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Time Period Covered: Beginning of everythinguntil about 2000 BC Type of Literature: Pre-history and History Category of Bible: Pentateuch: The first five books of the Bible, also known as the books of Moses. Author: Traditionally Moses, however he would not have been alive for any of it. Biblical Scholorship seems to indicate it was 4 source materials put together and redacted them. Jahwehist, Deutornomical, Priestly, Elohimist. This is because of how they refer to God, the different If Moses didnt write them does it destroy their credibility? No they are the stories of faith that sustained the Jewish people for Millenia, God still seems to work in this way in his church instead of destroying faith I think it affirms that we still live in relationship to God.

4 main movements: Primodial History Ch. 1-11 Abraham Cycle 12:1-25:18 Jacob Cycle 25.19-36.43 Saga of Joseph and Brother 37-50

This book goes from creation to the people of Israel being in Egypt. Two Covenants formed this book: Noah covenantGenesis 9:8-17 -Universal and Unconditional Abrahamic CovenantGenesis 15 -Specific and Conditional You may RememberThe flood, Creation, Joseph and his Technicolor dream coat You may have forgottenIsrael was a man before it was a nation, he had 12 sons (and a daughter Dinah Genesis 30:21), sin of Noah right after the flood (Genesis 9:20)