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University of Wisconsin-Madison Residence Hall Profiles

A Tale of Two Dorms:

sophomore Matt Saletta had an unusual living arrangement his freshman year, spending his first semester in a Lakeshore dorm before moving to the Southeast region for the second half of the school year. Theyre totally different places with different habits, routines and surroundings two completely unique areas. Lakeshore and Southeast are distinct sections of the same campus; its interesting. Saletta was in extended housing his first semester and did not get to choose his dorm preferences, as most incoming freshmen do. He was placed in Jorns Hall in Lakeshore and transferred to Sellery Hall, expressing a desire to live closer to his group of friends in the Southeast neighborhood. Despite being only about a mile away from each other, Saletta said the two dorm regions have distinct atmospheres that dictated his lifestyle in different ways. He also noticed differences in the daily behaviors in the students he lived near each semester. [Lakeshore] was a lot less communally based. Everyone kind of stuck to themselves, at least on my floor and in my experience. No one really ventured out, said Saletta. In Sellery, everyone knew everyone, was friends with everyone and invited each other out at night, Saletta said. According to Saletta, Sellery Hall and the Southeast neighborhood in general are much more social environments, while he noticed Lakeshore has a reserved atmosphere. It was a lot quieter in Lakeshore pretty much every night. No one really hung out in the dorms; they always left. It was either kids studying in their rooms or just staying in for the night, never any loud commotion or going back and forth between rooms, said Saletta. He attributed this difference to the proximity of the Southeast dorms to the nightlife areas on the UW-Madison campus. Continued on page 5

Students lifestyle changes from Lakeshore to Southeast


Jorns Hall

Sellery Hall

Small Town to the Big City

1st Semester: Jorns Hall

40 residents
2nd Semester: Sellery Hall

1,152 residents

November 2013