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RESUME Hermon Ajith Seelam Mobile no: 98 !!"#"#$8"!%&78"7! Objective: 'o (or) in an esteeme* organi+ation (here , co-l* my s)ills by ta)ing challenging assignments an* to (or) as a .art o0 the team an* e1ten* my abilities to(ar*s the gro(th o0 the organi+ation. , (ant to -.gra*e my s)ills *-ring the job. Strengths: 2-nct-ality an* systematic har* (or) to achie/e goals in career. 3oo* comm-nication s)ills an* (ell j-*ging the sit-ations. U.*ating (ith ne( technologies. Educational Qualifications: MASTERS OF FINANCE AN CONTRO! "M#A$ An*hra Uni/ersity 0rom the year &4"45&4"& #achelors in Electronics % Instru&entation Engineering 67atch8 A/anthi ,nstit-te 90 Engineering an* 'echnology a00iliate* to :.;.'.U$ Hy*eraba*$ ,n*ia. ,n the year &44#5&449 Senior Secondar' Acade&ic E(a&ination 6<,,8
Sri =haitanya :r.=ollege$ >isa)ha.atnam$ ,n* the year &44#

Secondar' Acade&ic E(a&ination 6<8

Saint. ?rancis @e Sales High School$ >isa)ha.atnam$ ,n* the year &44%

S)ill Set* " & % ! # 7 2R93RAM A93,= =9;'R9AAER B S=A@A =C AA;3UA3E HAR@DARE A;@ ;E'D9RE,;3$ MS 9??,=E $ D9R@B E<=EA. 399@ =9MMU;,=A',9; SE,AA SER>ER MA;'A,;A;=E AU'9 =A@ 'R9U7AE SH99',;3

+OR, E-.ERIENCE * Dor)e* in ;ED5@AD; AU'95MA=H,;E as ,nstr-mentation engineer 0rom the Fear &4495&4"& GDor)e* as an intern 0or three months in =a.ital ,H as j-nior researcher 0or ann-al re.orts o0 0oreign base* com.anies. 2resently (or)ing as Assistant Manager 0or 2A= $S=A@A A;@ ,;S'RUME;'A',9; in 'A'A S'EEA chemical leaching .lant 0or coal >isha)ha.atnam 0rom &4"& till *ate. 3oo* )no(le*ge in control /al/es$ solenoi* /al/es$ tem.erat-re transmitters$ 0lo( meters an* le/el in*icators. .ersonal details* ;ame : Hermon Ajith Seelam Age : & yrs @ate 90 7irth : "45"&5"98 Aang-ages )no(n : 'el-g-$ Hin*i an* English 2ermanent A**ress : @oor ;o.##5!57 $ H.7.colony >isa)ha.atnam5#%44&& An*hra 2ra*esh ,n*ia. eclaration* , 0inally *eclare that the abo/e *etails .ro/i*e* by me are tr-e to the best o0 my )no(le*ge an* belie0.

Hermon Ajith Seelam