Angela Petty Dr. Snodgrass English 1101 16 November 2013 A Summary of Financial Incentives for Organ Donation The article published by the National Kidney Foundation (NFK) makes a strong case for maintaining the altruistic nature of an organ donation in the US and internationally. The belief that a system of the paid organ donation will cheapen life, promote the coercion of economically disadvantaged people to donate, and endanger living donors who withhold their health status in order to gain financially from their donation, putting the donor recipient and the donor at risk. Currently, there are efforts to initiate pilot projects to pay donors for their organs. The NFK believes that the projects will erode the ethical, moral, and social failure of the country as the voice of the silent majority is quelled by the voice of the silent majority is quelled by the loud voice of the organization that have a financial incentive to see the marketing of human tissue.