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Published by: Yvette Doty on Nov 18, 2013
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Beverly Devore-Bower Brian, Barbara never said she wanted her money back.

She said she was not ever giving you any more money. You all are sitting over there trying to come up with ways to gipe money out of your momma. I know you think you re a grown-up n if that was so you wouldn t be doing this crap to her. Yvette is a liar and a loser. She meets with !ete when she says she s with Brittany. "e already know she s hiding out for being in trouble with the law. Do not make threats against Dino cu# she aint doing anything. $ell Yvette to consider that %& bucks payment for the clothes that skank carted out of dinos house. You were wrong to lie to her re that money. But one things a fact. .the family is over Yvettes shit. She is using you n you re too stupid to reali#e that. If any thing is done threat wise towards me, I can guarantee y all not like the conse'uences. I was the one who said we can press charges for theft by deception n we could include Yvettes dumbass cu# she knows ur not all there mentally. $his is all that was said n if you want to start shit we can press the charges.

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