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Office Use Only

Haul: ______________________
Launch: ____________________

Winter Storage Reservation ~ 2009-2010

Contact Information

Name: ____________________________________________________ Date: _________________________________________________

Address:___________________________________________________ City: _________________________ State: ______ Zip: _______
Phone #: __________________________________ Alternate #: _____________________________ E-mail: _______________________
Boat Information

Boat Name: ______________________________________ Boat Size: ______________ Boat Manufacturer: ________________________

Sail Power Beam: __________ Draft: _________ Combo: ____________ Key Location: _________________________________
Registration #: ____________________________________ Hull ID #: _______________________________________________________
Do you need FPM to pick up your boat (Magothy River only)? Yes No If yes, detailed location:
Special haul/launch instructions: _______________________________________________________________________________________
Haul/Launch Request
1st 2nd
Choice Choice Haul Week Launch Week
Before September 25th After May 11th (per request)

September 28th – October 2nd After May 11th (per request)

October 5th – October 9th After May 11th (per request)

October 12th – October 16th May 3rd - May 7th

October 19th – October 23rd April 26th – April 30th

October 26th – October 30th April 19th – April 23rd

November 2nd – November 6th April 12th – April 16th

November 9th – November 13th April 5th – April 9th

November 16th – November 20th March 29th – April 2nd

November 23rd – November 27th March 22nd – March 26th

November 30th or later March 15th – March 19th

NOTE: If you do not launch on your scheduled date and we must move your boat, there will be a re-blocking fee

Haul/Launch Fee Calculator

0-34’ ft 35’ and over
Haul, Powerwash, Block and Launch 13.50/ft 14.00/ft
Multiply by LOA of boat x ft x ft
Total for Haul & Launch
Full payment of haul/launch is required for reservation
Land Storage is billed monthly and due on the 1st of each month Backstay removal (if required) 50.00

Payment Information

Amount Enclosed: ____________________ Payment Method: Check # ____________ Visa Mastercard

Card #: ___________________________________________ Expiration Date: ________________ Cvv Code: _______________
I would like FPM to auto bill this credit card for monthly dry storage bill? Yes Please return to Ferry Point Marina
No • Completed form w/ 1st & 2nd haul week
I would like to receive my invoices via Email Regular mail Both choices
• Check or credit card information
• Current boat insurance certificate
Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________________
An express mechanics lien is acknowledged on above boat to secure the amount of repairs, services and/or storage

700 Mill Creek Road ● Arnold, Maryland ● 410.544.6368 ● 410.315.9573 (fax) (website) (e-mail)