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Here we have tried to list out some noticeable e-commerce sites in Bangladesh.

(1) (Free online market place) (2) (online market by grameen phone) (3) (Online Gift shop) (4) (Online Books Store) (5) (Online Books store) (6) (Online gift shop) (7) (Books Store) (8) ( Online shopping complex (9) (deals and discount offers) (10) (Online Sharee Store)

E-commerce list
Reporting units: __ Taiwan Trade Center, Dhaka __

A, e-commerce sites
Important representat ives of persons Titles and names


Web site name

Web site

Operating unit


Business Info Bangladesh ClickBD Ltd.

Annex World

Humayoun Alamgir


CSE & MD Shameem Ahsan, CEO Right IT Corporation


N/A in BD

Second, e-commerce related industries

Important representatives of persons Titles and names


Company name

Web site

bKash Ltd.
Financial flows

Muhammad A. Ali Chairman

Payment BD Easy Pay BD

Logistics Mobile

Cell Bazar Arild Klokkerhaug CEO

Commerce Technology


GP Customer
Customer service merservice

Service Airtel Customer Service

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