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3ovember 4, 2054

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Dear Patients: On January 1, 2014 my practice will enter a new and exciting chapter. In all honesty, this has been the 2nd hardest letter to write and decision to make, ever since I stopped delivering babies in 2006. I thought about bringing in more physicians, nurses, or other practitioners but was concerned that they d disappoint me and you with the service that they give. !ith the "##ordable $are "ct %otherwise known as &bama$are ' the #uture o# healthcare is uncertain but one thing is very clear to me: I will need to schedule more patients per hour and spend less time per patient. (y motto has always been TLC %a )radition o# *istening + $aring' and I treat my patients the way I w uld my m ther, my daughter, my wi!e r my sister. I could not go down this ,$-./style, increased volume 0 decreased 1uality model o# healthcare delivery2 I #irmly believe medicine can only be practiced by having enough time to listen to and really get to know your patients2
1han)es effective 19191(: . !e will "e off-contract providers accepting ALL insurance: /ou may )et a letter from your insurance company statin) that you can no lon)er see me; that is completely false! In fact it may be less e-pensive. Practice Guarantees: 1. We'll have MORE time allotted for patient visits & more availability! 2. I will continue to maintain the highest standard of care for our patients. . I will always be your !octor. In our office you will never see an "P# P$# %"# stu!ent or other &'. (. I will see you in an ur)ent situation. I will keep you out of the urgent care an! emer)ency room# when appropriate. *. I will answer your calls an! e+mails. ,. Billing will be fair, fully disclosed # an! e-plaine! by my staff in or!er to fully un!erstan! it. .. /ou will NOT have to pay any type of annual membership 01oncier)e2 fee. 3. 4ur intention is to minimize patients out of pocket costs# without compromisin) me!ical 5uality. 6-ceptions: 4ur 7lue 8hiel! contract e-pires on .9191(. I will continue to be an in+networ: &e!i1are provi!er for my e-istin) patients. Currently nothing changes for those patients who already see us OON - Out of network (ie. HMO, Kaiser or no insurance).

2. !e will still do all your insurance company billing : If you thin: about the state of insurance covera)e in 2<1(# =*< co+pays# =*#<<< !e!uctibles an! co+ insurances# how much of an office visit !oes an insurance company actually pay for> . What this means to you: We will bill your insurance ++ #$%& '(K) !) *O NO! We will collect at the time of service ++ ?@8A BIC6 W6 '4 "4W with co+pays /our insurance company will then reimburse you !irectly accor!in) to your plan benefits ++ ?@8A BIC6 AD6/ '4 "4W e-cept that now they ta:e that reimbursement an! sen! it to us!

In order #or you to dip your toes in the water before you jump in, i# you use your PP& insurance with us, we will o##er you a ,6ealthy 7ou in 2058, #0$ sa%ings on your #irst appointment2 $onsider it a test the waters invitation so that you don t have to think about it. 9eel #ree to contact my sta## i# this is at all con#using or intimidating #or you. !on t you please :oin me in 2058 and let me advocate #or 7&;< =>.) health? .incerely, Ian )aras, (D, @73 www."rTaras.c m =oard $erti#ied &b0@yn