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Class: 2 Adil Date: 22July 2012 Day: Monday Week:26 Time :12.30-1.50 (80 minutes) No.

of Pupils: 33 Level of proficiency: Average Theme: People & Social Issues Topic: Looking Ahead Skills: 1.1 a. Taking part in conversation and discussion 1.1 d. Exchanging ideas, information and opinions. 2.2 a. Skimming and scanning for information

Language Aspect: Vocabulary (words related to ambition) Learning Outcome: At the end of the lesson, students should be able to i. ii. Write 3 out of 5 sentences correctly with 70% grammatical accuracy. Write a simple letter with 70% usage of correct format.

Previous Knowledge: own experience Moral Values: work hard to achieve your ambition. Teaching Aids: LCD,Laptop Whiteboard

Stages (Allocation of time) Set Induction ( 3 mins)

Teaching/Learning Activities 1. Teacher will play a video containing clips of people who had achieved in many things.

Teaching Aids LCD,Laptop

Rationale: to arouse students interest into learning todays topic Development Stage 1 ( 5 Mins) This is the explanation stage. 1. Teacher explains about the video. 2. Teachers asks students to share their dream and ambition. 3. Students will do accordingly. Rationale: attract students attention. Stage 2 ( 15 Mins) This is the practice stage. 1. Teacher will ask students to work with their partner and discuss a topic. 2. Students will do accordingly. 3. Students will share their answers to the rest of the class. Rationale: allow students to communicate with confidence. Stage 3 ( 40 Mins) This is the production stage. 1. Teacher divides the class to form 4 5 groups. 2. Teacher will ask students to work on a mind map on hopes and ambition which includes the ways to achieve it. 3. Students will do accordingly. 4. Students will then present their findings. Whiteboard, mahjong paper and marker.

Rationale: promote students to work in group.

Closure ( 5 Mins)

1. Teacher will encourage students to have dreams and ambition.

Rationale: promote positive attitude in students.