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To get members passbook for PF contribution, members should register with the EPF deparment on their web portal

(through online). In order to simplify and ease to understand, we have given under the proceedure to follow along with necessary screen shots: Step 1: To Register with PF Portal, please get connect with the below link

Step 2: Click Home in the main menu bar to go to Members login page

Step 3: Click members Portal (Download your E-Passbook) under For Employees category

Step 4: Click to Click here to Register for the first time registration in the Login Box

Step 5: To Register as member, please provide your personal data as specified and put the characters (case sensitive) in the specified box and press GET PIN Button.

Step 6: Click Home to go to Logon Page . Step 7: Provide the details to Logon such as a) Name of the Document for which you have registered, b) Document No and c) your mobile no. and press Sign in Button Step 8: To download your E-Passbook, click Download E-Passbook in the main menu

Step 9: Press E-Passbook in the dropdown menu once again Step 10: Select state as TAMIL NADU in the drop down list and click CHENNAI in the list of offices name provided.

Step 11: Enter your EPF account Number in the specified format (If your PF No is two digit, please add 0 (Zero) for five times before you enter your two digits account no, If your PF No is three digit, please add 0 (Zero) for four times before you enter your three digits account no. and TYPE the characters as shown in the screen and press GET PIN Button.

Step 12: Once you get the PIN through SMS, please Check I Agree and enter the PIN in the Enter Authorization PIN and Click GET DETAIL Button.

Now you can get your E-Passbook since 2008 to till Feb13. You can verify your PF contributions every month while doing the same process. Thanks.