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Master Meter

Master Meter is a dedicated P.D.meter used to calibrate other meters. These meters are typically used by the petrochemical industry for the calibration of PD meters in truck loading bays, pipeline meters for the transfer of products from refineries to terminals te and the calibration of tank truck meters. Master Meter can be mounted on the trolley with all necessary equipment to be connected to other P. D. meters for calibration. Until now the usual way of proving positive displacement meters is by means of proving tank . With the Master Meter the calibration operation time is reduce by half using a single operator/calibration engineer to carry out the meter calibration. During the calibration with Master Meter the product can be returned to storage to recover product , or into a tank truck for later return to storage (fig.1).

Mechanical or electrical counter For mechanical counter: Flowrate indicator Unit drum: allows the reading of 1/10 of the last digit Inlet product: quick connect API 4 (for BM/M400) Outlet product: ball valve, flex hose and API 4 coupler (for BM/M400) Trolley in carbon steel is paint, with 4 wheels and std dimensions are :1400x700x1075mm

3 BM/M 200 Max flowrate @10 cSt1300l/mi 1300l/min 4 BM/M 400 Max flowrate @10 cSt 2400 l/min 6 BM/M 600 Max flowrate @10 cSt 3400 l/min

Technical specifications
Accuracy: 0,1% Repetibility: 0,01% Max working pressure: 1000kPa Working temperature(std): -10 +50C Extended range (special) from -30C 30C to + 100C Readout: litres ( BM/M 200 and 400), decalitres ( BM/M 600)

Test certificate
The master meter is completed with test certificate and the accuracy can be determined for different products (typically diesel oil or gasoline)


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