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1]3" Sony Super nADII S.Sens|t|v|ty Co|or IS

Super n|gh S401VL effectua| at Co|or, 6001VL effectua| at 8]W
D|g|ta||y W|de Dynam|c kange(D-WDk)
1rue & Soft Day]N|ght for a|| 24]7 Surve|||ance mode
n|gh Intens|ty 18Ik LLD N|ght V|s|on up to 1S to 18M
Smart Ik Iunct|on for 1rue Iace Ident|f|cat|on at Lxterna| Ik Source
Support up to Sens-Up 2x to 2S6x
Support Custom|zat|on Area for 8LC & nS8LC
Co|or ko|||ng Suppress|on
Var|foca| 3.S to 12mm Auto Ir|s Lens W|th ICk
Super Lxtra No|se keduct|on(3-DNk) to Save the nDD Storage
Low Lux 0.1SLux (Co|or), 0.000SLux (Sens-up) w|th No|se Iree Image
programmab|e Shutter & Lxposure Mode Auto, I||cker, Manua|
CSD Menu Contro| for easy & user fr|end|y Customer Lase
Support D|g|ta| 2oom|ng up to 32k
Image I||p(nor|zonta| & Vert|ca|) for Iast] Lasy any Crder |nsta||at|on
Mot|on Detect|on, r|vacy Mask|ng, Camera ID
kemote CSD Contro| by kS48S Coax|a| cab|e 1hrew e|co
Support 12VDC]24VAC ower
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't||t: .

3 Atis DwDR lR
Vari|ecal Deme Oamera
J.t:. .

126 mm
AM-P346-vM81 AM-P346n-vM81
1/3" Super PAull S.SenslLlvlLy lS
732(P) x 382(v) 768(P) x 494(v)
P : 13.623 kPz v : 30 Pz P : 13.734 kPz v : 60 Pz
3401vL effecLual aL Color, 6001vL effecLual aL 8/W
lndoor / CuLdoor
Color / 8&W / AuLo / Lx1L8n
3 un8, Cn/Cff SelecLable
Au1C / Cll/manual (SelecLable x2 ~ x236)
0.13Lux [ l1.2 [ Color , 0.0003Lux[sens-up, 0 Lux [ l8 LLu Cn
18pcs 0.3mm
830~880nm lnfrared
up Lo 13 ~ 18MeLer
AuLo/ Ad[usLable 0 Lo 100(uefaulL 0.43)
AuLo / Low / Plgh / Cff
A1W1 / A1W2 / AWC / MAnuAL
Cff/ 8LC / PLC (programmable Zone)
3.3 Lo 12MM uC AuLo l8lS varlfocal wlLh lC8
ulglLal 1Z up Lo x32, PorlzonLal/verLlcal lllp, lreezee, 8oLaLe, neg.lmage
up Lo 4 Ad[usLable Zones
Slgnal SysLem
lmage Sensor
LffecLlve lxels
Scannlng lrequency
PorlzonLal 1vLlne 8esoluLlon
u-Wu8 8ange
ulglLal nolse 8educLlon
Lux Level(lllumlnaLlon)
l8 LLu
l8 Wave LengLh
l8 ulsLance
Caln ConLrol(ACC)
WhlLe 8alance
LlghL CompensaLlon
Color 8olllng ConLrol
ulglLal ConLrol
Camera lu name
rlvacy Masklng
CSu Menu ConLrol
Mlrror ConLrol
I)t:.|.:|.: .
CpLlonal (?es, elco-u proLocol, 2400 ~ 376008S SelecLable)
Cn / Cll Ad[usLable 4 Zone, ALA8M CuLpuL supporL
8rlghLness 8ed, 8lue Caln, Sharpness, ConLrasL
30d8 [ ACC Cff
Au1C(1 30/60s-1/100,000s) / llxLu / lLk / Manual
lnLernal/Llne Lock SelecLable
1.0vp-p,73U, 8nC Cable ConnecLor
uC 12v +- 10, uC Cable ConnecLor
<140mA [ 12vuC, 100mA [ 24vAC
-10C ~ + 30C
30 ~ 90 8P
126mm (W) x 126mm (u) x 106mm (P)
3 Axls 8rackeL, A8S lasLlc wlLh lllusLraLlon uome Cover
8S-483 CommunlcaLlon
MoLlon ueLecLlon
lmage ConLrol
S/n 8aLlo
ShuLLer Speed ConLrol
Synchronous SysLem
vldeo ouLpuL
ower Supply
ower ConsumpLlon
CperaLlng 1emperaLure
CperaLlng PumldlLy
WelghL (g)
I)t:.|.:|.: .
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* roducL speclflcaLlons and appearance may be changed wlLhouL prlor noLlce due Lo lmprovemenLs.