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High Voltage Laboratory

The High Voltage Laboratory can perform high voltage testing of electrical insulators in accordance with international standard IEC 60507. Also, the Laboratory has facilities to perform transformer oil testing, partial discharge, electrical insulation checking, electrical relays testing and polymeric insulator aging evaluation.

- AC pollution testing of high voltage ceramic and composite insulators - High voltage impulse testing - Electrical Insulation and partial discharge measurement - Transformer oil testing - Miniature circuit breaker and relay testing - Electric cable testing and evaluation - Cable failure assessment - Aging evaluation of composite insulator

- High voltage insulator testing facilities: high voltage transformer and regulator, fog chamber, steam generator etc. - High voltage series resonant test set and high voltage construction kit - AC dielectric test set and partial discharge (PD) measurement set up - Electrostatic voltmeter - Dielectric strength of oil measuring system Dieltest - Oil water content measuring system AQUAMETER - Universal circuit breaker test set and high voltage capacitor divider - Insulation measurement setup and polymeric insulator aging evaluation setup

Location Center for Engineering Research Phone: 860-2888 Building 15 Room 1100

Scientist In-charge Name: Mr. Khaled Y. Al-Soufi Phone: 860-2891 E-mail: