping to self defense. Be careful picking it up; you may not want to put it down again. Handles very lively, light and quick for its size. The comfort allows deft manipulation of the blade for smaller chores too. 400 series stainless, razor sharp steel. Ergonomic rubber grip. Includes leather belt sheath. 103⁄4" overall, 51⁄8" blade. #402956…$24.95

A versatile and unique wilderness knife from Alaska that has been used by Native American Eskimos for over 3000 years. It is still their primary cutting tool and excels at food preparation. Includes wood block cutting board. 55⁄8" stainless steel blade. 41⁄2" imitation bone handle with “carved” eagle head. #401188…$9.95

Melon Knife
Dubbed a “Melon” knife, it has a very thin – just .062" thick – stainless steel blade for paring or precise cuts on apples, pears, strawberries, oranges and, well…yes, melons, too. A two-tine fork folds out of the generously sized handle for spearing the fruits of your picnic labors. 41⁄8" long blade. 10" overall. Pocket clip keeps it at the ready. Weighs a light 3 oz. 53⁄8" closed. Made in Italy. #400130…$19.95

World’s Fastest Sharpener
ACCUSHARP® makes anyone an instant expert because it’s preset to sharpen to the proper angle every time. Tungsten carbide sharpeners will put a razor edge on all kinds of knives, machetes, axes, and cleavers in an average of 10 seconds. Excellent for garden or household tools. Reversible tungsten sharpeners double the years of use and are recessed for safety and control. Contoured plastic handle has a knuckle guard to protect your hand. Made in the U.S.A. #200200…$9.95
Replacement Blades–#800014…$5.95

Ceramic Paring Knife
Ceramics never need sharpening and never rust. Ergonomic plastic handle. Includes wood display box. 73⁄8" overall. 31⁄2" blade is 7⁄8" wide. Wt. 1 oz. #400468…$24.95



Russian Shasqua & Kindjal
(A) Known first as a Cossack weapon that was used on horseback, this sword type was made the official officer’s sword of the Soviet Union. Brass pommel is marked with star, sickle and hammer. Grip is hand carved hardwood. 371⁄2" overall. Tempered high carbon blade is 32". Wt. 2 lbs. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #501074…$159.95 q (B) The military issue version served Russian armed forces well into the mid-20th century. This curved, double-edge blade was perfect as a close combat weapon. It originated in the Georgian Republic of Russia, but was best known as a Cossack weapon. 171⁄4" long, high carbon steel blade is 13⁄8" wide. 231⁄4" long overall. Wt. 1 lb. 6 oz. Hardwood grip on full tang. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Includes scabbard. #400318…$59.95 q



Zulu “Iklwa”
(C) The famous short-shafted, large bladed spear that carved out one of the greatest early African nations. Used with a cowhide shield this spear, sized for a deadly underhand stabbing fighting style, is said to be named for the sound it made as it entered the enemy. A must for history buffs or collectors of military weapons. High carbon tempered steel. 50" overall. Blade is 13" x 21⁄2" x 3⁄16". Wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #600314…$49.95

(D) (E) (F)


Dragon Power
Dragons are powerful, legendary, fierce and…collectible! These expertly sculpted, bladed wonders are legendary in their own right. Each has 440 stainless steel blades, cast metal and hard plastic handle parts. (D) Dragon Racer–this dragon has no wings, just the next best thing – a fast set of wheels. 71⁄4" overall with a 3" blade. #403135…$5.95 (E) Dancing Dragon–no self-respecting dragon would be caught dead doing a rain dance; perhaps this creature is gloating over a recent victory against some unfortunate knight. Blades in all directions mean nobody will be using this beast for household chores, so a FREE table stand is included. 71⁄2" tall. #403148…$22.95 (F) Dragon Dagger–it takes a lot of blade to pierce a dragon’s thick hide, and this one’s got what it takes – almost 11" of double pointed fury. We’re guessing the emblem printed on the blade is the symbol of the warrior who wielded it; the manufacturer is mysteriously mum on the subject. With a double headed dragon guard and skulls on the guard and pommel, this big dagger has plenty to talk about. 181⁄2" overall. Includes FREE table stand. #403149…$24.95

Call Toll-Free 1-800-883-0300

Windlass® Miniature Gift Set
Beautifully finished set of mini-folders makes a great display and super gift. Solid stainless steel construction with a variety of attractive pearlized scale finishes. Each knife features an incredible array of 4 different size/shape sharpened blades. Includes gift box. Each knife is 15⁄8" closed. Fully sharpened. #402418…$24.95

Ozark Hickory Root Cane
Walking cane with an attitude. Each is made from solid hickory root and is unique in appearance. Features smooth rough-hewn texture, clear satin finish (looks hand rubbed) and removable rubber safety foot. Approx. 36" long and 14 oz. weight. #803446…$20.00

Windlass® Field Knife HD
The HD stands for heavy duty and we mean it. This is one stout chunk of razor sharp steel that will take an absolute beating and gladly ask for more. The full profile tang is strong & comfortable, and gives a very secure grip with the attractive hand-stitched, heavy grade genuine leather wrap. Hammer pommel is blackened steel. 10" overall. Hand forged, high carbon steel blade is 41⁄2" long, 11⁄8" wide and a full 1⁄4" thick. Includes genuine leather belt sheath. #402718…$39.95



Hostage Rescue Team
Assisted Opening with a blade that shoots straight out the front. This new knife carries the famed Smith & Wesson name and features an exciting new mechanism for blade retrieval. Simply push on the slider near the base of the blade and the blade rockets out and into place. Includes a sturdy lock for safety. To retract the blade, just pull down on the slider and lock it back into place. The stainless blade is coated with titanium nitride. The black Zytel handles provide maximum strength with minimum weight. Also features sliding safety, pocket clip and glass breaker. Blade is 3", overall 71⁄2". Wt 2.7 oz. $39.95 each (A) Bayonet Point–#402975 • (B) Tanto Point–#402976

Visit Our Website:







Insect Art



Look away if you re squeamish, this is the real thing! Beautifully captured, rare insects look amazing as jewelry and will make you the talk of any gathering. Real bugs perfectly preserved in all their stunning color and attractively encased in jewelry quality acrylic. This allows you to appreciate the entire bug from all angles. We’re starting to see why the Egyptians respected them so much. The iridescent green of the beetles is stunning. (A) Black Scorpion Necklace–includes neck cord. 13⁄4" long, 1" wide, 1⁄2" deep. #802083…$6.95 (B) Scorpion Necklace–includes neck cord and elegant polished metal mount. 17⁄8" long, 11⁄8" wide, 1⁄2" deep. #802082…$6.95 (C) Rutelian Beetle Necklace–includes neck cord and elegant polished metal mount. 17⁄8" long, 11⁄8" wide, 1⁄2" deep. #802079…$6.95 (D) Golden Wing Beetle Necklace–includes neck cord. 13⁄4" long, 11⁄8" wide, 1 ⁄2" deep. #802086…$6.95 (E) Green Chafer Beetle Necklace–includes neck cord. 15⁄8" long, 11⁄8" wide, 3 ⁄4" deep. #802080…$6.95 (F) Rutelian Beetle Bracelet–11⁄4" long, 7⁄8" wide, 1⁄2" deep. #802085…$4.95 (G) Green Chafer Beetle Bracelet–11⁄4" long, 7⁄8" wide, 1⁄2" deep. #802081…$4.95 (H) Black Scorpion Bracelet–11⁄4" long, 7⁄8" wide, 1⁄2" deep. #802084…$4.95

Flitz® & Windlass® Knife, Sword & Gun Care Kit
Working directly with the pros at Flitz we’ve come up with what we feel is the ultimate cleaning and care kit available. Our 37 years experience have shown us that each of these products is essential for the complete care of any and all of your valued knives, swords, axes, firearms and almost anything else that needs the best care and protection. The set features the famous polishing paste that works miracles on metals, plastic & fiberglass surfaces, specially formulated stainless steel & chrome polish, Speed Waxx® protectant that protects like nothing we’ve seen and won’t dull your surface finish. 2" x 12" specially designed, super soft and absorbent micro-fiber cloth for easy application included. All in one handy kit! Protect your investments with the kit used by museums & collectors the world over. #801920…$25.00 Cannot be shipped by air. Cannot be shipped to AK or Hawaii.

Ghostly Rider
Ghoulish cast metal parts with a skeletonized handle in the truest sense! Liner lock, 23⁄4" stainless steel blade. 71⁄2" overall. #402746…$7.95

Windlass™ Rust Blocker
Fight the high cost of rust with the
same vapor phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCl) developed for the military and NATO. The metal seeking vapors in Windlass Rustblocker form an invisible layer of electrochemical inhibitors that seal metal against the air and moisture. Easy spray-on application removes dirt & grime and seals bare metal for long lasting protection. Perfect for all metal products including knives, swords, axes, firearms or any metal part requiring cleaning and corrosion protection. #801488…$10.00
Cannot be shipped to AK or HI.

CK Magnetic
Bells & whistles be gone. One of the lightest, most comfortable knives we felt in years. And simple, simple, simple – only a small magnet in the handle to keep the blade open, otherwise no clips, locks, springs or anything, just old fashion fun like the good old days. 3" 440 stainless steel blade, 7" overall. Polished cocobolo scales. #402762…$8.95


Painted Dragon Katana
Hand forged 1065 high carbon steel. Real hamon. Genuine ray skin. Solid brass parts and tsuba. Hand carved and painted dragons on saya. Includes certificate of authenticity. Sateen cotton sword bag. Includes cleaning kit. Overall 391⁄2". 283⁄4" blade. #501028…$499.95
($20 additional s/ h/ for this item)

This type of Charay knife (also known as a Charas, Churea and a Salawaryatagan), was first used in Indo-Persia, but quickly spread across the near east, deriving its common name, “Khyber” Knife, from its famed use against the British by the native tribes of the Khyber Pass area. It is still used in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India today. The scabbard is worn thrust, unsecured, in a number of positions under a belt, with blades ranging from 14" to 30". Our offering has an aged finish on the entire knife and scabbard, including the worked and painted brass and buffalo horn grip on a full tang profile with the customary ring at the end of the grip that is often used for a wrist tie-down. The “T” shaped blade has a raised spine along the length of the blade, which allows the blade to be thin to hold a very sharp edge yet makes it extremely strong. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Overall 285⁄8". Blade 225⁄8" x 21⁄8" x 3⁄16", 5⁄16" along spine. Wt.–2 lbs. 6 oz. #501216…$165.00 q

Damascus Katana

A truly beautiful katana. Hand forged genuine layered Damascus blade of carbon steel & iron. Silk wrap handle. Real ray skin. Brass parts & tsuba. Heavily lacquered saya. Includes sateen cotton sword 1 bag. 42 ⁄4" overall. 281⁄2" blade. #501036…$229.95
($10 additional s/ h/ for this item)

Used by warriors from Persia to the Caucasus. Made of hand forged, high carbon steel by Windlass Steelcrafts®. With its long needle point on a 171⁄2" long, double-edge blade, the Qama is a deadly close combat design that dates back to the Roman Short Sword. Considered to be the national weapon of Russian Georgia. Buffalo horn handle scales. 221⁄2" overall. Wt.–1 lb. 7 oz. #400164…$39.95 q


Ebony Folder
Nice all-purpose folder w/a very thick and textured epoxy coating for great grip and reduction of glare. Dark wood, laminate scales. 420 stainless steel blade is 3". 73⁄4" overall. Includes pocket clip. #403058…$17.95

Spider Neck Knife
A wicked spider necklace with a sting all its own; the abdomen pulls out as a small knife! Cast, antiqued metal parts. 1" stainless steel blade. Includes rubber necklace. 31⁄4" overall. #402688…$8.95
Cannot be shipped to CA, MA, NY or Canada.

Magnum Gentleman’s Clip Knife
Ultra thin, frame lock looks classy in use or on your key ring. Easy to use and great for many daily tasks. 51⁄2" overall, 21⁄4" blade. #403014…$15.95

Glacier Bay
Affordable combat knife by Fury. 61⁄4" 420 stainless steel blade is black epoxy coated. 54 RC. Full tang, grip wrapped in Paracord. Includes cordura sheath. 103⁄4" overall. Color may differ slightly. #400684…$7.95

Ram Horn Hunter
Genuine Ram’s horn scales left in their rough state for great grip adorn this functional, full profile tang knife. Features nickel silver bolsters and genuine leather sheath. Materials not easy to come by or be had at this price point. A custom knife for a mass production price. 85⁄8" overall, 43⁄8" stainless steel blade. #402836…$14.95

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Opinel France
Unique Twist Lock Design is Over 110 years old.

First designed in 1895, this classic has endured limitless tasks through the decades that followed (C) including 2 world wars. Trusted in France for any daily task, from cooking to carving, each razor sharp knife will provide you years of comfortable service. Simple design is rugged, good-looking and let’s face it, that means fewer things to go wrong or break. Features a twist lock collar keeping the blade secure. Beechwood handles. These award winning designs are still made in France today by the Opinel family. (A) Large–carbon steel. 71⁄2" overall, 31⁄4" blade. #402828…$12.95 (B) Small–carbon steel. 61⁄2" overall, 27⁄8" blade. #402830…$11.95 (C) Serpette–high carbon stainless steel. 73⁄4" overall, 31⁄8" blade. #402832…$19.95


orking closely from the source material and with direct consultation with the artist Frank Miller, we proudly introduce a line of fully licensed pieces as he envisioned them.


The Sword of Sparta
1095 high carbon steel, hand-forged and well tempered 24" blade with fuller. A full tang, with traditional peened over construction. Solid steel parts. Wood grip with genuine leather wrap. Includes “battle worn” full grain leather scabbard and baldric. Features full color certificate of authenticity. 30" overall, Wt.-approx. 3 lbs. #881010…$195.00 q
All 300 items include a full color Certificate of Authenticity.


(A) King Leonidas Helmet-steel and plated in antiqued brass, fully lined in leather with an adjustable liner and chin strap. Features a genuine horse hair crest. Includes display stand and a full color Certificate of Authenticity. #881003…$425.00 (B) Cape-Heavy, extra long, distressed 100% cotton. Measures 70" in length. Red only. Dry clean. #881001…$89.00 (C) Vambraces-plated in antiqued brass with full leather strapping. #881005…$95.00 Brooch-Antiqued brass with leather strap and brass snap. Round or rectangle. $24.00 each (D) 3" dia. #881012 (E) 3" x 2". #881008 (F) Necklace-Giant 3" wolf’s tooth with a 32" leather thong. Resin. #881009…$20.00 (G) Briefs-All leather, adjustable rear snaps allow for better fit. Order S/M or L/XL. #881007…$95.00 (H) Greaves-Steel, plated in antiqued brass with strapping allows for a perfect fit. 241⁄2" tall. #881006…$160.00

(B) (C)






(I) Sandals-All leather w/rubber soles and three adjustable ankle straps. Men’s whole sizes 7-13. Brown. #100958…$74.00


(J )Shield of Sparta-Made of steel and richly plated with antiqued brass. It is fully lined on the inside and features the traditional leather hand holds. 36" and weighs approx. 17 lbs. #881004 …$395.00 (K) Spartan Helmet-steel and plated in antiqued brass, fully lined in leather with an adj. liner and chin strap. Includes display stand. 12" tall. #881002…$350.00 (K)
© 2008 Frank Miller, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 300, the 300 logo, and all characters featured in 300 and the distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Frank Miller, Inc.

(I) 46

The Terminator™
Official Leather Jacket
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this landmark motion picture, we present a prop never attempted before – a screen accurate version of the T-800’s motorcycle jacket. This limited edition jacket has had nothing spared in its research and materials. Using all original surviving resource material, it has been recreated exactly as it was worn on screen. The jacket features police grade leather with zipout cold weather, custom printed lining and sew-in label celebrating the 25th anniversary. It also incorporates all the safety features of today’s motorcycle jackets, to ensure realism and protection, if you want to wear it when you ride. M(42-44), L(46-48), XL(50-52) and XXL(54-56). #884800…$299.00
©2009 StudioCanal S.A. © All Rights Reserved

Terminator Salvation
(A) Fully licensed collectibles from the latest blockbuster hit featuring man against machines. John Conner carries the most basic, but effective tools in the war, shouldn’t you? Each is epoxy coated 440 stainless steel. (A) Skull–nothing like a little reminder of who you’re fighting and why. 8" overall, 3" blade. Frame lock, includes pocket clip. #403018…$39.95 (B) JNKNR–wicked fixed blade w/full profile tang and reinforced tip, perfect for taking a Terminator down. G-10 scales w/partial leather wrap. Includes ABS sheath. 3⁄16" thick, 8" overall, 31⁄2" blade. #403017…$64.95


Collectible tin box comes with (A).

Blocked barrel per gov. safety standards.

The Phantom’s 1911 Colt Pistols
These officially licensed, non-firing full-metal guns are functional in every way: the magazine ejects, the barrel slides and the trigger pulls. The custom hardwood, black grips are inset with metal medallions of the symbols from the two famous rings he wears. A full-color display plaque, which can be either hung on a wall or stand freely on a shelf, along with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity is included. Strictly limited to only 250 sets worldwide! Made by Windlass Steelcrafts™ and the KIMAR gun factory of Italy. #885023…$275.00 set Less than 40 remain!
© 2007 King Features Syndicate, Inc. TM Hearst Holdings, Inc.

When drawn in the iconic World War II era comic there were multiple artists used and it's hard to know exactly when, but this variant is drawn into many of those first issues with red & white vertical stripes as opposed to the red, white & blue of many original drawings. Artistic license? Either way it gives all you Cap fans a chance to own some very rare and unique comic history. Includes full size, wood display plaque which mimics an old Army crate and is hand stenciled, plus full color, numbered certificate of authenticity. Only 500 will be made so get to it soldier. Shield is full size and of hand formed steel w/proper curvatue. #885018…
$350.00 $10 addl. s/h no express
Marvel and all related character names and the distinctive likenesses thereof TM & © 2009 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved.

Captain America 1941 Shield (Variant)


Space Saber Wooden Bokken
At last you can practice and hone your “saber” moves! Just like any practice Bokken, our new addition will hold up to one-on-one combat in any galaxy. With a 15⁄16" by 33" round “blade” married to a detailed wood “saber” handle. Reinforcing ring helps to avoid chipping. 44" overall length. #600821…$24.00

Magnum Field Knife
440 stainless steel and synthetic scales that are impervious to the elements. A great field companion hiking, hunting or camping. 77⁄8" overall, 31⁄4" blade. Liner lock includes pocket clip. #403016…$16.95

Skull Pendant
Great little pendant to wear any time you want. Antique pewter finish, with a neck clasp on the thong, on this 1" round piece of fun jewelry. #802269…$5.95

Finger Talon
This is a 10 on the coolness factor alone. Fits most fingers and is completely articulated for great dexterity. 440 stainless steel knuckle blade. Parts are cast metal.51⁄4" overall, 21⁄8" blade. #802230…$8.95

Tactical Boot Knife
Light, thin and easy to carry and retrieve. Fits easily onto any boot or belt. Unique honeycomb print on the one piece, blackened, 440 stainless steel blade. Well balanced and can be thrown in a pinch. Includes nylon sheath. 73⁄8" overall, 31⁄2" blade. #403002…$9.95

Wartech Spider
An all-around field folder that’s up to almost any task. The cool spider design is actually cast right into the aluminum scales. 440 stainless steel blade. Liner lock includes pocket clip. 73⁄8" overall, 31⁄4" blade. #403009…$9.95

Hell Blade
Anodized aluminum scales with flame and blue fade. 440 stainless steel blade. And did we mention one mean, real mean skull for the bolster. Liner lock includes pocket clip. 73⁄4" overall, 27⁄8" blade. #402902…$9.95


Beautifully antiqued brass and steel hilt with fully tempered high carbon steel blade is worth its salt against any seabeast or while swarming the side of a galley. Includes scabbard. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #500968…$175.00 q
Overall-32 1/2" • Blade-26" long, 11/8" wide, 3/16" thick • Wt.-2 lbs.

Menacing antiqued brass skull hides a secret. Just unscrew the skull, and you can flip up a 5x magnifying telescope. Rich antiqued brass finish and black hardwood cane. 371⁄2" overall. #801714…Reg. $140.00…Catalog Special $120

An absolute beauty with its attractive floral patterns, wire wrapped grip and pierced ricasso. Styled from Italian Renaissance paintings and frescoes, it makes the perfect display piece for anyone who loves edged weapons or history. Cast metal parts, includes leather covered scabbard. 16" overall, 101⁄2" 420, stainless steel blade. #402442…Reg. $39.95…Closeout $19.95

The classic standard of pirate Jack Rackham. Indoor/outdoor nylon. 3' x 5' with metal grommets. Flag is double sided. #801436…$12.00

Where would the seafaring rogue be without his trusty cutlass? This stout sword is made to be as rugged as the originals. High carbon steel blade. Gorgeous brass basket and nice hardwood grip. No need to sail the high seas in search of ill-gotten riches; this beauty is a treasure in itself. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. Includes scabbard. #500180…$145.00 q
Overall-32" • Blade-26" long • Wt.-2 lbs.


Top Quality Blades & Knife Sharpeners
ORIGINAL Kukri Battle Blades
These original battle kukri blades were made prior to 1890. Some were made much earlier, but it’s difficult to determine the exact date. Each kukri is hand made; the steel was smelted, forged, shaped and hammered in Nepal by individual Kamis. These have all seen service with both the Nepali military and the British Army. Blade only without the handle or scabbard. No markings. See pg. 36 for (A) blade measurements. (A) Traditional Longleaf Kukri Blade–#403093…$49.00 (B) (B) Bhojpure Kukri Blade– #403094…$39.00 (C) WWI Issue Kukri Blade– #403095…$39.00 (D) Wood Kukri Handle– #403096…$8.00 (C) (D)

Engrave It 3 Initials Only $5 All knife blades on this page can be engraved with 3 initials of your choice for only $5. Sorry, no returns on engraved items.




(H) (I) (J)

1085 High Carbon Steel Knife Blades
Functional blades hand forged and tempered. Each is 1⁄8" thick. Blades C-M made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. (E) Fantasy–163⁄4" overall. 111⁄8" blade. #700220…$16.95 (F) Small Companion–155⁄8" overall. 101⁄2" blade. #700002…$18.95 (G) Fighter–1413⁄16" overall. 97⁄8" blade. #700024…$18.95 (H) Traditional Hunter–125⁄8" overall. 71⁄8" blade. #700278…$14.95 (I) Small Hunter–85⁄8" overall. 5" blade. #700070…$13.95 (J) Camper–5 pre-drilled holes for rivets/ screws and a lanyard hole. 83⁄4" overall. (K) (L) (M) (N) 5" blade, 1" wide. Wt. 4 oz. #700276…$14.95 (K) Boot Dagger–111⁄4" overall. 63⁄16" blade. #700160…$12.95 (L) Full Tang Dagger–10" overall. 61⁄8" blade. #700334…$14.95 (M) 12" Arkansas Toothpick–13⁄4" wide x 3⁄16" thick with a round tang over 7" long. 191⁄2" overall. #700496…$14.95 (N) 12" Scottish Dirk–nicely polished. Its 11⁄4" wide x 1⁄4" thick. 5" long, hand tooled pattern on blade back. 5" long, round tang. 171⁄2" overall. #700042…$16.95


Pro Edge™ Stone
Tradition with an edge in mind. The famed, soft Arkansas stone is thought by many to be the world’s finest for putting the perfect edge on any blade. These have slight irregularities that allow us to save you money, but don’t interfere with their superb sharpening ability. Includes instructions for use and wood case. Stone approx. 73⁄4" x 2" x 1". #801754…$11.95 Honing Oil–(not shown). White mineral oil. USDA rated H-1 and odorless. 4 oz. bottle. #802272…$4.95 (A)


Hammermarked Sticker Blade For Knifemakers
Double-edge blade will make excellent survival knives, boot knives and replicas of 19th century patterns. Drop forged so it can withstand stress and hard use. 11" overall. 61⁄2" blade, 11⁄8" wide and 3⁄32" thick. Full tang construction. Drilled for 1⁄8" rivets. Made in the U.S.A. #700026…$6.95
Engrave It – 3 Initials – Only $5 All blades on this page. No returns on engraved items.



512 layers

(F) (E)

(J) (G)




(A) Bird Knife–63⁄4" overall. Compact 3" blade has an integral finger guard. 5⁄8" wide. Wt. 3 oz. .188" thick. #700188…$24.95 (B) 4" Long Damascus Drop Point–11⁄8" wide and .188" thick at the spine. 71⁄2 long overall. Wt. 3 oz. #700472…$29.95 (C) 21⁄4" Long Damascus Drop Point Utility–11⁄16" wide and .188" thick at the spine. Ridged thumbrest. 61⁄16" long overall. Wt. 1 oz. Tang drilled for 1⁄8" pins. #700434…$24.95 (D) Boot Dagger–613⁄16" overall. 43⁄4" long, 1" wide. Wt. 3 oz. .188" thick. #700396…$29.95 (E) Hunting Damascus–85⁄8" overall. Blade 53⁄4" x 13⁄8" wide. Wt. 4 oz. .188" thick. #700296…$39.95 (F) All Purpose Damascus–71⁄2" overall. Blade 31⁄2" x 1" wide. Wt. 4 oz. .188" thick. #700122…$39.95 (G) California Bowie–16" overall. Blade 111⁄4" x 15⁄8" wide. Wt. 9 oz. #700346…$16.95 (H) Combat–14" overall. Blade 81⁄4" x 15⁄8" wide. Wt. 12 oz. #700078…$15.95

(I) Work Knife–111⁄4" overall. Blade 6" x 15⁄8" wide. Wt. 5 oz. #700174…$14.95 (J) Carbon Steel Sgian Dubh–31⁄4" blade, 3⁄4" wide. #700380…$14.95 (K) Damascus Sgian Dubh–31⁄4" blade, 3 ⁄4" wide. #700414…$34.95

Make The Knife You Carry
Our booklet will get you started in knifemaking. You’ll learn what tools to use, and, of course, the actual steps you take to make your knife. 32 pages illustrated with photographs and over 40 drawings. 51⁄2" x 81⁄2" format. #800232…$3.50


Secret Agent Man
Windlass™ rapier umbrella™
Inspired by the English spy craze of the sixties, our fully functional sword umbrella evokes images of dashing agents. The high quality European umbrella design is mated perfectly to a fully functional, 283⁄4" high carbon steel rapier blade that has a superior temper. Secure button-lock opens the umbrella and a separate one releases the fine blade. Dependable in a storm or in a pinch, this unique umbrella is for those of you who want to feel what it was like to be on Her Majesty’s Secret Service or just stylishly dodge the rain. 37" overall. 50" diameter umbrella spread. Rubber non-slip tip. Leather grip. #600126…$149.95
Cannot be shipped to CA, MA, NY or Canada.

Impact Baton
Non-lethal self defense is quickly becoming the norm, but that doesn’t mean your assailant should get away unscathed. This is one mean expandable baton made of heavy duty steel that will leave a mark on (and most likely break) anything you hit. Made of tough steel w/nonglare, black finish. Comfortable grip is rubber. A quick flick of the wrist and you’re on the offensive or defensive, whatever the situation requires. Includes easy carry, nylon belt sheath. Expands to 26". #600817…$24.95
Cannot be shipped to AR, CA, MA, NJ, NY, PA or Canada.

All Weather Protection™ Sword Umbrella
Here’s a combination sword and umbrella at an affordable price. Helps keep you dry and safe from muggers. •DEADLY PENETRATION: Sharp, 10" long, surgical stainless steel blade has a tapered point specifically designed for deep penetration (we r e Ov 00 drove one through a steel helmet with no deformation to the blade or 41,0 ady point). Blade is spring tempered to flex up to 30° and never break or e Alr old take a set. S •LIGHTNING FAST DRAW: From double-locked to unsheathed Fiberglass takes only 2 seconds with umbrella open or closed. Impregnated Nylon Handle •SAFE TO USE: Umbrella mechanism is totally separate from the Incredibly Smooth blade locks. No accidental openings. DOUBLE LOCK •QUALITY: This classic nylon umbrella is the best obtainable. SYSTEM Prevents Comparable umbrellas (without the sword blade, of course) Accidental Opening cost about $30 in fine stores. Ten Inches Of Surgical Stainless Steel Sword Blade •IT’S LIGHTWEIGHT: Only 18 oz. Telescopes to 181⁄4" overall. Stores Double Nylon Fabric easily in your briefcase, glove comCreates a 36" Wide Dome partment or trench coat pocket. Umbrella Comes boxed with nylon storage Telescopes sleeve. Instructions included. To Compact 181⁄4" Overall #600040…$54.95
Length You Can Draw The Sword With The Umbrella Closed or Open

Cannot be shipped to CA, MA, NY or Canada.


Items in this catalog are not toys! It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check and comply with any and all state, local and federal laws.


Windlass™ Sword Canes
Elegant style that reflects your finer tastes. Materials specifically selected to offer a unique, balanced walking (and if the time comes, self-defense) experience. Spring, button-lock mechanism secures the blade safely and ensures quick retrieval should the need arise – better than friction locks that wear quickly, and twist locks that waste valuable time. These are dependable, real sword canes that will last. Exceptional quality and value in a walking companion. Non-slip rubber tips. Fully tempered, high carbon steel blades. (A) Knob Cane–an update of the “swordstick” as the English were so fond of calling it. Features something rarely seen in a sword cane, a full-length rapier blade. Grip and pommel head are solid aluminum and balance the blade nicely. Shaft is aluminum; much more durable than the wood, or plastic used on most other canes. Black finish. 36" overall. 29" blade, 5⁄8" wide, 3⁄16" thick. 11⁄2 lbs. #600180…$84.95
Cannot be shipped to CA, MA, NY or Canada.

As seen in Batman Begins


(B) Buffalo Horn Cane–contoured, buffalo horn adds to the refined appearance and makes for a very comfortable handle. Fiberglass shaft with black finish. The fit and finish will surely make you the envy of the other chaps at the club. 371⁄2" overall. Stout blade is 171⁄4" long, 1⁄2" wide and 3⁄16" thick. 1 lb. 4 oz. #600222…$125.00
Cannot be shipped to CA, MA, NY or Canada.

Mace Cane
Walk with confidence and power with our newest cane offering. Simple and good looking the stout solid hardwood shaft is topped with a heavy solid brass knob fashioned after a medieval mace head. Weighing 1 lb. 4 oz. it’s also a no nonsense 36" long walking stick. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #600728…$39.95

Rite Edge Survival Set

Tactical set features plastic digital camo pattern that is standard issue now and includes one fixed blade, one folding knife plus a LED flashlight. All contained in one easy to carry and access nylon sheath. Light 33⁄4" long (batteries not included). Stainless steel blades. Liner lock 3" blade, 73⁄4" overall. Fixed blade is 31⁄2", 81⁄2" overall. #402748…$24.95


Windlass® Pool Shark
A beautifully crafted, real pool cue made of solid wood and lacquered to a light honey hue. Butt end is painted black with elegant white geometric designs. What would a Shark be without teeth? Features a hidden stiletto in the butt cap that securely stays put no matter how hard you break, but can be pulled in a flash when the game turns ugly. Cue wt. 1 lbs, 8 oz. 58" overall. Stiletto 123⁄4" overall, 8" triangular cross section blade of 1085 high carbon steel. Solid brass internals at midway connector, reinforced with aluminum for solid play. Includes carry case. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #801712…Reg. $125.00…Closeout $85.00

Save $30

(Cannot be shipped to CA, MA, NY or Canada)

Emergency Rescue
Thick aluminum scales anodized orange for durability and visibility. Features glass breaker, seat belt cutter and safety blade that’s designed for safe use around accident victims. Ambidextrous thumb stud and index finger “trigger” for ultra fast opening. Liner lock includes pocket clip. Perfect for EMT’s and other rescue workers. 73⁄4" overall. 27⁄8" stainless steel blade. #402238…$7.95

SWAT Rescue
Special Weapons And Tactics rescue knife. Features a talon blade for optimal tearing, seat belt cutter, glass breaker and pocket clip that sits flat to the handle for great grip and no snagging. Simply depress the top of the clip and it pops out for carry. Aluminum scales. Liner lock. 71⁄2" overall, 3". 440 stainless steel blade. #402903…$8.95

Stealth Boot
Double edge stainless steel, light and fast, easy to carry and black from tip to butt – now that’s what a boot knife is supposed to be. Made by Fury. Rubber grip. Includes leather sheath. 9" overall. 5" blade. #401752…$10.95
Cannot be shipped to CA or MA.



Smith & Wesson M&P
Specifically made for the rugged duties the military and police go through daily. Solid all metal construction for heavy chores and reliability for all types of rescue work. Features tough, 23⁄4" 4034 stainless steel blade and tactical aluminum scales colored for urban or desert ops and glass breaker/skull crusher pommel. Easy to carry on a pack, belt, boot or pocket. Locks both closed with the side lock and open with the liner. Trigger-style assisted opening brings the blade out in a flash. Includes pocket clip. Choose your duty. 7" overall. $39.95 each (A) Black w/satin finish blade–Semi-Serrated…#402961 (B) Desert w/blackened blade–Semi-Serrated…#402963 (C) Black w/blackened blade–Semi-Serrated…#402965


US WWII Folding Survival Machete
Based on an original, we’ve recreated a unique and practical cutting tool. Issued by US Army Air Force during WWII, it was also part of the Pilot’s Bail Out Kit to be used as an escape tool, for clearing a path, for making splints and stretchers, for hunting and as a weapon. Our original was made by Cattaraugus and is so marked. The 10" long 1095 high carbon steel chopping blade is factory sharp and ready for action in the jungle or your own back yard. Heavy duty liner lock keeps blade secure. Tapered thick black plastic grip panels are riveted in place and are ideal for positive blade control under heavy use. Includes blued steel blade guard. Although it’s not based on an original, we’ve included a practical black canvas belt sheath for easy and secure field carry. 151⁄2" overall length open and 111⁄4" closed. Wt. 10 oz. #803412…$94.95

RARE Pritchard Bayonet
Patented on 29 November 1916 by Lt. Arthur Pritchard of the 3rd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment the Pritchard bayonet was designed to fit the Webley revolver. It fixes underneath the barrel of the revolver with the pommel sitting in front of the revolver frame, the crossguard being secured by a spring behind the front sight. The original bayonets were manufactured by W. W. Greener of Birmingham. Both the blade and scabbard were converted from French Gras bayonets. The hilts were usually made of brass, however, hilts of alloy or steel have also been noted. No more than two hundred of these incredible bayonets were produced and sold privately to officers during the First World War. A very well made replica of an extemely rare bayonet. A must for collectors. #403001…$149.95

Marine Serpentine
Although not standard issue, this tough serpentine blade with true saw spine would easily handle the rugged work needed in the field. Rugged and durable ABS sheath takes a beating while keeping your knife secure and has multiple lash points. 121⁄4" overall, 61⁄2" 440 stainless steel blade is 3⁄16" thick. Features a checker pattern, textured ABS grip for positive hold wet or dry and solid steel finger guard and crusher pommel. Full tang. #402866…$19.95

Harley-Davidson WWII U.S. Army Motorcycle

Known as the WLA model, it was produced to U. S. Army specifications during WWI. Production would cease after WWII, but would be revived for the Korean War. Accessories include a luggage rack, ammo box, scabbard for Thompson SubMachine Gun and skid plate. Used primarily for MP and escort work, courier duties and scouting. Our highly detailed metal model features tires and front fork that rotate. Painted in an olive drab color scheme. Over 16" long x 91⁄2" tall. Wt.-21⁄2 lbs. #802211…$39.95





German WWII Reproduction Visor Caps
Our fine reproduction visor caps are perfect for the re-enactor or collector. Specify size: 71⁄4", 71⁄2" or 73⁄4". Lined. Patent leather visor and leather sweat band. Your choice. $44.95 each (A) Wehrmacht Officer’s Cap–grey/green color, complete with white piping, silver cap cords, silver colored cloth cap badge, silver colored spread eagle swastika badge. #802206 (B) Luftwaffe Officer’s Cap–blue and black color, complete with silver piping, silver cap cords, silver colored Luftwaffe eagle swastika badge. #802207 (C) SS Death Head Visor Cap–black color, complete with white piping, silver colored nazi eagle, silver colored death head. #802208

German WWII Potato Masher Inert Stick Grenade
Highly detailed replica of “potato masher” grenade adopted in 1924 and used through the close of WWII. Copied from an original in a private collection, includes original markings, bottom cap unscrews and igniter string and ball drop out, but can not be pulled and removed. 133⁄4" long and 10 ounce weight Display Only: Will Not Explode. #802192…$44.95

German WWII MP-40 Sling
Made from an original, correct 2 hole MP-40 slings complete with cross-hatching in SS German black leather. Comes with proper steel slide buckle, collar stud steel button and leather keeper. Includes Waffenamt and date markings, approximately 48" long. #802202…$19.95

German WWII Afrikakorps P-08 Hardshell Luger Holster
A magnificent replica of Afrikakorps brown leather Luger holster. Our replica is correct in all respects including the use of Afrikakorps brown leather with white stitching as originally issued. It comes with spare magazine pocket on side and stripping tool compartment on the inside of the hardshell cover. Our holster even has duplicated Afrikakorps symbol, maker codes and Waffenamt markings. #802194…$44.95

Call Toll-Free 1-800-883-0300 German WWII Afrikakorps P-38 Hardshell Holster
A gorgeous replica originally made between 1940-1943, these replicas are constructed exactly as the originals of heavy brown leather with white stitching, bearing duplicate Afrikakorps markings, maker codes and Waffenamt markings. Original examples of this holster are hard to find today. #802200…$44.95


Artillery Luger Holster w/Buttstock
We’re proud to offer this high quality reproduction. Comes with 141⁄4" “paddle” style satin finished wood stock with blued steel attaching hardware. All leather is top-grain with semigloss black finish, includes dual mag pouch, shoulder strap and cleaning rod with barrel shaped handle. #803370…$149.95

Military Knife
German Military surplus pocket knife. Used, very good to excellent condition. 23⁄4" main blade, bottle opener, screwdriver, saw blade, awl and corkscrew tools. Stainless steel blades and liner with OD plastic grips. 71⁄2" open and 41⁄8" closed. Weighs less than 2 oz. #803237…$9.95

WWII M1935 Replica Helmet
(A) The German Army accepted this improved helmet June 25, 1935. The helmet was press formed in several stages from molybdenum steel. Separately inserted hollow rivets replaced the large vent lugs found on WWI helmets. The rim of the helmet continued to be rolled under for a smooth edge. It also received an updated liner and chinstrap. This high-quality reproduction is made from steel with leather harness. #803128…$89.95


WWI & WWII Reproduction Helmets
(B) M-16–The Imperial German Army began to replace the traditional leather Pickelhaube (spiked helmet) with the Stahlhelm (German for “steel helmet”) in 1916. This helmet provided superior protection over other countries’ designs due to the skirt that covered the side and back of the wearer’s head. In the 1930’s this helmet (painted gloss black) became a symbol of the infamous SS. Although superseded by newer models it was still in use until the end of WWII by second line and home guard units. Our high quality reproduction has rolled steel edges, dark green matte finish, leather adjustable head liner and chin strap. #803280…$89.95 (C) M-42–Germany entered WWII with the M-35 helmet as standard issue (M-16 and M-18 helmets were still in use too). In 1942 the M-42 design was put into production. The rolled edge of the M35 on the shell was eliminated, creating an unfinished edge along the rim. This edge slightly flared out, along the base of the skirt. The elimination of the rolled edge expedited the manufacturing process and reduced the amount of metal used in each helmet, but did not sacrifice protection. Our high quality reproduction has dark green matte finish, leather adjustable head liner and chin strap. #803282…$89.95



WWII Replica Paratrooper Helmet
(D) High quality reproduction of this extremely rare WWII German Paratrooper Steel Helmet; FALLSCHIRMJAGER. It was made in the general shape of the M1935 helmet but without the extended brim and flared sides. Rolled under rim for a smooth edge. It also received an updated liner and chinstrap. This high-quality reproduction is a must for any collector. #803127…$89.95


Call Toll-Free 1-800-883-0300

Walther P-38 and P-08 Luger Non-Firing Guns
Perfect for collectors, re-enactors and stage. Use when the real ones are not available. Full-size, made from black finished metal with plastic grips. Cannot fire, safe for anyone to handle. Walther P-38–hammer cocks and releases in single action only, weighs 11⁄2 lbs. #803418…$64.95 P-08 Luger–has detachable magazine, toggle moves and cocks striker and trigger works like the real thing, weighs 2 lbs. #803420…$119.95
Cannot ship to MA, DC, PR, Canada. (CA counties: Marin, Napa, Ventura, Yolo)




SS Marked P-38 Soft Shell Holster
(A) A perfect replica of the German Softshell P-38 Holster in black leather. Spare magazine pouch and SS Markings duplicated on back. Ideal for reenactors and collectors. Indistinguishable from the originals, top quality. #803143…$34.95

German WWII Wehrmacht Pistol Belt & Buckle
Detailed reproduction of the standard Wehrmacht issue black leather pistol belt and buckle used during WWII. 13⁄4" wide and adjusts to fit waists up to 44", includes black finished metal buckle. #803146…$34.95

Nazi Marked P-08 Luger Holster
(B) A magnificent replica of WWII era Luger hardshell holster of high quality black leather. Correct in all respects including the use of BLACK leather with white stitching as originally issued. It comes with correct spare magazine pocket on side and stripping tool compartment on the inside of the hardshell cover. Has duplicated NAZI Maker codes and Waffenamt markings. #803147…$39.95

Nazi Marked P-38 Hardshell Holster
(C) A gorgeous replica hardshell model holster for the German P-38 pistol. Used by German armed forces during WWII. Made from heavy black finished leather with spare mag pouch. Original examples of this holster are hard to find today. Perfect for re-enactors or just a good home for your P-38 pistol. #803144…$39.95

Nazi Marked Mauser 98K Sling
New 98K leather brown rifle sling. Correctly cross-hatched complete with buckle and keeper. Well-marked with makers code, date and Waffenampt. Correct with all Nazi WWII Rifles. #803167…$19.95

SS Pistol Belt & Buckle
Reproduced in exacting detail for the collector, SS black leather pistol belt and silver looking buckle. 13⁄4" wide and adjusts to fit waists up to 44". #803145…$34.95

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98 Butcher Blade Bayonet w/Scabbard
Relive “The Great War” with our superb S 98/05 “Butcher Blade” bayonet reproduction. Introduced in 1915 by the Imperial German Army for use with GEW 98 Rifle (also fits K98 and most 98 Mauser clones including Yugo Mausers). Used by Reichswehr between the Wars and by many German police departments (rifles were standard police issue). Remained in limited service through WWII. Made from deeply blued high carbon steel, oil finished wood grips with proper blued steel scabbard. 143⁄8" x 1⁄4" wide blade with fuller. 191⁄2" overall length. Weighs approx. 1 lb. 5 ounces. #803276…Reg. $99.95…Closeout $79.95

WWII K-98 Mauser Bayonet w/Scabbard
Reproduced in exacting detail from a mid-WWII original. Fits German, Yugo, Czech and most K-98 clones. Blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel and properly tempered to hold a razor edge (blade is not sold sharpened). All metal is deeply blued and wood grips have a rubbed oil appearance. Sheath is made from blued steel. Bayonet weights 14 ounces. 97⁄8" blade. 15" overall length. #803314…$49.95

C-96 Wood Buttstock Holster Set
High quality hand-crafted wood buttstock/holster with leather belt harness and cleaning rod. Works with all model Mauser C-96 Broomhandle, Bolo, etc. with 10 round magazines. Wood holster has a satin sheen finish that could pass for hand-rubbed. All metal is deeply blued. Leather is beautiful warm satin brown color stitched with waxed linen thread, metal hardware is bright finished. Cleaning rod can be used with 6" barrels, 1⁄4" dia. and can be used with 7.62 and 9mm barrels. #803408…$179.95

WWI Imperial Naval War Flag
Relive the glory of the Imperial High Seas Fleet with this quality reproduction. Made from durable Nylon material with brass reinforced grommets. Indoor or outdoor use. Measures 3" x 5’. #803360…$12.00

Trench Fighting Knife
During WWI the fighting often took place in the enemy’s trench as it was overrun. In this kind of close quarter hand-to-hand combat a knife was a valuable back-up. The original that this knife was copied from was handmade in the trenches from a cut down GEW 98 Mauser bayonet. The blade is a handy 51⁄2" long with a weight of 8 oz. for the 9" knife. Includes leather scabbard. This knife can be seen in the book “Fighting Knives” by Frederick J. Stephens. #402534…Reg. $74.95…Catalog Special $59.95

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1928A1 SMG Non-Firing Replica Guns
Looks and feels like the real McCoy, but it’s just a high quality reproductions. Perfect for collectors and re-enactors. It’s all metal and wood, bolt cocks and trigger works. Each gun comes with detachable dummy magazine. Real mags don’t fit, buttstock does not detach. Looks so real we can’t ship to states that restrict high capacity mags and assault rifle parts. Wt. about 9 lbs. $279.95 each R3 (A) Military model with horizontal fore end and dummy 20 round mag. 323⁄8" long. #803396 (B) Commercial model with vertical foregrip and dummy 50 round drum mag. 34". #802131

German WWII Trench Knife
Quality reproduction with 6" blade and full tang. 103⁄8" overall length. Hardwood grips are pinned in place. Worn on belt or as a boot knife, black finished metal sheath has boot/belt clip. Knife weighs 41⁄2 ounces. #402708…$39.95

WWII V-42 Elite Ranger Knife w/Scabbard
Originals are very scarce. Our faithful reproduction is razor sharp and battle ready. Features 1095 high carbon blued steel 71⁄4" long double edged blade (both edges are razor sharp). Grooved thumb rest in the ricasso for improved control when thrusting, pointed steel skull crusher pommel. Leather washer grip with leather cross guard buffer (the leather buffer was only attached through the tang, it was not attached to the back of the cross guard). Comes with low-ride top grain leather scabbard with steel reinforcing, fits belts up to 3" wide, and leather leg thong. 121⁄4" overall length, 7 ounce weight. #803406…$49.95

British WWII P-1937 Enfield Carry Case
Excellently made! British P-1937 Khaki Enfield Rifle web carrying case with outside pocket for cleaning kit. Complete with steel fittings for use with standard web sling (sling not included). Enfield rifle not included. 44" long. #802204…$34.95

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US WWII .45 1917 Revolver Holster
(A) This is a high quality, exact replica of the 1917/42 holster. U.S. embossed top quality leather, fits belts up to 3" wide. #802199…$39.95

US GI WWII S&W Victory Holster
(B) A fine replica of the official holster used by our troops for the S&W Victory model revolver (same as Model 10 S&W and fits 4" to 5" barrel). Sturdy brown leather construction with full flap “US” embossed, closing on brass stud. Includes belt hangers for attaching to standard web belt. #802195…$24.95



British .455 Webley Revolver Holster
(C) Used by Commonwealth forces in WWI and WWII, our high quality top grained leather holster will fit officer’s leather belt or web garrison belt. #802197…$39.95

German WWII P-38 Softshell Holster
A perfect replica of the German Softshell P-38 Holster of stiff black leather construction, includes spare magazine pouch. Holster does not have any Nazi or makers markings. #802209…$34.95

British Commando Sten Rear Pistol Grip
Our high quality reproduction is made from blued steel. It was specifically designed for the Sten MK 2, Sten MK 3 and the Silenced Sten SMG models of the WWII weapon, these Rear Pistol Grips were designed with a sling mount and an extra finger support for additional control. Just the accessory you need for your STEN display SMG. #802193…$21.95

Thompson SMG Kerr Pattern Sling
This is an outstanding reproduction of a very scarce U.S. issue Thompson Sub Machine gun sling. Constructed of tan colored canvas with steel clip mountings and bearing replicated “U.S.” stamp for more authenticity. These fit all U.S. military Issue Thompson used in WWII be they M-1928A1 or M1/M1A1 models. Exactly like the originals, these will complete any WWII Thompson Military Collection. #802233…$24.95

Springfield Accessory Kit
1903 and 1903/A3 Springfield new, never issued accessory kit. Kit includes blued steel front sight cover, Parkerized steel takedown tool and pull-through thong cleaning tool. #803196…$14.95

M-1 Tactical
Designed to tackle special ops missions for the SOA – Special Operations Assoc. Written on the blackened blade “Death Waits In The Dark” pretty much sums it up. This rugged, easyto-carry friend features contoured & textured G-10 scales for amazing grip plus seat belt cutter, glass breaker and liner lock. Easy one-hand opening. Includes pocket clip. 81⁄4" overall, 31⁄4" razor sharp, 440 stainless steel blade. #402904…$9.95


M1 Garand Bayonets–M1 Garand rifle was (A) first issued with M1905 16" bayonet. In 1942 the U.S. Military determined that a shorter bayonet was more useful. Existing stocks of M1905 bayonets were cut down to 10". In addition, new manufacture 10" bayonets were also produced. Cut-off bayonets have fuller that extends to the point and new manufacture has fullers that stop about 3" from the point. Made to original specifications from high carbon blued steel with hard plastic grips. 141⁄2" long with 10" blade. Wt. 14 oz. $69.95 each (A) “Cut-Off Spear Point Style” Reproduction–#803316 (B) “New Manufacture Style” Reproduction–#803286 (C) M7 Scabbard for M1 10" Bayonet Reproduction–The M7 scabbard was introduced at the same time to accommodate both M1 bayonets. Sheath is made from OD green hard plastic with OD green metal top and belt hanger. 6 oz. weight. #803322…$29.95

(B) (D)

(E) (C)

(D) Long M1 Bayonet–the long (16" blade) M1 Garand/Springfield is arguably the most desirable of all US bayonets and the real ones are almost impossible to find or afford. Our reproduction is as close to the real thing as possible up to and including 1942 markings with flaming bomb. #803129…$75.00 (E) M3 Scabbard–ok, what good is a bayonet without a scabbard? Here’s our exact reproduction scabbard. Hard to tell it from the real McCoy at a quick glance. Includes U.S inside the flaming bomb markings. #803130…$39.95 Collectors Grade (F) (G)



(F) M1 Garand Leather Scabbard–high quality reproduction M1 Garand leather scabbard from WWII. Used with jeeps and other military vehicles. Fitted with the original early style brass cocking handle cover and comes complete with all straps and brass hardware. #803132…$99.95 (G) M1 Garand/Springfield 1907 Pattern Leather Sling–choose from WWI pattern with brass fittings and dates or WWII pattern with steel fittings and dates. WWI slings were issued with early production M1 Garands and WWII issue Springfields can use either sling. Also issued with 1917 Enfields. Still used today in modified form by high-power rifle competition shooters. $19.95 each Brass Hardware–#803133 • Steel Hardware–#803134 (H) US Marked M1 Garand Cartridge Belt–exact reproduction M1 Garand cartridge belt that was slightly modified from WWI era Springfield cartridge belt. Made from heavy-duty cotton-canvas with ten 31⁄4" x 2" pouches, each with a single-snap flap. Has a metal front fastener and is fully adjustable. Each pouch holds one 8-Rd Garand clip or two 5-Rd stripper clips (still works great for Springfield and similar rifles). #803148…$39.95 (I) M1 Garand M10 Buttstock Cleaning Kit–US surplus, new, never issued 6 piece kit. Approximately 261⁄2" long when assembled. “T” handle doubles as disassembly tool. Cleaning rod is made from blued steel. Comes with OD green canvas pouch for easy buttstock storage. #803190…$29.95

U. S. GI Dummy Grenade Set
Authentic US surplus inert practice grenade set. Set includes Pineapple, Lemon and Baseball dummy grenades. Each weighs approx. 1 lb. #803246…$21.95

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U.S. WWII Paratrooper Reproduction Uniform
Faithful reproduction of our paratroopers’ WWII uniforms. Especially designed to meet the unique needs of airborne troops. Introduced in 1942 and used through 1944. WWII re-enactors, collectors or any war buff would be proud to own and wear this uniform. Made from a tough cotton blend material. Machine wash/dry. Jacket O.D.–Full zip front with 2 snap close slanted bellows chest pockets and 2 snap close waist cargo pockets with extra fabric reinforcement. Stitched underarm vent holes. Epaulets, snap cuffs, reinforced elbows and dual collar snaps. 13⁄4" adjustable waist belt. Choose S/M or L/XL. #100838...$65.00 Pants O.D.–Slash front pockets. 2 rear pockets with single button closure. Double button-close cargo pockets. Small pocket above right slash for a lighter or compass. Canvas leg tie straps. 5 buttons around the waist for suspenders. Reinforced knees. Choose S/M or L/XL. #100840...$65.00
Buy Set, Jacket & Pants and SAVE – $120.00 Set

Spear Point GI WWII Fighting Knife
Many of our fighting men during WWII used homemade knives. They ranged from crude to exotic. We’ve reproduced an original with every detail intact. Its all metal, double-edged spear-point design is made from high carbon steel – razor sharp. Crossguard and round knob pommel are also made from steel with the lathe-turned grooved handle made from aluminum bar stock. 12" overall. 73⁄8" blade and 5" cutting edges. Wt. 9 oz. Heavy duty top grain leather sheath is brown satin finished. Solid brass rivets at stress points and sewn with waxed linen thread. Fits belts up to 21⁄2" wide. #803228…Reg. $64.95…Closeout $49.95

M-1917 Bayonet w/Scabbard
Exact reproduction of the classic WWI Enfield M-1917 bayonet with simulated WWI dates. 17" blade with wood grips, each comes with green steel mounted leather scabbard complete with correct hooks for the U.S. Infantry waist belt. Perfect for re-enactors and collectors! This bayonet was also the standard issue for Military shotguns aka: “trench-guns” from WWI to Vietnam. Outfit your 1917 Enfield or “trench-gun” with our high quality reproduction bayonet. #803131…$79.95

M3 Style Fighting Knife
Introduced to U.S. Army GI’s in 1943; the basic blade design served on active duty with our troops well into the later 20th century. Its blade design was used for bayonets on M1/M2/M3 Carbine, M1 Garand (post war M5), M-14 and M-16 rifles and can still be found in service throughout the world. This handy design works equally well as a field knife for defense. Features a 63⁄4" dagger point blade that’s razor sharp, including the 31⁄2" sharpened reverse edge. Blade, crossguard and pommel are all blued steel. The stacked leather hand-fitting grip provides a good looking and slip resistant feel. Comes with a top grain leather sheath that fits belts up to 4" wide and includes leather leg thong. 111⁄2" overall length, 8 oz. weight. #402452…$39.95

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1911A1 U. S. Military Non-Firing Reproduction Gun
This is perhaps the finest reproduction gun we have ever seen. Looks, feels and functions just like the real thing, but it can never really go bang (it even disassembles like the real thing). Absolutely perfect for the collector or re-enactor. Slide is marked “U. S. Armed Forces Automatic Pistol Model of 1911A1 X5898 Caliber .45.” Slide retracts and locks in place, hammer cocks, thumb and grip safety work and the trigger works, mag ejects. Comes with real Double-Diamond checkered wooden grips. All metal is mat black finished. Full size, weighs 2 lbs. 2 oz. #802135…$125.95
Cannot ship to CA, MA, DC, PR, Canada.

Left Hand Available





Officer’s Style Holsters, Belts and Mag Pouches
Holsters–designed to fit standard 1911 style handguns, Beretta 92, Glock, Gold Cup and similar models. Made from top-grain heavy leather with a warm satin finish and sewn with waxed lined thread, complete with leather leg-thong. Features 21⁄4" wide belt loops and belt hanger for use on web belts. Comes in US stamped brown or USMC stamped black, choose right or left hand. $39.95 each (A) US Military 1911 Style Holster– Brown–#803378 • Black–#803382 (B) US Military Beretta 92, Glock, Gold Cup Style Holster– Brown–#803380 • Black–#803384 (C) Officer’s Style Pistol Belts–Heavy duty top-grain leather belts are 17⁄8" wide and adjustable to fit waists up to 50. Solid brass buckle and hardware. Choose Brown w/US buckle or Black w/USMC buckle. #803386…$39.95 each Mag Pouches–Made from the same high quality leather as the holsters and belts with 3" wide belt loops to fit on leather and web belts. $29.95 each (D) 1911 Style Dual Mag Pouch–(for single stack mags). Choose Brown or Black. #803388 (E) Double Stack Style Dual Mag Pouch–Choose Brown or Black. #803390 (D) (E) Buy the set – 1 holster, 1 belt & 1 pouch $99.95

US M7 Shoulder Holster
Faithful reproduction of WWII era shoulder holster, but can still be used today. Designed to fit 1911 style guns, but also fits Beretta 92, full size Glocks, and similar guns. Made from top grain leather finished in a warm brown color. Black finished metal hardware. Will fit XXL size guys. #803404…$44.95

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Jungle Carbine Bayonet
Correct bowie blade bayonet for the Enfield No. 5 carbine. Blades marked "RFI" – Rifle Factory Ishapore. Complete with steel scabbard. New condition. 12" overall. 73⁄4" blade. #401262…$59.95


SOE Wrist Dagger w/Scabbard
During WWII SOE (Special Operations Executive) developed all types of clandestine weapons. One of the most unique was this wrist dagger. We’ve modeled ours from an original – reproduced in every detail. 73⁄4" long with a 31⁄2" triangular thrusting blade that was inspired by stilettos used by assassins in an earlier era. Features round knurled handle 3⁄8" in diameter and made from high carbon steel. Top grain brown leather sheath sewn with waxed linen thread. 7⁄16" x 14" strap with cast brass buckle is adjustable to fit the wrist even over heavy clothing. Weight 21⁄2 oz. #803230…Reg. $49.95…Closeout $34.95

German WWII Mauser 98K Action Cover
A very high quality reproduction, constructed of canvas and leather in olive drab, with white stitching, six leather closing straps and metal studs. Includes WWII manufacturer’s code and date on the interior. #802201…$24.95

German WWII MP-40 Mag Pouch Set
High quality reproduction made with the correct heavy tan canvas with brown leather trim, includes WWII Nazi markings. Holds three magazines on each side. Magazines not included. #802205…$24.95

M1 Garand Sniper Leather Cheek Piece
Identical to the WWII production; these are tan leather Cheek pieces with large pocket secured by stitching and brass grommets for stuffing to required thickness. Complete with leather thong to attach the wood rifle stock with brass grommet holes and leather thong. #802196…$19.95

Rare, Genuine British WWII Cast Spike Bayonet
The last spike bayonet for the #4 Enfield. Made in the 1940’s to fit the Enfield .303 cal. No. 4 MK1 rifle, the principle WWII British infantry weapon. Spike measures 73⁄4". Once produced in large quantities but relatively uncommon today. #600322…$9.95

(Special…Two For $15.00)

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Walther PPK Replica Pistol
Arguably, the most famous pistol of the 20th Century (1911 fans would disagree). Used by fictional character James Bond and real life madman Adolf Hitler to end his life in the Berlin bunker. Made from blackened steel with polymer grips, it’s a full-size replica. The slide can be pulled back to cock the hammer and the trigger (works single action only), the magazine is detachable too. Weights 1 lb. 4 oz. Non-firing. #801896…$89.95
Cannot be shipped to CA, CT, KS, MA, MN, NY or WI.

P-51 Mustang WWII Fighter Plane
Considered by many the best fighter of WWII was first introduced with an Allison engine and it was a performance failure. When mated with the British Merlin engine it became a war winner. Able to escort bombers on the deepest penetration raids over Germany. It also served as a long-range escort in the Pacific. Stayed in service with 3rd world countries until the 1960’s. Our all metal model is 17" long, 21" wide and 5" tall. Weighs 1 pound 12 ounces. #802216…$34.95

P-40 Warhawk WWII Fighter
The tough and reliable P-40 Warhawk was in US service prior to Pearl Harbor and served on all fronts through the end of WWII. Although somewhat obsolete when the war began it gave stellar service with the American Volunteer Group in China also known as “The Flying Tigers”. Relegated to second line service once more modern fighters became available it served on all fronts with all Allied air forces, including the Eastern Front with the Russian air force. Our all metal model is 17" long, 20" wide and 5" tall. Weighs 1 pound, 12 ounces. #802217…$36.95 (A)

Panzerfaust 60MM Inert Reproduction Rocket
Introduced in 1944 this ingenious throw away Rocket Launcher was one of Hitler's last ditch weapons adopted by the Nazis to try and repel the invading Allies on both the Eastern and Western fronts. Our inert display reproduction faithfully replicates this classic weapon but none of the internal working parts are included. Each Rocket comes in full size steel construction and is externally accurate including the flexible stabilizing fins. It even has the stuck on, replicated instruction label as issued on the originals. 191⁄2" length, 2 pound 6 ounce weight #802237…$124.95

Arisaka Bayonet Frogs (B)
(A) Early WWII Arisaka type 30 bayonet frog. High quality leather reproduction. #803400…$14.95 ((B) Late Japanese WWII style. Exact replica of the Japanese late style leather bayonet frog for the WWII Japanese Arisaka rifle bayonet. High quality leather with brass buckle and securing strap. #802203…$14.95

Arisaka Type 30 Bayonet w/Scabbard
Used by Imperial Japan from 1897 through 1945 on all Type 38 and Type 99 rifles and carbines. Our high quality reproduction is pre-1937 style with curved quillion. Blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel. All metal (including scabbard) is nicely blued and wood scales have a satin polished look. 20" overall length, 151⁄2" blade with fuller, weight with scabbard 11⁄2 lbs. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®.#803278…$59.95


US GI WWII Collins Machete
Collins Company, located in Connecticut, was considered by many to be the best manufacturer of machetes in the world. This model was used by our troops in the Pacific during WWII. Our heavyduty reproduction is ready to attack the toughest foliage or whatever might be found in a combat zone. Full tang blade is 3⁄16" thick heat-treated high carbon steel. 233⁄4" overal. 18" blade. Close grained hardwood scales attached 4 steel pins. Top grain leather sheath that fits belts up to 23⁄4" wide. Weight 1 lb. 4 ozs. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts®. #600790…$59.95 Our boys carried a wide variety of fighting knives during WWII. This is one of our favorites. It’s based on an original made by E.G. Waterman of San Francisco and reproduced in painstaking detail. The razor sharp blade is made from hand forged high carbon steel, heat tempered in a computer controlled kiln. Unsharpened reverse edge. Bottle opener built into the shoulder of the blade. Stamped “E G W KNIFE” just like the original. Pommel has lanyard ring and top grained leather sheath is riveted and sewn with waxed linen thread. Fits belts up to 21⁄2" wide. Overall–111⁄4". Blade–7" long, 3⁄16" thick. Wt: 10 oz. #803414…$49.95

E.G. Waterman US WWII Fighting Knife


Steel Bayonet Scabbards
(B) (C)
Reproduction steel scabbards now available separately. (A) Arisaka Type 30– #802291…$29.95 (B) 98-K Mauser–#802294…$24.95 (C) 98 Butcher Blade– #802293…$29.95 (D) M-1917–#802292…$24.95


Call Toll-Free 1-800-883-0300 Sykes-Fairbairn Commando Knife
Based on the classic dagger design and beautifully balanced; this knife was the preferred commando weapon in World War II for U.S. and British Commonwealth forces. Our high quality reproduction is made by Windlass Steelcrafts® with a 63⁄4" 1095 high carbon blued steel blade and hand fitting ferruled blackened metal grip. Comes with top-grain black leather sheath with blued steel tip guard, 21⁄2" belt loop slots, black elastic retention strap and 4-sew tabs (used to sew sheath to uniform or equipment). Weight just over 11 ounces and 113⁄8" overall length. #402538…$59.95
Cannot ship to CA or MA


Australian WWII Florin Fighting Knife
Don’t mess with the thunder from down under or you’re liable to get the point in a most unpleasant way. Based on an original from WWII, complete with reproduction 1943 dated Australian Florin (2 Shilling) coin cast on in the pommel. Features 8” dagger point 1095 high carbon steel blade that’s sharpened on both edges, close grained contoured dark finished hardwood handle, brass cross guard and pommel. High quality top-grain leather scabbard (color may vary) with brass fitting hardware and sewn with linen thead. 133⁄8" overall. Blade 8" x 13⁄8" x 3⁄16". Wt.-12 oz. #402886…$59.95

Flags Of Our Troops
Show your pride or affiliation for our brave troops that have served, do serve, and will serve our country in the years to come. Indoor/outdoor nylon. 3’



x 5’ with metal grommets. Flag is double sided. $12.00 each
(A) U. S. Marines–#802167 (B) U. S. Army–#802165 (C) U. S. Navy–#802172 (D) 1st Marine Division–#802164



German WWII M36 Wool Overcoat
Reproduction of the pre-war model common during the Polish, French and Russian campaign. Features a dark green collar, and two rows of buttonholes so it can be buttoned either right or left. The wool fabric and twill lining are excellent quality; the coat has roll back cuffs, hook and eye fastener at the collar as well as the skirt hand sewn skirt placket and raw edge hem. Piping colors vary, sorry no choice. Marked in metric sizes, order your regular size…we’ve made the conversion to fit over the service tunic. Sizes: M, L, or XL. #803208…$169.95

German WWII Leather Greatcoat
Beautifully crafted reproduction German WWII era greatcoat in grey. Coveted by officers of all service branches and always in short supply. 100% premium full-grain leather in long overcoat style. Doublebreasted button front. 2 fold-over flap pockets. Non-adjustable button belt in back. Soft 100% felt lining. Button close internal pocket. Marked in European sizes. Order your normal size...we’ve converted to US sizing. L, XL and XXL. #803209…$349.95

German WWII Scutzemine 42 (Box Mine)
An excellent reproduction of the scarce German WWII all wood antipersonnel mine. Designed to hold 200 grams of explosive material, this plywood box had a hinged cover which, when trodden on, activated a detonator protruding through a hole in the side of the box. Measuring 4" x 5" x 21⁄2", when loaded it weighed just over one pound. Almost impossible to detect because of all wood construction. Offered empty without explosive or detonator, this casing bears replicated Waffen amt and makers codes/dates for added reality. #802255…$19.95


U.S. WWII Command Car
More than 27,000 WC 56 and WC 57 (with winch) 3/4 ton Command Cars were produced from 1942 to 1945 by Dodge for US Armed Forces and their Allies. The Dodge command car was used for front line reconnaissance and often fitted with a long range radio set just behind the back seat. Other uses were in a command role often transporting high ranking military officials. Our highly detailed metal transport model with winch and canvas top is painted in a distressed olive drab color as if it had just returned from a front line mission. 153⁄4" x 7" x 7" dimensions and 3 lbs. 11 oz. weight. #802076…$34.95

WWII German Luftwaffe Survival Machete
Issued primarily to bomber crews on the Eastern front. Originals are rarely seen, making our high quality reproduction a must-have for the collector and re-enactor. Blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel, tempered in computer controlled kilns and honed to a razor sharp edge. 161⁄4" blade. 21" overall length. 1 lb 9 oz. weight. Dark finished hardwood scales are pinned in place. All metal, including sheath, is deeply blued. Black canvas frog fits belts up to 23⁄4" wide. #402636…$89.95

USMC WWII Combat Machete
3 Battle-ready replica, based on ⁄16" an original in our collection. Thick Heavy-duty 1095 high carbon Full steel blade is 3⁄16" thick and Tang 111⁄4" long with a full tang and close-grained hardwood scales fastened with 3 thick brass pins. Blade is sharpened all the way around the front edge a couple of inches back on the reverse edge. 161⁄2" overall. Weighs almost 2 lbs. Comes with a high-quality leather sheath that’s finished in a warm \satin brown finish. The throat of the scabbard is brass lined and is sewn with waxed linen thread. Has standard web belt hanger that’s both sewn and riveted for added strength. #803410…$94.95

Kukri Bayonet
Highly detailed reproduction duplicated from an original. The unique Chupi bayonet, popularly known as the “Kukri Bayonet”, was made in a variety of lengths and styles. It was designed to fit Nepalese flintlock muskets and caplock conversions. It also fits many “Brown Bess” style muskets. Fits most muskets with .900" or slightly smaller muzzle diameter. Our bayonets average 221⁄2" overall length, blades average 161⁄2" in length, 21⁄4" wide, 5⁄16" thick. Weights 1 lb. 7 oz. #600784…Reg. $99.95 …Closeout $69.95 Nepalese Inscriptions


WWI German Fighter Plane Replica
Hand made and hand painted to provide a rugged, rustic, vintage feel. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this throwback, old fashioned model. Approximately 11" long and 41⁄2" tall. #802215…$34.95

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Southeast Asian Guerrilla Machete
The Viet Cong were masters “making do” and adapting. Their cutting tools were no exception. Made from any flat piece of steel; these crude implements were often perfect for the intended purpose. We’ve carefully reproduced an example of an actual machete brought back as a war souvenir. It’s field ready to chop brush, coconuts, or whatever. Made from 1095 high carbon steel, 121⁄2" x 3⁄16" very sharp blade with a blued finish. The close-grain hardwood handle is held in place with 2 solid brass pins. Our sheath, although not based on an original, is very practical and designed for years of tough service. It’s made from top grain leather with steel rivets and a steel blade protector at the stress points. Fits belts up to 3" wide. 18" overall length and 1 lb. 1 oz. weight. #402872…$49.95

U. S. WWII 3/4 Ton 4 x 4 Truck
Introduced in 1941 by Dodge this workhorse was very versatile and adapted to many tasks and variations. The basic model, represented here, was called a weapons carrier, but had fold down seats to carry personnel. Remained in front line service until after the Korean War with all branches of our armed forces and many of our allies. Our highly detailed model is all metal except for the heavy cloth “rag-top”. 131⁄2" long, 71⁄2" tall and 6" wide and weighs 2 lbs. 14 ozs. Like our metal airplanes, it has a rustic, vintage “old toy” feel. #802214…$44.95

German WWII U-99
Relive the adventurous days of the “Gray Wolves” in the North Atlantic during WWII with this highly detailed U-Boat model. Our model is not based on a specific U-Boat design, but recreates the memory of the brave crews in their “Iron Coffins”. Dimensions: 20" x 23⁄4" x 51⁄4". Weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. #802256…$39.95







Military Baseball Caps
Celebrate our armed forces and honor the Stars And Stripes proudly. High quality 100% cotton baseball caps with full color embroidery logos. One size fits most. Velcro adjustable in the back. $7.95 each (A) US Air Force–#101126 • (B) US Navy–#101127 • (C) US Marine Corp–#101125 (D) US Army–#101128 • (E) POW–#101129

(G) (F)


ACC Patented Badge Holder/Knife
At local law enforcement and Bureau of Investigation request, ACC has patented a Federal/Police/Security force badge holder with a functional back-up weapon built in. The genuine leather badge holder allows you to show your badge properly & securely on your belt or around your neck with the included black chain. Affixed to the back is a fully functional folding knife with 21⁄4" long, 1" wide blade. The entire design is of solid 420 stainless steel. The knife stays secure until needed and arrives in a flash with the quick, one-hand trigger-style opener. Frame lock. The badge actually acts to reinforce the grip and the holder fits the hand well. The absolutely unique, patented design is only available from ACC. Undercover officers cannot always carry a firearm, but many times still have their badge to identify themselves and this badge holder gives them the edge they need in emergencies. Choose fully blackened or matte silver. Purpose and function, you’ll be glad you have it in the field. Badge not included. $34.95 each (F) Satin Folder–#403077 • (G) Black Folder–#403078
Cannot ship to CA, MA, NY or Canada

For State, Federal or Police sales and discounts in all 50 states – Call 800-241-3664


Barbershop Razor
A great collectible to add to any collection. Made entirely of stainless steel, this durable shaver brings back memories. 103⁄8" overall, 41⁄2" blade. #403008…$9.95

Here’s a knife species with an aggressive profile and a nasty bite. The 31⁄2", 440 stainless steel blade uncoils with ease thanks to the ambidextrous thumb stud. Cast metal frame has laminated, ebony stained hardwood scales for comfort. Liner lock. Metal pocket stud. 8" long, overall. #403122…$8.95

Wicked 3 ⁄4" blade. Aluminum grip contains a real scorpion inlay in clear plastic. Liner lock. Pocket clip. 43⁄4" closed. #402700…$9.95

Call Toll-Free 1-800-883-0300

Chained Heat
The “chain” that creates the spine of this handsome linerlock folder is a dead-on replica of the drive chain that sends the horsepower of our favorite motorcycles (we’re too smart to name names) to the rear wheel. It won’t break; it’s actually part of the knife’s liner and makes a VERY comfortable grip, believe it or not! 440 stainless steel blade has integral flipper for one-hand, ahem, rapid acceleration. Cast metal handle. Metal pocket clip. 77⁄8" overall with a 31⁄4" blade. #403144…$8.95

Bear Claw
This intimidating folder is as big as its namesake. The hooked, partially serrated blade is a generous 35⁄8" long and is attached to a good sized handle with aluminum scales that are finished in a metallic greenish gray. Liner lock. Ambidextrous thumb stud and metal pocket clip. 83⁄8" overall. #403137…$8.95

Elk Ridge Custom Hunter
A surprising find and amazing value. 440 stainless steel, full profile tang and great blade shape does almost everything extremely well. The comfortable handle has exotic materials normally reserved for custom knives costing hundreds of dollars. Features nickel silver bolsters, solid brass spacers and pins, plus burl wood and ebony wood inserts. We couldn’t put it down and others couldn’t stop talking about its looks. Includes leather belt sheath. 8" overall, 31⁄2" blade. #402890…$24.95

Survival Knife

With its “Rambo” style blade, black heavy-duty canvas sheath with sharpening stone, and metal handle that unscrews to reveal a survival kit and compass, this is a handy knife to have around. At this great price, get one for the trunk, boat, camping gear or tackle box. Blade is 440 stainless that’s 71⁄4" long by 15⁄16" wide and 3⁄16" thick. 121⁄4" overall. Weighs 13 oz. #402999…$18.95


Baseball Bat Walking Cane
Hand turned baseball bats like ours are famous for having cracked singles, delivered doubles and grand-slammed homers, but a select few have been set aside for the fans. Our walking cane is made of solid wood and handcrafted exactly like the original slugger. Topped off with a firm, comfortable handle and a non-slip tip. The original bat comes from the legendary Louisville Slugger company. It’s even a signed version with Babe Ruth’s name on it. 35" height. #600736…$48.95 Swing or throw this fantastic axe at your target and you can almost hear it scream. One piece, high carbon steel with leather wrap grip. 21" overall. 81⁄4" wide. 71⁄2" axe face. #600488…$24.95

Little Critter
Less than an inch long! Real wood and brass or nickel-silver handle (no choice available). Weighs about 3⁄16 oz. Just 7⁄8" long, closed. Can also be worn on a charm bracelet. #400996…$24.95

Bronze Skull
Adventurer’s Bullwhip
Tough, all leather 10' bullwhip. #801916…$49.95 Great detail and a solid metalized finish set this apart. It has the look and feel (and almost the weight) of solid bronze. Actually makes a great paperweight for the morbid anatomist in your life. Resin with metal finish. 41⁄2" tall, 4" wide, 53⁄4" deep. #802030…$40.00

“CAT” Knife
German style reproduction “Cat” knife has been issued to soldiers of the Wehrmacht for over 75 years. Made just like it’s always been made. The sharp 31⁄2" blade locks positively into position. The handle forms a fingerguard and is so slender (less than 1⁄4" thick). It’s a good comrade – reliable in any situation. 73⁄4" overall. Wt. 2 oz. #400252…$19.95

Sidewinder Folding Knife
A new twist on an old favorite! This beefy folder’s scales rotate from the SIDES of the blade, giving experienced knife flippers a new challenge to master. Single edged, 440 stainless steel blade is 43⁄8" long. 91⁄4" overall. Metal grips with metal pocket clip. #403136…$9.95

Pirate Ship
Amazing detail and authenticity for such a small model. Real canvas sails and rigging. Ship is hand painted resin. Includes display base. A beauty to add to your high seas collection, eh matey? 12" x 10". #802219...$48.95


Blackhawk ™ Tatang™
Blackhawk Knives and Equipment is already a well-known and respected name to branches of Special Forces, both police and military, around the world. We are proud to bring this great multi-function knife to you. We think it’s one of the most versatile and comfortable knives to use that we have seen in years. When gripped at the rear of the thermoplastic rubber grip, the weightforward balance of the black epoxy coated 1085C tool steel blade gives it tremendous reach and chopping power. Choking up on the integral subhilt shifts the balance back for more controlled cutting, and backcutting with the sharpened back edge. Complete with a reinforced, ambidextrous ballistic nylon sheath. 135⁄8" overall, Blade: 83⁄4" x 2 "x 1⁄4". Wt. 1 lb. Special Introductory Price $98.95 each Plain Edge–#403051 • Partially Serrated Edge–(not shown). #403052

Smith & Wesson Boot/Belt Dagger
This all black dagger for covert carry has a 5" long blade. The grooved secure grip is from hard, tough black rubber – to hold up to any kind of situation. Comes with high grade black leather sheath with tie down strap and boot/belt clip. Knife weighs just 5 oz. 63⁄16" overall. #403113…$18.95 Cannot ship to CA or MA

Extreme Ops
Anodized aluminum w/ rubber inlay for secure grip. Great blade profile for superior cutting made from high grade stainless steel. Strong glass breaker in butt end. Lock along the spine ensures safety. Solid locking side button holds the blade firm open or closed. Includes pocket clip. 71⁄4" overall, 23⁄4" blade. #403112…$29.95

Smith & Wesson Black Ops
A rugged assisted opening folder from the Smith & Wesson line of hard use paramilitary/tactical knives. Textured, durable plastic grip is contoured for secure handling and light weight. Side lock holds blade tight in open or closed positions. Liner lock. 33⁄8" partially serrated, black coated 4034 stainless steel blade. 7" overall. Pocket clip. $39.95 each (A) Black...#403117 • (B) Desert...#403116 (C) Drab Green...#403115



Tactical Boot Knife
A real beauty that'll take whatever you dish out with ease. High grade stainless steel with heavy black epoxy coating. You may not need another knife in the field. 3/16" thick, full profile tang. 8" overall, 31⁄4" blade. Includes ABS boot/belt sheath. #403114…$27.95


Of the various Indonesian jungle knives, this is perhaps the best. Worn on a short thong over one shoulder and close under the pit of the arm, this deadly and efficient bow shaped blade is accessible for instant use. In a land where a hunter has to go up against vine, tree or defend his kill from a hungry beast, a somewhat short, heavy ended blade is a must. Made from the highest grade high carbon steel, this knife is far better than any of the actual native made blades by leaps and bounds (“leaps and bounds” is an apt description of one of their favorite fighting styles which involved simultaneous jumping and cutting). The grip is from a hard, dark wood left just rough enough to facilitate an excellent grasp when the hands are wet or sticky. The heavy throat and oval brass guard help to balance the blade. The wood scabbard is glued and lashed together just like the originals. It can also be worn like the originals because of the nob at the top of scabbard to hold a thong or be worn through a sash in varying positions at the waist and back. Overall 211⁄2". Blade 16" x 21⁄8" x 3/16". Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz. #600852…$98.95

Kershaw Whiplash
A finely made, solid performer that works well in all conditions. Whether you camp, hunt, like outdoor extreme sports or maybe do some tasks a bit more serious like a survivalist would this is the knife for you. 8Cr13MoV high carbon stainless steel for extreme durability and edge retention. Comfortable, textured G10 scales wrapped with just enough paracord for emergenciesand acts as a wrist lanyard. Razor sharp, 41⁄2" blade with spinal thumb grooves- not only good for dexterity, but also handy for secure lashing as a spear. 9" overall. Full profile tang. Includes Nylon reinforced belt sheath. #403150…$39.95

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Traveler’s Knife
This beautiful full tang Damascus knife has textured genuine buffalo horn scales and is just the ticket for any adventurer. Designed exclusively by our own Bruce Brookhart. This blade is what he terms a mini-bolo or jungle knife. The shape of the entire knife allows it to perform all the many needs and functions the open road can throw at you from food preparation, skinning of large game, small game and fish to the occasional necessity of defending against man or beast. So hitch up the teams and hit the road, along the highways and byways of the whole wide world. Comes with aheavy, textured leather belt sheath keeping this knife ever ready to help along your way. Overall 11". Blade 61⁄2" long. Wt. 10 oz. #403152…$124.95
Bruce wishes to dedicate this knife in loving memory to his friend Hank Reinhardt/, this being the first knife he has designed since Hank’s passing, that he feels worthy of the “old scrapper”.


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