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Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue

When Tinker Bell (voiced by Mae Whitman) and the rest of the fairies move to their summer encampment, Tink looks around for something to fix. But hen all the other fairies seem to have things under control, she sets off exploring ith her friend !idia ("amela #dlon). When Tink$s curiosity gets the best of her, she ends up trapped and captured by a fairy%loving &%year%old girl. While at first scared by the girl and her mean cat, Tink and the girl soon form a tender cross%species friendship. When a storm keeps Tink from returning to her friends, she and the girl end up learning about each other, including that the girl$s scientist father (no mother appears in the story) is distracted and disapproving of his daughter$s interest in fairies. 'n the meantime, a group of fairies attempts a treacherous (ourney through the storm to rescue Tinker Bell. 'n the meantime, the girl and her father$s broken relationship ends up being the perfect thing for Tink to fix, and all turns out ell in the end. )isney$s fairy orld is a gorgeous place to inhabit. 't$s colorful and full of drama and personalities. *nlike some other kiddie franchises, the Tinker Bell fairies pack a slightly edgier punch %% some of the characters are brassy or grumpy or impetuous %% hich is a nice contrast to the constant cheerfulness and eternal optimism that can sap any hint of realism out of other kids$ movies. That$s not to say that T'+,-. B-// #+) T0- 1.-#T 2#'.3 .-45*isn$t filled ith earnestness that ill appeal to the youngest vie ers. 'n The 1reat 2airy .escue, the action focuses a bit more on the fairy%loving girl than Tink and her friends, hich is a departure from previous films in the collection, but provides a nice variation on the formula. The flying scenes during the climax ill fill young kids ith onder and encourage them to fantasi6e about magical orlds. 1enre )irected By Written By Name NIM 7 #nimation, ,ids 8 2amily, 4cience 2iction 8 2antasy 7 Bradley .aymond 7 Bob 0ilgenberg, .ob Muir : Dara Angela A. : C0 !"0!#