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Amy Regnier Brief #3 Philosophy 3/12/13 Vegetarianism Stance: Vegetarianism is the moral way to live because human treatment

of animals for consumption is immoral an unethical! Background: 1! "ow animals are being treate 1! A large ma#ority of animals pro uce for consumption are raise in factory farms! 1! $orce into small cages or crow e together with no room to move aroun ! %hey are hel in oors with no access to fresh air or sunlight! %hey are easily susceptible to isease an can infect others more rapi ly because they are not being monitore in ivi ually! 2! Baby chic&s are ebea&e an eclawe so that they can not fight! %his is one without any anesthetic! 2! Animals are capable of feelings 1! 't is proven that animals are capable of feelings of iscomfort( pain( epression( bore om( an can feel sa ness at the loss of a family member! 2! %he 1))* case of +c,onal -s .orporation an +c,onal -s Restaurants /imite v! 0teel an +orris which too& place in Britain 1foun that the stress iscomfort( an pain inflicte on some animals amounte to more than this acceptable level( an hence i constitute a 2cruel practice2 for which +c,onal -s was 2culpably responsible!2 30inger4 3! .hic&ens are intelligent an in5uisitive( #ust as much as cats( ogs an some primates are 3Peta4! 3! "umans are not a apte to eat meat 1! 6ating meat ma&es us far more susceptible to iseases( cancers( high cholesterol an high bloo pressure! 2! 1A woman who eats #ust one can of tuna per wee& will be 37 percent over the 6PA cutoff for safe mercury levels8 3peta4 1! mercury poisoning lea s to brain amage( memory loss( ifficulty conceiving( an severely effect a eveloping fetus 3! 9o other mammals rin& mil& past weaning( none the less the mil& of another animal! .ows mil& has been lin&e to heart isease( cancer( iabetes( an osteoporosis 3peta4 :! ;e are more similar in physical esign to herbivores< small mouths( flat teeth( long intestines( perspiration Benefits: 1! "ealthier lifestyles 1! Vegetarians an vegans are less li&ely to suffer from heart isease( high cholesterol( high bloo pressure( hypertension( type 2 iabetes( an most cancers! 2! A well planne vegan iet can provi e all necessary nutrients without any saturate fat( cholesterol( or contaminates! 3! Vegetarians are scientifically proven to have stronger immune systems! :! Vegetarians an Vegans live an average of = to 17 years longer than meat eaters!

2! ,ecrease obesity 1! >besity will soon become the ?0-s lea ing cause of preventable eath 2! ,ieting will 9>% wor& 1! *7@ of ieters gain the weight bac& within the first year an )*@ gain all the weight bac& within five years! 2! Vegetarian iets are the only iets proven to wor& long term!! 3! Animal meat an pro ucts contain cholesterol :! Animals are pumpe with hormones an genetically altere to grow faster an pro uce more! 3! $ight worl hunger 1! Plants are easier/cheeper to grow( maintain( transport 2! 't ta&es nine &ilos of grain protein to pro uce one &ilo of animal protein 30inger4! 3! %he ;orl watch 'nstitute states( 2+eat consumption is an inefficient use of grainA the grain is use more efficiently when consume irectly by humans! .ontinue growth in meat output is epen ent on fee ing grain to animals( creating competition for grain between affluent meatBeaters an the worl -s poor!2 :! Better for the environment 1! $arming of cattle for slaughter is responsible for clearing large areas of rainforest in braCil( contributing not only to global warming but also to the eaths of in igenous peoples who stoo in the way 30inger4 2! Animals are fe grains an beans whose nutritional values are not transferre to the consume meat of the animal! 3! Animal pro uction uses up large 5uantities of iminishing fossil fuels :! .auses air an water pollution an releases massive amounts of methane an other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere! 30inger4 Opposition: 1! 't is natural for humans to eat meat! 1! 't is theoriCe that the consumption of meat is what allowe our ancestors to evelop larger brains an therefore become the ominant species 2! ;e have been eating meat for thousan s of years 2! Animals eat other animals 1! Dou o not see wil lions eating only plants because of a moral obligation 3! 't is simply easier to consume meat 1! ;e alrea y have all measures in place to pro uce animals for human consumption! 2! %here are billions of #obs create by the meat in ustry Rebuttal 1! +uch of what humans o is unnatural 1! ;e are no longer fighting to be the ominant species! ;e are smart enough an socialiCe enough that we can live on a plant base iet an still consume all necessary vitamins an ietary re5uirements! 2! 't is natural for humans to live na&e in huts an hunt for their own meat an eat it raw! Det we on-t o that anymore! 3! 'n the history of civiliCation we have ha to change many of our practices for moral an ethical reasons! 't was once argue that enslaving other humans was natural! 't is still argue by some that men are naturally ominant over women an therfore

eserve une5ual rights! 't is currently being argue in the supreme court if we shoul allow e5ual rights to 1unnatural8 homoseEual couples! :! "uman ignorance has create some of the greatest in#ustices our worl has seen! ;e are obligate to challenge hegemonic i eals set forth by big in ustries an perpetuate by the me ia otherwise we are oome to live ignorant lives in support of abuse( ine5uality( an slavery! 2! ;e are not animals( we are civiliCe an socialiCe beyon that point! 3! 't is easier to o a lot of things! 't is easier to steal foo rather than to wor& to pay for it! 't is much easier to live a solitary life rather than maintain frien ships an create families! 't is much easier to get an e ucation from a low cost community college or better( not atten college at all( yet we are all at a prestigious( private( eEpensive university because it is a better choice for us in the long run! :! 't is beneficial for the environment( for our health( for the worl ( an it is morally an ethically correct to protest animal abuse an factory farms through becoming a vegetarian

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