Bradford Conservation Commission Meeting July 1, 2009 AGENDA Minutes


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Land Conservation Updates

Burgess: VHCB’s budget was cut; • If Burgess willing to live with the rules associated with funding from CRMEH Funds, project can proceed quickly (if he does, we can approach about public access and extending rec. path) • If he’s not willing to do that, then his project will probably have to wait until 2010 Thomas: VHCB’s budget was cut; projects not already in the pipeline will probably not be considered until 2010; BUT I called Karen Freeman, Director of Conservation Partnerships and described our project; our project is doable because: • There’s a matching donation involved • The land abuts already conserved, town-owned land • We’re offering to put up a substantial amount of $$, plus ½ of appraisal Karen told me we need to: • Get an estimate of what an appraisal will cost (Robert Lamprey is sending) • Send estimate with a cover letter describing the project and asking for a feasibility grant to cover the other ½ of the appraisal • Karen is sending a form that the landowner needs to sign, agreeing not to sell the land to someone else for 1 yr. Field Trips, Films, Workshops , etc. July – Nature Awareness Class, Kate Burleson, Last Sunday in July August 17 – Waits River Field Trip/Study & Final Presentation of Fluvial Geomorphic Assessment by Redstart Consulting September 25 – Film “Garbage” co-sponsored by UVLT, VEI & CVSWMD Also propose to show films: “Blue Gold – Water Wars” “Home”

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