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Post-Election Spending
New York City’s Campaign Finance Program provides qualifying candidates with public matching funds to help pay expenses associated with campaigning for office. Public funds that are not used during the campaign are returned to the taxpayers. If your campaign received public funds, you are permitted to make only very limited post-election expenditures for nominal costs associated with the winding down of a campaign and responding to the Campaign Finance Board’s post-election audit. The longer it takes to wind down your campaign, the longer you continue to make expenditures, or the more you spend post-election, the more scrutiny those expenditures will receive. Permitted post-election expenditures include: • • • • • • • • payment of rent and outstanding utility bills; payment of taxes and other reasonable expenses for compliance with applicable tax laws; payment of interest on loans; reasonable payment of staff salaries; reasonable moving expenses related to closing the campaign office; “Thank you” notes to contributors, staff, and campaign volunteers; a post-election event for staff, volunteers, and/or supporters held within 30 days of the election; a holiday card mailing to contributors, campaign volunteers, and staff;

Prohibited post-election expenditures include: • • • • • post-election mailings other than those mentioned in the section above; contributions to other campaigns, organizations, or clubs; bonuses or gifts to staff or volunteers (unless previously agreed-upon in a contract signed at the time of hiring); computer hardware, software, or other technology spending for transition and inaugural activities

Contemporaneous, detailed documentation of post-election expenditures must be maintained by the campaign, and submitted to the Board upon request. In addition, all post-election expenditures must be recorded in C-SMART. If you have questions about permissible post-election spending, please contact your Candidate Services Liaison before making any expenditure. The Candidate Services Unit can be reached at 212-306-7100.

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